Hello fellow crafters, this weeks coaster is so simple, honestly its ridiculously simple and I’m sure many of us have done it by mistake, instead of going through the stitch we go in between.  For that reason I have decided to dub this the betwixt stitch. And that is all folks….


Only joking, I will include the photo tutorial now…


The stitch works with multiples of 2.


  1. Make a ch with multiples of 2, in this sample I crocheted 16 chains. 1hdc in the second ch from the hook. Ch 1, turn. 15 hdc.


2. We shall now work 1 hdc in the space between the hdc’s, we will end the row with 1 hdc in the space between the last hdc and the ch 1. Ch1 turn.


Continue repeating step 2 for the duration of your project. And that is it my friends!


Simple, but the texture is so gorgeous! I’m all about texture this year!



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