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Socks Remade

Vintage Waves Socks remade. Read about the changes that you may have to do when changing the yarn for a sock project.

mani pedi yarn

I hope your crafting week has been prolific and relaxing, mine has been very busy, I’ve been fighting off start-itis (the need to cast on all the projects that have caught your fancy). I plan to give in to this need very soon, but for now, I have completed a pair of socks, crochet socks that is. I have yet to re-start on my lovely Alice in Wonderland knit socks, shame on me, I know but the Crochet is strong in this one.

Espero que su semana haya estado repleta de proyectos tejeriles. Por mi parte he contemplado empezar todos los proyectos a la vez pero me he contenido para poder enseñarles un par de medias tejidas a ganchillo. Todavía ni he tocado las medias de Alicia en el país de las maravillas, pero vamos que soy lenta tejiendo con agujas y no las he tocado en un año.

Back to my crochet socks.

In August of last year I designed the Vintage Waves Socks , a pattern intended to use your lovely stash of self striping yarns. And since August I have been meaning to make these in a more commercially available sock Yarn. The original socks were crocheted using Little Bean Loves Yarn in Narcissa ( a self striping 75/25 merino nylon blend).

crochet socks

This bright pair of socks were crocheted with Lion Brand Mani-Pedi Yarn – Yoga color.  I wanted to work them up in a Lionbrand sock yarn because the first pair of crochet socks I ever used were crocheted with Lionbrand Sock-Ease yarn and I love them! Thank you mom for making them!

mani pedi yarn

Pero como iba diciendo, he terminado otro par de medias basadas en el patrón Vintage Waves Socks. Este patrón lo diseñé en agosto 2019 con la intencián de utilizar lana self-striping de mi colección. Para esta nueva versión de las medias he utilizado lana Mani-Pedi de Lionbrand en el color Yoga.

As you can tell by the picture, the stripping on the Yoga sock is completely different than with Kayleen’s self stripping yarn. Yes, the stripping in the new sock is also completely uneven, but that does not even bother me.

I started crocheting this version of the Vintage Waves sock with my standard 3mm hook, but the fabric was coming out quite thick and the end result would have been a very tough sock with probably not enough stretch. Once I completed the toe, I switched to a 3.25mm hook and kept on crocheting the Vintage Waves pattern.

A ver que las líneas que forma el hilo Mani-Pedi son completamente diferentes a las que vemos en la media original, y más obvio aún los ovillos no empezaban con los mismos colores, pero esto no me molesta tanto. Empezé a tejer esta versión con un ganchillo de 3mm, igual que el original, pero la tela que produjo era bastante gruesa y el resultado hubiera sido una media demasiada apretada y abultada. Así que luego de completar la punta de la media cambié

Because of the thickness of the yarn and the fabric it produced when crocheted I had to make some adjustments to the original pattern.

Changes to the Sock (Vintage Waves Socks)


  1. Toe – I added two rows to reach 2″ and have a comfortable fit. crochet tow
  2. Foot – As this Yarn was thicker I crocheted 16 rows before the decrease rather than the 21 rows originally asked for. Then I completed the increase rows and crocheted 3 more before starting the heel of the sock.
  3. Heel – Instead of reducing the stitches to 11, I reduced to 13. For the heel turn I P1030052decreased immediately after completing the last turn on the heel.
  4. Leg – I only crocheted 6 rows on the leg of the sock and made a pair of shorties.
  5. Cuff- For this version I decided to do a mini cuff so I chained 5 and worked 4 sc down the chain.P1030050


Cambios a la media tejida


  1. Punta – Le añadí dos filas  hasta llegar a las 2″.
  2. Pie – La lana mani-pedi era un poco más gruesa que la lana de Kayleen, así que solo tejí 16 filas en el pie, luego complete las dos filas de incremento y 3 filas normales antes de comenzar el talón.
  3. Talón – Reduje hasta tener 13 pb. Luego de completar el talón.
  4. Cuña- Solo tejí 6 filas antes de comenzar el elástico.
  5.  Elástico – decidí tejer un elástico más corto de lo usual. Cinco (5) cadenetas y 4 pb.

Mani-Pedi Yarn

  1. Feel of Yarn – I really like the feel of the yarn, it is a very sturdy and hard wearing sock yarn which I greatly appreciate. I don’t know about you, but when I make socks out of merino I’m always so careful with them. As there is no merino in this yarn blend, I feel that the sock is a lot warmer.
  2. Stripes – I don’t Feel the self striping feature of the yarn was “ruined” by crochet but I would have to knit up a pair of knit socks to be able to compare how the stripes work. This hard wearing  yarn produced a very sturdy and wearable sock.
  3. Stitch definition – Even though the stitch only looks like waves if you use self-striping yarn that changes color every row, or you use two different color yarns to achieve the self-striping,  you can still appreciate the beauty of the stitch with the yarn
  4.  Would use again? The answer is yes, I enjoyed crocheting with the yarn, it did produce a thicker sock than some of the hand-dyed yarns I tend to use, which for crochet socks is not necessarily a good thing. Crochet stitches tend to be thicker than knit stitches so it is beneficial if you use a thin fingering weight yarn for socks or a lace-weight nylon blend (Tune in next week for this experiment), otherwise the sock produced tends to be on the thicker side. The mani-pedi yarn did produce a thick sock, but it’s still comfortable with my clogs and my sneakers.


¿Qué tal la lana?

Disfruté mucho tejer con esta lana. Es una lana más robusta que el merino, lo cual prefiero para las medias y produce una media calientita y duradera. La distribución de los colores funcionó bien con el ganchillo. Varios de los colores tenían repeticiones bastante largas lo cual es Bueno para el crochet pero tal vez no para el tejido con agujas, tendría que tejer una muestra para corroborar y ustedes saben que tejer con agujas no es muy rápido. Aunque las medias tejidas con esta lana son más gruesas que con una lana light fingering, 100 x 100 que tejería otras medias con ella.

Have you tried the Mani-Pedi Yarn? What have you made with it?

socks with clogs

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