Crochet A-Line skirts are a must in your wardrobe. So simple to make and so easy to style. This A-Line skirt is very simple to crochet, all you need to know is how to make hdc stitches and the suzzette stitch, explained below. The pattern is available in both English and Spanish.

crochet a-like skirt

Hello again!

For the past two weeks, I have been working monogamously on this crochet a-line skirt, which I am calling my Peach Fuzz skirt. I decided to crochet this skirt with Vidalana Aloft. I received the yarn in June Membership Crate and fell in love with it as soon as I opened the box.

The yarn did not disappoint, it was beautiful to work with. Not only was the yarn a dream to work with but the blend was soft and buttery, Merino, Alpaca and Cotton. The alpaca content gives the yarn a nice halo and the cotton made it warm yet breathable. All in all, I would highly recommend this blend, Oh and before I forget, it is chain plied and shows off crochet stitches beautifully!

crochet skirt in progress.

The color and feel of the yarn had me so enamored that I wanted to make something I would wear. After 2 failed attempts at making a top, the yarn decided it wanted to be a skirt. Right on! But, what kind of skirt to crochet? I wanted something simple, but that also drew attention with texture. I’m all about texture this year guys, oh and green, all about green well chartreuse specifically, but we are getting off-topic!

Back to crochet skirts! Texture was called for so I chose the ever pleasing half double crochet stitch to make the body of my skirt and I wanted a block of the Suzette stitch as a border for the skirt. I felt this stitch would not shine in a flared out design so I went for a crochet A-line skirt. It all sounds very pleasing right now, doesn’t it. A simple yet texturally elegant project. But it didn’t turn out exactly as expected. I honestly feel like the power packing texture design I had in my head didn’t come to fruition. Still got a nice skirt out of it so it’s 50/50.


Skirt Construction

I like crocheting skirts with an elastic waistband, I just feel they are more likely to stay up if there is elastic helping things along. The first order of business is to cut a piece of 1″ elastic that fits around your waist, I rescued mine from a pair of pyjama pants that were way too short to be called pants.

Then I crocheted a band to cover the elastic, I crocheted 134 rows of single crochet. And that is when I had an epiphany, I had already crocheted a skirt that was similar but had granny squares as the border instead of the Suzzette Stitch, and it was a free pattern! Funnily enough, I had the correct stitch count for the size small so I used the Drops pattern as a reference and crocheted on, I was not going to re-invent the wheel. And that is the long and short or it, guys. The Peach Fuzz Skirt was born.

My elastic was 27″ around and stretches comfortably to 31″ around the waist.

crocheting the waistband for the a-line skirt

Little Side Note, I worked this crochet a-line skirt by joining at the end of every round, but because of the nature of hdc, the stitches tend to lean to the right and create a traveling seam. There are some tips and tricks on how to avoid the traveling seam, but I still felt the seam was a tad too noticeable for my liking. I would recommend that you work it in the round using a stitch marker to mark the beginning of the round.


1″ Elastic cut to your waist size.

3 Hanks of Vidalana Yarn from Knitcrate in Tiger Lily (DK Weight) for the size small. 4 for medium, 5 for Large, 6 for X-L

20 g of a contrasting colour (optional)

4mm hook

Stitch marker –

Pair of scissors –

Darning needle –



sc –

hdc –

dc –

suzzette stitch – 1sc and 1dc in the same stitch. Tutorial


12 rows, 17 stitches in 4″ or 10cm in hdc with a 4mm furls crochet hook

A note on sizing:

s(m,l,xl) – to fit 26-27(28-30, 32-34, 35-37)inch / 67-68.5(71-76, 81.5-86.5, 91-96)cm waist. Becasue of the elastic used as a waistband the skirt should stretch comfortably 3-4″ more than the size it was cut to.

Crochet A-Line Skirt Instructions:

If you are not rescuing the elastic from a garment you no longer use, then please hold the ends together and sew with a 5/8″ seam allowance.

Grab your yarn, make a slip knot leaving a long tail to sew the ends later. ch 9

R1 – make 1sc in the second chain from the hook. sc in the remaining chain. 8sc.  Ch1 and turn.

