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It has been way too long since I last sat in front of my computer and wrote a blog post for you all. I had so many topics of which to chat with you about and when I finally settled on sharing my brownie recipe with you all, it poofed out of existence. Lesson learned, never write a recipe that you have perfected on the back of a receipt, it WILL get thrown in the trash and you will have no one to blame but yourself for your lack of discipline.

But I digress, what I really wanted to write about today was fashion. As I mentioned in the previous podcast episode, (Episode 50) , ever since we attended dragon con my mind has been flying about with new garment ideas. Dragon con was a treasure trove of fashion, from coats, to wedding dresses, hats, my greedy eyes soaked up all the fashion. My favorite stall just happened to be KMK Design , their wedding dresses were dreamy and I do mean that. Unfortunately, I was so distracted by the perfection of their dresses that I completely forgot to take pictures for you….Yes, I can hear the screaming, mostly mine, ANYWAY, their dresses inspired my creative soul and got my brain back on track with what I wanted for MY wedding dress. Namely, a stunning piece of fashion that screamed me! I wanted something that embodied my love of history, crochet, and poofy skirts.

Seriously check out KMK Design, the inspiration is mind boggling.

Armed with this inspiration, I went back to the drawing board on my wedding dress and decided that YES,  I can crochet the blouse of my wedding dress, and what have I decided on? A crochet corset of course! Yes you read right, a crochet corset. This beauty inspired it all!

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 5.08.06 PM
This is Quadrille Overbust Corset by Valerie DiPietro, a paid for pattern on ravelry. As you can probably tell this pattern is not crochet, but the inspiration is there! Seriously, I am head over heels! Have any of you ever made a corset?

I shall report each step of this design process, I already have some exciting ideas, but I can’t allow myself to start, too many gifts have to be made :D. But I have begun reading some articles on corset construction, which are very helpful. I’m excited to start this new venture!

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Happy Crafting!


PS. Don’t forget to comment if you have some advice on corsets

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