To everybody who is still following this blog after the long wait and to all the new readers that have started following my blog, hello and welcome to my corner of the internet. It’s hard to believe that we are already approaching the end of January 2020. As is tradition, with the beginning of the new year, we make resolutions, set goals or intentions, etc. We approach this start with hope and the mantra: new year, new crochet, new me.

Since 2018 my crafting resolution has been simple, to actually crochet, knit or sew and enjoy the process, and since 2018 my craft has been in a steady decline. Crochet and crafting have been the furthest thing from my mind. Crocheting felt like trudging through mud but I forced myself to do it because designing and having a profitable blog was the goal. As it turns out, the more you pound through something the more worn out you get.

I lack the words to describe the apathy I developed towards crochet and knitting. Hobbies that once brought joy, I used to compare and demean myself, my creativity and my work. How can you even consider becoming a designer? You work to slow to ever be able to run a blog. There is a lack of creativity and originality in your work. Look at (insert designer/crocheter)’s work, you think you can match that?

Self-destructive thoughts were not in short supply. You can have the most wonderful support system in the world, but if you don’t believe in yourself, you will crumble. The self-flagellation got so bad that in December 2019 the hooks were put down and I asked myself; why do I crochet? I was expecting a simple and straight forward answer, the truth, there is no short answer. I crochet for conversation, to see the world with new eyes, to connect with others, to show love, to express ideas, for comfort, for companionship. I crochet for me.


This year, I decided to crochet for me and to show it all the love that I possibly can when I can.

Now that you know my why, Why do you crochet?





4 thoughts on “Why do you Crochet?

  1. Happy New Year 2020! Put simply… I crochet because I can… because there may come a day when I may want to but no longer can. To crochet is to make a simple ball of thread into something admirable. To crochet is to be a fiber artist and I like the sound of that!!!

  2. I simply cannot stop my hands. As a kid, I would draw or make scoubidou (I guess it’s called macrame nowadays) all day long, even in school under my desk. Crochet is a good alternative to that, it produces something useful and/or more or less cute, and gives you time to think. And that’s all I need ?

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