Have you lost your crochet muse? In this post I share 5 things I do to entice my crochet muse.

*disclaimer – this is not meant to be a health article, the ideas I share with you are what have worked for me.

For the past two weeks, I’ve been feeling so bogged down and stressed by all the life events, house hunting, last minute wedding details, designing, that my crafting muse has all but abandoned me. Scary thought, especially when you are trying to make a living off of your crafting. I just found myself at an impasse, the issues with my designs were getting to me, and not even trying to work on designs from other crafters was working. I needed to center myself and reconnect with my crafting muse. Yoga, my favorite way of reconnecting, was simply out of the question (still have a pulled muscle).

If you have ever been in this situation before, then this is also for you. These zen ideas helped me and I hope they help you too.

1) Nature Walks

Pretty self explanatory, right? Step outside, take a deep breath and enjoy the sun as it warms you from the inside out. Then place one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward. Don’t forget to take in all your surroundings as you go. Trust me, you will find so many beautiful things to inspire you. I try to walk around my neighborhood at least once a day, and if I can I take my dog and try to experience nature through his senses. It doesn’t matter how many times they go outside, dogs are always so excited about smelling the same spots and chasing the same squirels.

nature walks

2) Inspiration Notebook

This is a new practice for me, but I love it already.

You will need:

  • magazines
  • notebook I like using a sketch notebook becuase of the blank pages
  • scissors
  • glue I prefer glue sticks, especially as I’m gluing back to back
  • marker I’ve always loved papermate flair

How does it work? Sit and browse through the magazine and cut out whatever catches your eye. Textures, colors, shapes, textiles, cut them out and paste them to your notebook! Make sure to use a cute notebook, or one that inspires you to pick it up. Whenever you are in a crafting rut, or any type of rut, browse through it and glow!

3) Meditate

I know, this might sound a bit weird to some of you, but it really does help! I like to turn on soothing music or listen to a podcast with a soothing speaker, close my eyes and focus on breathing. Big inhale, Long exhale. While breathing, I focus on a mantra, I am courageous, I am enough, I am loved, to help empty my mind of everything but the action of breathing.

Meditating really helps me remember that I am me and I do not need to compare my work or my being to other people.

4) Cleaning

Yep, you read that correctly. I find that when I go through the motions of organizing a corner of my house that really needs it, I breathe easier and I can better concentrate on what I want. After a good cleaning, I like to turn on my humidifier with a comforting scent, light candles and play some soul soothing music.

5) Taking a Bath or a Shower

I can’t even describe how soothing I find water. Yes, I know that we all take a shower at least once a day, but do we make a vested effort in enjoying it? Now, I don’t mean wasting water, I mean simple things, like having a special pick me up soap or scrub, that you only use when you need an extra special boost.

Baths, take the rejuvenating feeling up another level. When I step out of the warm water,  I always feel so renewed and ready to tackle anything, especially,  if I use Epsom salt and essential oils.


Do you guys have any special way that you relax?



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