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It is hard to imagine that the month of October has all but flown by, All Hallows Eve, Samhain, is almost upon us. Traditionally this day marks the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter, for crafters it marks the beginning of panic making or at least it does me.

All these lovely plans for handmade gifts that did not seem to come to fruition are now clouding my brain space and making me just a tad nervous about all this. Luckily, Hispanic Christmas does last a tad longer than most peoples, so it is still acceptable to give gifts for the 6th of January (Epiphany, Three Kings Day) Still, one does panic about such things.

In an effort to keep my brain from going into overdrive, I have baked a lot but, most importantly, I have wound up all the yarn I shall hopefully be needing for the Christmas season. It is housed quite lovingly in the depths of this gorgeous basket!

Yarn Basket

I love the idea so much that I have decided to always have yarn wound and waiting inside of it. A bit of hygge in the everyday. This owl basket is currently housing 5 yarn cakes and 1 hank of yarn.

All the blues

These three scrumptious cakes are meant to be hats, I have yet to decide if they shall be knit or crocheted, but we shall see! On the bottom left we have “His mothers eyes”, obviously a Harry Potter reference and I thought it appropriate that this cake soon to be hat be for my brother. On the bottom right, we have a cake of merino and silk, truly scrumptious and it shall be a hat for my fiance. Top is a merino alpaca blend to belong to my cousin.

Treasure Island Shawl

This one lonely hank shall be a treasure Island shawl for a cousin as well. It was dyed after Northanger Abbey (my favorite Jane Austen Novel.

Gifts in the making

These bags are housing socks for three family members :D.

The other cakes of yarn in the basket are not for presents they are for Me, Me, Me. Anyways, back to the topic at hand, can all these gifts be completed in such little time?






PS. Are you making any presents for this year? Please share down below!

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