I have been married for two weeks and two days and have yet to share a single thing about my crochet wedding. That is simply unforgivable. The only thing I shared about the wedding was the bridal fascinator I crocheted.  I even updated it to include one of the only pictures in which my fascinator can be fully appreciated.

Did I mention I loved my fascinator? A few guests were even asking where I had purchased it. Well, I made it 😀

cropped swing copy

Although, I will admit it was harder to see through the netting than I would have thought.

Now, I will admit that in the post Tips for a stress-free crafty wedding, one of the things I talked about was not leaving things for the last minute. Did I follow my own advice? Of course not! Why follow completely sane advice when you can just go crazy and well, go crazy. What am I talking about? I crocheted 18 blue wave succulents, 9 for the cake, 2 for the fascinator and 7 for a terrarium.

In addition to these blue wave succulents I crocheted:

2 old lady cactus

2 Red Frills

1 San Pedro

1 String of Pearl

1 Peruvian Apple

1 Ball Cactus

1 long chain used to write out the word “Asientos”

Crochet appearances not completed by me?

Shimla Purse

Jade Necklace (cactus)

If I am recalling correctly this is the grand total of everything I crocheted for the wedding, and some Caroline from mindandmusecrafts crocheted as well. All the crocheted plants were from Emma Varnam’s book Crocheted Succulents . These little plants were a huge hit and more than one disappeared from the greeting table, which is exactly how I wanted it!

Looks great doesn’t it?



a closer look at the greeting table


Here is a closer look at all that yarn turned into crochet! I do love the old lady cactus, so fun and cute. And don’t even get me started on those strings of pearls, they made the terrarium.



And last but not least, my namesake, crochetcakes. I did not bake the cake, but I did crochet those succulents.


Gosh, it really is a stunning cake, Don’t you think so?

Bottom line, The crochet plants were a hit, the guests that wanted to take some home did, and I just had so much fun, especially crocheting the fascinator. If you want to hear a funny story about that one, check out Episode 26 of mind and muse crafts, you won’t regret it!

I would also say, as a crafter we may feel pressured to always represent our craft in whatever we do, but if you are not enjoying it, don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself, especially for a wedding. I can’t tell you guys how much I stressed over what to crochet, and in the end what I remember was that I married the man I love surrounded by family and friends. It was perfect.

I really can’t think of what else to tell you guys about the wedding. It was fun and crochet represented, the end!

Happy Crafting!



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