Third Square: Single Crochet Cluster


Today’s’ coaster tutorial is for this super easy but elegant single crochet cluster.

single crochet cluster
Modified square

Seriously guys, I’m in love with this stitch, simple, elegant, textural (this may not be a word, but this square is worth it!) I can already see a blanket in my future with this stitch. Yes, you read that correctly, a blanket, this is how much the stitch has inspired me!

This stitch also came from the vintage dictionary of crochet stitches but it has been modified by yours. Nothing major, just added a couple of chains and two stitches at the end for uniformity.



ch – chain

sc – single crochet (UK dc)

dc – double crochet (UK Treble)

single crochet cluster – make 3 single crochet into one space


1. Chain 23



2. Insert hook into the second ch from the hook and make a sc.



3. Skip two ch and make a single crochet cluster (3 single crochet in one space.)



4. Repeat step three across, stopping 3 stitches before the end of your ch. Skip 2 ch, make a single crochet in this last ch space. Ch 2 and turn.



5. Skipping the first stitch, (the ch 2 counts as our first stitch) Make a single crochet cluster into the center stitch of the previous cluster. Work your way across making a single crochet cluster into the center stitch of each cluster from the row below. Make a dc into the last sc from the row below.





Repeat step 5 until desired length, for me this was a coaster of about 3.75 x 3.75″


As you can see, this stitch does not really produce a perfect square, so to remedy that I did a sc border all the way around.

crochet cluster square




Hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial! Let me know if you try this stitch out in a project. It’s just so versatile that I can’t wait to see what you attempt with it.









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