Knitcrate Yarn Review

Hello Everybody!// Saludos a tod@s

Today’s blog post is extra special. It’s my Birthday, and not only did I want to celebrate by drinking mimosas and eating pumpkin cake (my favorite no matter the season) I also wanted to share something I’m very passionate about with you guys. If you have followed me for a while, you might be thinking, ” Yay she is going to share a recipe” and while I have been doing a lot of sourdough baking, what I wanted to talk to you guys about, was… YARN!

El blog post de hoy lo considero muy especial. Es mi cumpleaños! Sí, y no tan solo quería celebrar bebiendo mimosas y comiendo bizcocho de calabaza (mi favorito no importa la temporada) también quería compartir con ustedes algo que me apasiona. Si ya han compartido conmigo antes tal vez estén pensando que voy a compartir una receta con ustedes, aunque sí he estado horneando mucho pan de masa agria, lo que quería compartir con ustedes es …. Hilo de tejer!

Yarn is a very important part of my life (and I’m sure for many of you it’s the same), it is my hobby, my passion, and also my livelihood. As such I take yarn very seriously. Now, I consider myself and equal opportunity yarn employer but I do put a lot of stock in quality. At the same time I want to try all the yarns the world has to offer, and become more familiar with United States dyed Indie dyed yarn.

El hilo de tejer forma una parte integral de mi vida ( estoy seguara que much@s compartes estos sentimientos). Es mi pasatiempos, mi pasión y recientemente ayuda a mantenerme. Por ende para mi el tema del hilo es uno serio, no me considero una diva del hilo, los uso y los aprecio a todos por diferentes razones, lo que sí me importa es la calidad. Teniendo el tema de calidad en mente, quiero intentar tejer con todos los hilos habidos y por haber y en especial más hilos teñidos por tintoreras cercanas a mi.

A good way to try out different Indie dyesr each month are yarn subscription boxes, for now, my favorite is Knitcrate . While knitcrate offers a variety of crates, my favorite crate, the artisan crate, has been discontinued but you can still get an assortment of indie dyed yarns through their monthly pop up shop.

Hasta el momento la mejor manera de lograr este sueño es la subscripción de Knitcrate (click aquí ). Knitcrate te provee una subscripción de hilos mensual, mi subscripción favorita era la de artisan crate, digo era porque en febrero la cancelaron.

I have talked to you guys about these yarns before, on my podcast but I had not shared by thoughts on them. I wanted to do this after I had worked with them and  was able to share a full review, not just a pretty color review :D. My goodness, enough with all the talk, show the yarns!

En mi podcast de inglés ya les había comentado algo sobre este artisan crate, pero no les había hablado de lleno sobre ellos porque no los había trabajado.

First up!


This is yarn from the first ever artisan crate and though it looks serious, black and white, it has so many color combos possibilities! The yarn is La Brebis a blend of merino, peruvian wool, and nylon. I could have made a pair of socks, but I had two hanks so a garment was called for! This yarn is so beautiful to work up, not splitty and so very warm. As most wool’s do, it has a bouncy quality to it. I have been using a 2.5mm crochet hook to work up the Aster top and have had no problems with the yarn, not even tangles when ripping back!

Este hilo fue el primero que recibí en el artisan crate y aunque parece poco divertido, no lo es! ¡¿Cuántas combinaciones no se pueden hacer con blanco y negro?! La madeja es La Brebis una combinación de merino, peruvian wool y nylon. Pude haber tejido unas medias, pero al tener 2 madejas la necesidad de hacer una blusa era inescapable. El hilo es un sueño para tejer, suave, calientito y al bloquear, estirará un mundo, lo cual para el aster top da marie wallin no es ideal, pero la combinación que vemos aquí me vuelve loca así que no regrets.



The December artisan crate brought this gorgeous hand of yarn. The colors are sublime. Oranges and burnt reds, right up my alley, not only were the colors dreamy but the yarn blend was Merino/Alpaca/Silk. The yarn was really easy to work with, I crocheted the Wanderlust Cowl (adapted from the scarf pattern) using a 5mm hook and had no issues. I blocked this in cold water, just a gentle soak because silk does weaken when wet, I had no color bleeding and it just softened up even more. No complaint with this one!

El artisan Knitcrate de diciembre contenía estás preciosidades de madejas es colores halucinantes! Anaranjados, rojos, tonalidades de amarillo, todos colores que me fascinan y más una combinación de fibras sedosas. Merino/Alpaca/Seda. Quito mi corazón. No tengo ni una queja sobre este hilo, con el tejí el Wanderlust cowl usando un ganchillo de 5mm y al bloquear no soltó tinta.




As with any subscription, you are bound to end up with some yarn that is not to your favor or liking. For me, this yarn was Dragonfly fibers in the pixie base. I do not know if all yarns in this base come out the same, but my two hanks are. The yarn is a single ply sw merino, while I had yet to come across a single ply yarn that I do not enjoy working with, this one was it for me. The yarn is overly spun in areas which makes it very crinkly and while working a lot of knots formed as a result of these crinkles (shown in the hank). I have not had to rip back any part of the project, yet, so I cannot report if it tangles when ripping back. The colors were lovely though, just not my cup of tea.

No todos los hilos son color de rosas, de todas las madejas que he recibido con knitcrate la que menos aprecio es esta de Dragonfly fibers en el pixie base (single ply). No sé si todas sus madejas tendrán el mismo problema pero las dos mías tenían muchas secciones que estaban sobre hiladas. Esto es un problema, como se aprecia en la foto, las secciones sobre hiladas forman nudos facilmente y se dificulta el tejido. Aunque los colores no son mis favoritos encuentro la combinación plasentera.

Speaking of cups of tea, I’m going to go have one now and enjoy a piece of some homemade pumpkin cake.

Let me know your thoughts below!









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