R2 – 134 (152-168-186-202) 1 sc in each sc. Ch 1 and turn

Fold the crochet over the elastic, ( we are taking about the long or the “raw edges” of the crochet) Join the folded over edges with 134 (152-168-186-202) single crochet, slip stitch to the first sc to join, CH 2, place stitch marker we will now begin working in the round. Before starting the skirt proper I like to use the long tail of yarn to sew the gap over the elastic shut. But you can do this after you have finished the skirt as well.

seaming a crochet waistband
Skirt body

We will begin working our skirt from the sc join.

Rnd1 – skip the first sc (the ch 2 counts as the first hdc) hdc in every single crochet 134 (152-168-186-202). Do not join

Rnd2 – Work 1 hdc in every hdc around. 134 (152-168-186-202)

Rnd3 – Increase round (6 stitches increased). *22 hdc, 2 hdc inc, * REpeat from * to * around. After the last increase you will not have 22 hdc. This is true for every increase round. 140( 158- 174 – 192-208)

Rnd4 – 1 hdc in every hdc 140( 158- 174 – 192-208)

Rnd5 – Increase round (6 stitches increased) *23hdc, 2 hdc inc*  Repeat from * to * around. 146 (164-180-198-214)

Rnd6 – 1 hdc in every hdc. 146 (164-180-198-214)

Rnd7 – Increase round (6 stitches increased) *24hdc, 2 hdc inc* Repeat from * to * around. 152 (170-186-204-220)

Rnd8 – 1 hdc in every hdc. 152 (170-186-204-220)

Rnd9 – Increase round (6 stitches increased) *25 hdc, 2 hdc inc* Repeat from * to * around. 158 (176-192-210-226)

Rnd10 – 1 hdc in every hdc. 158 (176-192-210-226)

Rnd11 – Increase round (6 stitches increased) *26 hdc, 2 hdc inc.* Repeat from * to * around. 164 (182-198-216-232)

Rnd12 – 1 hdc in every hdc. 164 (182-198-216-232)

Rnd13 Increase round (6 stitches increased) *27 hdc, 2 hdc inc* Repeat from * to * around. 170 (188-204-222-238)

Rnd14 – 1 hdc in every hdc. 170 (188-204-222-238)

Rnd15 – (Increase round) *28 hdc, 2 hdc inc. Repeat from * to * around. 176 ( 194-210-228-244)

Rnd16 – 1 hdc in every hdc.176 ( 194-210-228-244)

Rnd17 – Increase round) *29 hdc, 2 hdc inc* repeat from * to * around. 182(200-216-234-250)

Rnd18 – 1 hdc in every hdc. 182(200-216-234-250)

Rnd19 – Increase round) *30 hdc, 2 hdc inc* Repeat from *to* around. 188(206-222-240-256)

Rnd20 – 47 1 hdc in every hdc. 188(206-222-240-256)


Rnd48 – Ch 1, suzzette stitch in the same space, *SK 1, suzzette stitch* Repeat from * to * around. Slip stitch to the first sc to join. CH 1

Rnd49 – 51 ) Suzzette stitch in every sc from the previous row. Slip stitch to join and CH 1

Fasten off, weave in ends and wear proudly!

crochet a-line skirt

5 thoughts on “Crochet A-Line Skirt : Peach Fuzz

  1. Hi,
    I hope you are well. Thanks for the great pattern. When you mention sizes (S, M, L etc) what are the corresponding measurements? I just want to make sure the pattern will fit before I embark on the project.
    Thanks again,

    1. Hi Hannah,

      This skirt is more based on your waist measurements, the sizes given are more of a guide. I made a size small. At the time of making this I was a 27″ waist, I’m now a 28.25 and the skirt still fits because the elastic stretches comfortably to 31″. Because of your kind message I’m in the process of adding all these little bits of information to the pattern. It should be updated in say an hour.

      Thank you for your interest and pattern love,


    1. Hello, If you wanted a longer skirt you would add rows after your increases are complete. In this case you would add rows after rnd 47. If you do hdc 31 then inc you will be adding width not length. Hope this helps!

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