Learn how I made a Halloween themed crochet wreath.

Hello guys, how have you been? It has felt like forever since I sat down to share my thoughts with you. It’s been a very crafty few weeks and I can’t believe we are already halfway through October?! Where has the time gone? I don’t know about you, but I had very ambitious plans of having the house completely decorated by the 1st of October and that did not happen. I just wasn’t finding vintage gothic decorations that would fit the Addams Family theme I was trying to go with this year. I wanted spooky but classy. In true crafter fashion, I decided to make the decorations myself… Famous last words.

So, if you like me were so overwhelmed with the possibilities that you only just got around to making them, I have a really quick and simple crochet Halloween Wreath. Seriously, it is both quick and simple.


  1. 2 -3 balls of Boutique Fur Yarn or similar. For this sample, I only had 2 balls on hand so that is what I used.
  2. 15mm hook
  3. wire hanger
  4. decorations for your wreath

material crochet wreath


  1. Re-shape the wire hanger to form a circle. This is hard work (I know it!), but not impossible.
  2. Using a 15mm crochet hook, work around the wire hanger and ch 1. Work sc by going under the wire hanger, yarn over pull up a loop, yarn over pull through 2. Work sc around the wire hanger until you have completely covered your circle. Push stitches close together to actually see how much you have covered. The closer the stitches and the more skeins you use, the poofier your wreath.


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3. Tie and weave in your ends.


4. Decorate as you desire! Have fun!


I chose to decorate mine with ghosts, you can find the Pattern through red heart or the video tutorial from the Crochet Crowd .


The third ghost is my attempt at felting, I used a cookie cutter and some batting that I had available, of course, I’m still missing to felt some depth into the letters so the Boo is more discernable, but I still had fun putting it together.


This is the final (for now) result!

crochet wreath

You can, of course, make this with white fur yarn and have yourself a wintery wreath.

Have fun decorating for Halloween or Keeping your dog away from your candy bowl. This is a thing at my house. Our dog climbed to reach the jollyranchers in the candy bowl….



Happy Crafting!



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