Basic stitches and an open fan yoke make this Crochet Summer Fan Top one you will reach for often. Pair it with your favorite jeans or dress it up for a night out. Read about my process or skip to the free Crochet Summer Fan Top pattern.


crochet summer fan top

Design Inspiration

Ever since I saw the Fancy Arcade Stitch tutorial from Emma, I knew I wanted to make a garment with it. I made various sketches and even started two garment prototypes using this stitch (properly called Open Fan Stitch) Neither design conveyed the beauty of this stitch, they were both frogged and the idea put in the back burner.

I was determined that this year, 2020, I would create a garment with this stitch. Given this determination, I went back and reviewed the stitch notes, and made swatches all in preparation for a garment that just didn’t want to see the light of day.

If you follow along with my podcast you may remember that this year I started on the Simple Abundance Journey, one of the steps in the journey is to remember details of your childhood. Whilst on this journey, I remembered a blouse that I always loved to wear. The color didn’t do me any favors. (dusty old pink) but the design, oh how I loved it!. The top was store-bought, sewn in a solid knit fabric for the body and back but the yoke was all lace and the neckline was solid with two tails to tie the blouse.

I loved the modern Victorian feel of the blouse, I can remember feelink like a million bucks when I wore it. The fond memories of this blouse This blouse inspired the Crochet Summer Fan Top Design and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

The use of ex-sc and sc stitches for the body of the Summer Fan Top pmake for a sturdy but comfortable garment. The boxy construction of the top makes this design very beginner friendly. The most “challenging” part is the lace section, and if you break it down by stitches it is not intimidating in the least.

The Yarn

Having lived most of my life in a tropical environment, I wanted to create a design using a lovely cotton yarn. I didn’t want the yarn to be 100% cotton as this would have no drape and depending on the brand that produced the yarn it could be quite tough. I looked and compared but I was not happy with the yarn choices until searching for other craft related supplies on amazon I found Autumn Wind from Lotus Yarns, this yarn is classified as a baby yarn, but I can tell you that it’s simply perfect for summer garments. The 10% cashmere makes the blend feel luxurious and soft as well as providing a bit of drape that cotton lacks. I couldn’t be happier with this yarn and at 5 balls for under $30 it’s reasonably priced as well. Ultimately you can use whatever yarn you decide that has comparable gauge but I would suggest that you use a cotton blend and not 100% cotton.

Crochet Summer Fan Top:

Materials for the Crochet Summer Fan Top:

Yarn – 4 (5,7,8) Balls of Autumn Wind from Lotus Yarns (I used color 31, emerald green/teal) – 90% Cotton, 10% Cashmere 160m/174.9y/50 g. Recommended hook size for this yarn 3.25mm – 3.75mm

Hook used – 3.5mm hook


tapestry needle

measuring tape

Skill Level: easy.

Abbreviations/ Special Stitches:

ch – chain

ext-sc – extended single crochet

sc – single crochet

dc – double crochet

tr – treble

sk – skip

dec- decrease

inc – increase

Fan – tr,ch2,tr,ch2,tr,ch2,tr,ch2,tr (5 treble crochets, separated by 4 ch2 spaces)

open fan stitch

Half Fan – tr,ch2,tr,ch2,tr (3 trebles separated by 2 ch2 spaces)


Instructions written for the size small, other sizes included in parenthesis.

If your gauge is different than that specified in the pattern you may need more yarn.

Alternate yoke is explained here.

Measurements : S(M,L,Xl)

  • Bust – 35(38,42,46) inches
  • Armhole depth – 7(7,7.5,8) inches
  • Length of top – 20 inches

Gauge: 16 stitches x 17 rows in 4″ or 8 stitches x 8 rows in 2″ done in main pattern.

Inexpensive PDF can be purchased here.

Pattern Instructions:

Front of Top

Ch 75 (83, 91, 99)

Row 1 – ext-sc in the second ch from the hook. 1ex-sc in each chain, Ch1 and turn. 74(82,90,98) This is the right side of our work.

Row 2 – sc in each stitch, Ch1 and turn. Wrong side row

Row 3 – ext-sc in each stitch. Ch 1 and turn.

Repeat rows 2 and 3 until you have completed 48(50,52,54) rows

Row 49 (right side) – work as row 3, ch 14 (19,23,27) Turn.

