As I sit here on a Saturday morning, drinking my surprisingly hot cup of tea, I can’t help but wonder where the month of July has gone. Seriously, it feels like we closed our eyes and boom it’s August. For me, this means that I failed abysmally to complete any of the ongoing projects that were supposed to be done by now. While the deadlines were self imposed I still can’t help but feel that, as the British would say, I’m rubbish at organizing.

The first project I was supposed to have finished was my Top pattern.


I don’t really have any excuses as to why this isn’t published yet. I guess time just got away from me and I kept adjusting and re-adjusting the look of it. Also I got distracted by wanting to work up this top in different yarn weights and different bases as well. The yarn used for this design is a bulky weight cotton which may not be for everybody. But seriously if this does not get published by mid-August, I shall have to take drastic measured.

Another on going WIP that I desperately wanted to get off my needles was my fiance’s socks. Which I actually don’t have on hand to show you, and what’s more, I don’t think I have ever taken a picture of them. Suffice it to say that he reminds me often enough of the fact that I have yet to even complete one sock. If I applied myself I’m sure I could get them finished. But I get distracted by all the other shiny, new, amazing patterns I find and then I come into conflict with my need to have as many handmade socks as possible and not wanting to work on them.

Since I am sock shaming myself right now, I’m going to take it one step further.



These socks have been on my needles for over a year…. Nothing else to say about them, except that I have finished the one shown in the picture and have about 3 rows of the cuff done. Yay?

To this list, I must also add my Long neglected Liula Stole, which I feel horrendous for not having finished because the person who design it, Emma Potter, is someone I greatly admire, MUST FINISH!


Did your Summer turn out as crafty as you expected it to be?


Happy Crafting!


3 thoughts on “Summer Countdown

  1. Gulp! Of course not! Don’t know where the time went, but I have 2 abandoned project bags, 3 getting some love and a thousand ideas in my head. And I recently began feeling a discomfort in my middle back that has slowed me down even more! I did however get one small design written up and tried out a couple of tiny makes! It’s just how summer rolls with crafting I guess… Looking forward to the inspiration of the summer months!!

  2. The liula is the wrap i want to make but I’m very intimidated i fell like since its so long and i want to make it double wide i would never finish it.

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