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Crochet Placemat Free Pattern

Hello fellow crafters!

It has been an age since I last wrote to you guys about anything crochet related or otherwise. But I am now writing from our brand new dining room table in our first house, which is in need of some placemats, but more on that later.

Ya hacía casi un siglo que no les escribia nadita de nada. Pero hoy, les escribo desde mi nueva mesa de comedor en mi nueva casa!


First, let me tell you guys, as excited as I am to have a house, I don’t want to move again for a while, too much stuff!!! And second, a lot of new changes have happened in the crochetcakes household since the summer has started. Marriage, packing, moving, new house, new job, with all these changes I had honestly not felt like crocheting a single thing. My crochet mood picked up a bit when I started working on the Top Amelia in a gorgeous green from Bernat. That was all I needed guys, some green yarn because I bought a whole load of Bernat Maker Big in Chartreuse. Is there a happier colour than Chartreuse? Chartreuse, chartreuse, how I love you.

Antes que todo, aunque estoy super emocionada de tener una casa, no me quiero volver a mudar en por lo menos 10 años. Fue mucho ajetreo, empaca, desempaca y lo peor de todo, no encontrar cosas que sabes que empacaste por ningun lado! Ahora sí les digo que en 2 meses mi vida a ido patas arriba, casamiento, empaca, muda, casa nueva, trabajo nuevo y saben? con todos estos cambios no me dio por tejer nada. No fue hasta que empezé el Top Amelia con un color verde que me enamoró que la motivación me iluminó. Al parecer solo necesitaba hilo chartreuse en mi vida. ¡Qué color más bello!


Anyway, the story with Chartreuse actually involves my dining room table. How? I had a specefic idea of how I wanted my placemats to be and none of the stores were accomodating so I embarked on a journey to Joann’s and left with about $31.50 worth of Bernat Maker Big, sounds like a lot of yarn? It really wasn’t, I bought all the chartreuse stock (5 balls).

Les prometo que mi historia de colores va conectada con mi mesa de comedor! ¿Cómo? Pues yo tenía una idea muy clara del porta plato que deseaba, pero no encontraba nadita de nada en las tiendas así que me fui para Joann’s y compré 5 ovillos de Bernat Maker Big (un hilo precioso!!!!)

To make these Simply Bright placemats you will need:


Bernat Maker Big or similar yarn (for each placemat you will need 1 ball of the yarn

15.75mm crochet hook

8mm crochet hook (for weaving in ends)

sewing thread same color as yarn

sewing needle / aguja de coser

scissors / tijeras


This is a pattern for a circular placemat, worked in the round. The radius is 7.5″ and the diameter is 15″.

El porta platos se trabaja en forma circular y las medidas son: radio 7.5″ y diametro: 15″

Stitches the pattern uses

ch – cadeneta

slip stitch – punto raso

dc (UK TR) – punto alto

sc shell (uk dc shell) – make 3 sc in the same space / caracol punto bajo, hacer 3 puntos bajos en un mismo punto.

Making the placemat:

Start with a magic circle, ch 1 to close. // Empezamos con un círculo mágino y hacemos una cadeneta para cerarlo.


Round 1 – Ch2 (these count as the first dc stitch. Make 7 dc  into the ring, slip slitch to the top of the ch to join in the round. Close the ring. // 2 cadenetas (cuentan como el primer punto alto) 7 puntos altos en el anillo, cerramos con un punto raso en la parte superior de la cadeneta.

Round 2 – CH2, 1 dc in the same space, 2 dc inc in each stitch. Slip stitch to the top of the ch 2 to join.  (16) // 2 cadenetas, 1 punto alto en el mismo espacio, incrementamos en cada punto alrededor. (16)

Round 3 – Ch 2, *2 dc inc, 1 dc* repeat around. Slip stitch to the top of the ch to join. (24) // 2 cadenetas, * incremento, 1 punto alto* repetir alrededor. Punto raso en la parte superior de la cadeneta.

Round 4 – Ch 2, 1dc in next stitch, *2 dc inc , 2 dc* repeat around. Slip stitch to the top of the ch to join. (32) // 2 cadenetas, 1 punto alto en el siguiente, *incremento, 2punto alto* repetir alrededor. Punto raso para unir.

Round 5 – Ch 2, 1 dc in next 2 dc, *2 dc inc, 3 dc* repeat around. Slip stitch to the top of the ch to join. (40) // 2 cadenetas, 1 punto alto en los proximos 2 puntos altos, *incremento, 3 puntos altos* repetir alrededor. Punto Raso.

Round 6 – Ch1, sc shell in same space. *slip stitch in next space, sc shell* repeat around. You will end the round by making 2 slips stitches, one in the next stitch and the other to the ch space to join the last round. Fasten off. (20 sc shells) // 1 cadeneta, caracol en punto bajo en el mismo espacio, *punto raso en el siguiente punto, caracol de punto bajo* repetir alrededor. unir con punto raso a la primera cadeneta, rematamos. Total de 20 caracoles


Lo and Behold! You now have some super squishy placemats to protect your table. I hope you guys enjoy this project as much as I did. These can be given as housewarming gifts, christmas gifts, I was thinking of you gifts.

Y eso es todo amig@s, un proyecto super facil, lindo y digno de cualquier regalo!


Don’t forget to tag me if you make these Simply Bright placemats!







4 thoughts on “Crochet Placemat Free Pattern

  1. Hi Clarisabeth. I love your Amelia top. I actually am interested in learning more about your job. I’ve never heard of that job title before. Is it in a library?
    Take care


    1. Social Media Specialist is the job title given to people that manage a company or brands social media accounts. They are also responsible for coming up with campaigns and marketing strategies for social media.


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