Welcome to Unfolding, a blog series in which I will share with you a little bit about my month, crafty and otherwise.

unfolding february

February has felt like the beginning of 2020 for me. I was a bit lost during the month of January. It felt like I was resisting that a new year had started and I was still in the same place as before but as February approached, I felt a fire, a drive to work towards what I wanted. Am I the only one who felt this way?

February’s cold, yet sunny days have ushered in big changes & decisions. As I approach 30 there are a lot of aspects about my life that I have been considering and the realization has been, I don’t have to stay where I am now.  I can move forward with purpose and a grateful heart, after all, “the delay of our dreams does not mean that they have been denied”¹, we just need to keep working towards them.

Since “a dream without a plan is just a wish”, I have used the month of February to organize and make lists of the changes I want to see happen in the course of the year. First and foremost, the growth of my blog. I want this blog to become a true part of my crafting life, I want to share more about myself and my thought process with you. I also plan on working towards my goal of self crafty employment. I know this is not easy, Zeens and Rogers talks a bit about this in her latest Podcast. but it is something I strive for. I also want to make sure I’m living as authentically as possible and not lose sight of the meat of life, family, love, friendship, in the end, these are the things we really take with us.

Did you also feel like me that January was just a weird transitional month? What are some goals that you have for this year?

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