Crochet Fascinators are perfect for any formal occasion. In this tutorial, I walk you through how I made a crochet fascinator for my wedding.

crochet fascinator

About the Design

It has been almost 2 weeks since I arrived in Puerto Rico, home. It is amazing how quickly one relearns the ebb and flow of a familiar place. I cannot even explain how soothing I have found my home and the comforts it has provided. Among these comforts have been the beauty of having a crafting partner, someone to bounce ideas off of. A partner in yarny crimes. :D. One such yarny crime has been my wedding veil.

I have talked to you guys before about making my own birdcage veil. Well, I did that following this tutorial, but it didn’t pass muster, I wanted something more hat-like, more bridal like. Something like a Fascinator. Several years ago, mom had bought me a magenta-colored fascinator and that was the inspiration for our crochet fascinator. Interestingly enough, the term fascinator was originally used to describe a lightweight knitted or crocheted headscarf. (

Ya han pasado dos semanas desde que llegué a mi hogar en Puerto Rico. Increible pensar que ya tengo que pausar y recordame que me he mudado a Florida. No hay mejor lugar que el hogar rodeado de tus seres queridos y compartiendo momentos juntos. Hablando de compartir Cómo estoy en casa, cuento con la compañía de mi complice tejeril. Y nos hemos embarcado juntas en la aventura de construir un velo para mi boda. Y el que hemos creado fue inspirado por este fascinator que mi madre me había regalado hacer par de años. La historia de los Fascinators es interesante y tiene sus origenes en el tejido.


So, in a way, we were going back to basics. Of course, if you can make a fabric fascinator, you can crochet one! Seriously, crochet fascinators are gorgeous! A crochet fascinator really is quite simple to make, the most challenging part is deciding what decorations and embellishments you will add. These, of course, are completely up to you and depend on the occasion.

Since I wanted this fascinator for my wedding, I chose decorations that fit the chosen color scheme.

Así que podemos decir que tejer un fascinator es llevarlo a sus raices. un fascinator se compone de una base la cual decoras como prefieras.


For the yarn, I decided to use 3 strands of crochet thread held together. Using such fine yarn really helps create a delicate look.

The fascinator starts off with a crochet base worked in a spiral. Pipe cleaners are added to the final rounds for more stability. The pipe cleaners also help us shape our crochet fascinator.

Once the base is completed, we choose how we want to place the netting. I decided on this placement by looking at pictures and just trying on the piece. Add your decorations and done!

Crochet Fascinator Instructions

Materials needed:

yarn of your choice for the base

hair comb

2 yards of netting (for the veil) more or less depending on your preference.

pipe cleaners – limpiapipas

needle – aguja

thread – hilo para coser

pins – pinches


glue gun – pega caliente


To make a fascinator we start off with a base, in this case, I crocheted a simple round base with 3 strands of aunt lydias size 10 thread held together and a 3.25mm hook.

Tejí la base trabajando en espiral con 3 hebras de hilo num 10 y un ganchillo de 3.25mm.

Working in a spiral:

Round 1 – 8 sc into the magic loop

Round 2 – sc2inc in each sc

Round 3 – 1sc, sc2inc  around.

Round 4 – 2sc, sc2inc  around.

Round 5 – 3sc, sc2inc around.

Round 6 – 4sc, sc2inc around.

Round 7 – 5sc, sc2inc around.

Round 8 – 6 sc, sc2inc around.

Round 9 – 10 – sc around.

Round 11 – 7 sc, sc2inc around.

Round 12 – 8sc, sc2inc around.

Holding pipe cleaners behind our work we will work 1 sc in each sc for rounds 13 – 14.

Aguantando el limpiapipas al tejido, tejeromos 1pb en cada pb por dos vueltas.


Round 15 – work a crab stitch border into the row below to further cover up the pipe cleaner. // hacemos un borde de cangrejo alrededor y rematamos.


Fasten off.

Once we have completed the base we spray it with hairspray for added stability. Once a light coating of hairspray has been applied, pin to block and let air dry.  // Rosear una capa fina del spray de pelo para endurecer un poco el tejido.

Once the base was completed, I cut the netting as shown in this video. The remaining netting was arranged over around the base. I pinned the netting and then tacked it down being careful to never go through the crochet.

Una vez terminada la base corté 26 pulgadas de la tela del velo la doble por la mitad medí 5″ desde la base hacia arriba y marqué. Desde esta marca en la diagonal medí 7 pulgadas y corté. El sobrante de tela co acomodé en la base para cubrirla completamente con la tela del velo.


For me, the most time-consuming part was deciding on the decorations. Since the shoes I shall be wearing are between a stone blue and a blue-grey, I wanted to include some blue in my fascinator. My original plan was to include 3 blue succulents, but that seemed over much, took it down to 2, but I felt they looked like owl eyes.

Cómo les dije, nada complicado. Para mi la parte más dificil es decidir como voy a adornar la base. En este caso los zapatos que quiero utilizar para mi boda son un azul grisaseo así que utilize unas suculentas azules como parte de la decoración pero estas no me convencian.

crochet fascinator

Finally, with moms input, I was able to decide on this decoration. Con la ayuda de mi madre decidí en una flor azul, una blanca más pequeña y una flor en tulle.

crochet fascinator

One large blue succulent, one small blue succulent made with lace weight yarn and a 1.75mm hook and a large tulle flower in the back to tie everything together.

For the tulle flower, I cut a strip of tulle that was 8″ wide and I wrapped it around my had 10 times, I then tied the middle together with a strip of tulle and cut open just as you would a pom pom.

All that I have left now is to decide how to hold the fascinator on my head. a comb two clips on either side. Decisions, decisions. Ahora lo que falta es decidir cómo voy a ajustar el fascinator a mi cabeza.

bridal fascinator
The only photo where my fascinator can be appreciated.



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