unfolding march

Month 2 in my Unfolding Series.

March started out very promising. The creative energy just flowed and I decided to surrender to it and follow my muse wherever it took me. It was a tad uncomfortable to be hit with so much creativity and have it be so scattered on a number of projects. To help with this scatterbrain issue, I wrote down all the ideas to help provide some direction. Have you ever come across a project and just had no idea where you left it off because you simply don’t remember what you wanted it to be?

I really strove towards March being a purposeful month, I gave myself so many tasks to complete before I turned 30 that it was a bit insane and unreal to expect so much in so little time. Doesn’t mean I did not accomplish a lot of things. I managed to have food cooked and packed for lunch boxes, baked yummy breads, completed two pairs of crochet socks, started a shawl, edited previous blog posts, filmed tutorials, etc. All in all even though I struggled with old monsters of insecurity, March does seem to have been a very productive month. Then the dark.

A couple of days after my birthday March energy became a contraction, a dark space where we were all processing a new global reality. It became such an uncertain month that my creativity started dwindling, it felt idle to craft in the midst of all the uncertainty. But I have since realized that it is not trivial to do what you love and keep working towards your goals, it in no way diminishes your understanding of the happenings around you. Instead, it provides a light for you and many others. “Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

For all it’s contractions, March has taught us to love ourselves again, it has reminded us that among all the uncertainty we can still find kindness, love, affection and our humanity. March has slowed us down and provided a window into our inner souls. It has proven that we can feel pain on a global scale and that we are not as immune or indifferent to the sufferings of others as we have convinced ourselves. Often we lose ourselves in our daily lives and we forget that we are part of a much bigger picture. I feel that March has made us human again and has in fact reminded us to turn on our inner lights and let them shine for all the world to see.



3 thoughts on “Unfolding March

  1. Oh hey! You updated the website 😀

    I really connected with this line you wrote: “March has slowed us down and provided a window into our inner souls.”

    1. Yes, I have been meaning to find something that feels more me than what I had.
      I really felt that March has been a time of reflection, I certainly have done a lot of it. I hope you and your family are keeping safe.

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