What should I pack. Crochet Travel Essentials.

crochet travel essentials

We have all been there, we hear the word travel and we commence with the frantic packing of crochet and yarn because we will most definitely work on all the things. Let’s be real guys, how much crochet do you pack on vacation, and how often do you work on it?  Through various travel experiences, I have learned that it is better to pack crochet with a strategy in mind. In order to determine my crochet travel essentials, I ask myself a couple of questions.

Crochet Travel Essentials – Questions Before Packing

1) How long is the flight going to be? Airport waiting time?

  • The length of the flight helps me determine the type of crochet/knitting project that will be in my personal item. Say, I am travelling to Europe, I can guarantee that I will be taking a project to work on, and because it is at least seven hours, I can take something big, like a shawl.
  • However, if it is a short flight, I may pack something small to work on at the airport and plane, like a pair of socks, or a small accessory.
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2) At what time is the flight scheduled?
  • The time of the flight is also crucial, this helps me determine whether or not I will get any type of crochet or knitting done on the plane. For example, I shall soon be boarding a plane to Puerto Rico at 11:59 pm (midnight really, I don’t think a minute makes much of a difference), will I work on any projects? NO. Why? because the aircrew “conveniently” turn off the main cabin lights to the passengers can sleep, I am not one of those passengers. Since the main cabin lights are off, you are left with the reading light that other people find troublesome because the glare interferes with their sleep.
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3) Where am I going? Is there ac where I am going?
  • To me, these questions kind of go hand in hand. If I’m going home there is no central ac (can we talk about the beauty of living with open windows and doors, please?) which pretty much guarantees that I will not be taking anything bigger than a woolly sock back home, not that I would even think of travelling with a garment, but you guys get the idea.
  • The place I shall be at also helps determine the amount of yarn overpacking I shall do. If I’m travelling home, mom has a stash and I can use some of her stash and then replace it, it’s more of a trade,  really.
  • //
4) How long will I be staying in X place?
  • I don’t knot about you guys, but if I am only going to be at X place for 5 days, I honestly take a sock to work on and that is it. Five days is not nearly enough time to do everything that was planned, and will possibly be restricted to the evenings, right before bed. So, really not a lot of crochet will be done.
  • //
5) How complicated are the projects I am considering?
  • This one is also super important. Do I need complete silence to work on it? Do I need to keep a constant count? If any of these questions are answered with a yes, the project stays. For me, it is not only a matter of concentration, but I also get plane sick. My ears don’t equalize pressure well and it is hella painful so I try to avoid anything that requires thinking on my plane projects.
  • //

Crochet Travel Essentials

Once I have answered all of the questions above, I have narrowed down all the possible projects I can take with me and it is time to pack the crochet/knitting! So what crochet essentials do I pack?

Crochet Project/Knitting Project! //

As I am travelling to Puerto Rico for my Wedding I will actually be taking a lot of yarn because I need to finish crocheting my cacti. This is an exception. I shall also be travelling with a pair of knit socks and yarn to start a pair of crochet socks. Realistically I will have finished my cacti by week 1 and have 3 weeks of relaxing crochet… I hope.

Regardless of the size or the amount of crochet I take with me, my crochet travel essentials are:

What to pack?
crochet travel essentials
  1. My crochet hook case – at the moment I am completely and utterly in love with my small notebook – for ideas that pop up and also to take note of the pattern repeats
  2. mechanical pencil – ink near yarn is not really recommended, I like to use .9mm lead pencil 😀
  3. tiny tiny scissors
  4. darning needles – optimistic, might finish a project 😀
  5. row counter – really important for my knit socks!
  6. measuring tape – always a must .
  7. small crochet hook in case I have to pick up stitches in knitting (this is of course not included in the Etimo Hook Set.)
  8. What does your crochet travel kit include? What projects do you usually take?



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