Row 50 (wrong side row) – starting in the second chain from the hook, work 1 sc in each stitch, starting at the base of the last stitch make 13 (18,22,26) foundation sc.

Row 51 – repeat row 3

R0w 52 – repeat row 2

Row 53 – repeat row 3

Row 54 – 13 (18,22,26), sc. 2 sc in the next sc (repeat once more for size m), sc to one stitch before the sleeve (for size m stop 2 sc before the sleeve and inc in the last 2 sc. , 2sc in next sc, 13(18,22,26)sc. We should have 13(18,22,26) sleeve stitches, 76(86) for the body, 13(18,22,26) sleeve stitches.

*For size large – 22 sc, *2 sc in the next sc, sc in next, 2 sc in the next sc, sc in next, 2 sc in the next sc*. sc to 5 stitches before the sleeve, repeat from * to *. 22 sc.

**For size x-large – 26 sc, sc2tog in the next stitch, sc to 2 stitches before the sleeve, sc2tog, 26 sc. 96 stiches for the body.


Row 1 – 13(18,22,26) ext-sc, *sc in next stitch, ch1, sk 4 stitches, Fan, ch1 sk 4 stitches* Repeat from * to * to last 5 stitches. Ch1, sk 4 stitches, into the last sc before the stitch work a half fan. 13(18,22,26) ext-sc. Ch1 turn

Row 2 – 13(18,22,26) sc, sc in next stitch, *[ch 3, sk ch2 space and tr, 1 dc] in next ch 2 space. ch2, sk tr,sc,tr, work 1 dc in first ch2 space of the next fan, ch3 work 1 sc into middle tr of fan*, repeat from * to * ending the repeat on the last fan with [] Ch 1, dc into sc from previous round. 13(18,22,26) sc Ch1 turn.

Row 3 – 13(18,22,26) ext-sc, half fan in the dc from the row below, ch1, sk ch space, 1sc in sc, *ch1, sk ch space, fan in ch2 space, ch1, sk ch space, 1 sc in sc*. Repeat from * to * to last ch 2 space. Ch 1 , ext-sc in sc, 13(18,22,26) ext-sc. Ch1 turn

Row 4 – 13(18,22,26) sc, 1 dc in first stitch, ch2, 1dc in the first ch 2 space, ch3, sc in center tr of the fan, *ch 3, sk next space, dc in next ch space, ch2 sk tr, sc, tr, 1 dc in next ch2 space, ch3, sc in center tr of fan.* repeat from * to * until you reach the end of the row, the last sc will be placed on the top of the beg tr from the half fan. 13(18,22,26) sc Ch1 turn.

Row 5 – 13(18,22,26) ext-sc, *1sc, ch1, sk ch3 space, fan into ch2 space, ch1, sk ch3 space*, repeat from *to * to last sc, ch1, half fan into the dc. 13(18,22,26) ext-sc

Row 6 – repeat row 2

Row 7 – repeat row 3

Row 8 – repeat row 4

Row 9 – Ch4, 1 tr in next 12(17,21,25) stitches,1 dc in sc, hdc, ext-sc in first ch space. crochet 1 sc in each stitch and 2 in every ch space stop when you come upon the last ch space. ext-sc, hdc in last ch2 space, dc in sc. 13(18,22,26) tr. Ch 2 turn.

Row 10 – 1 dc in next 12(17,21,25) stitches. Ch1 turn. Do not fasten off.

Sleeve Shaping:

Row 1 (right side facing) – 1hdc in each stitch 13(18,22,26). Ch1, turn

Row 2 – 13(18,22,26) sc, Ch1 and turn

Row 3 – 13(18,22,26) sc, Ch1 and turn

Row 4 – 13(18,22,26) sc, Ch1, fasten off.

With right side facing you, re-attach yarn and repeat row 10 and rows 1 -4 of the sleeve shaping. Fasten off.

crochet summer fan top

For the Back of the top,

Ch 75 (83, 91, 99)

Repeat rows 1 – 53 of the front panel.

Row 54 – repeat row 2 of front panel

Row 55 – repeat row 3 of front panel

Row 56 – repeat row 2

Row 57 – repeat row 3.

Row 58 – 1dc in each stitch across. Ch1 and turn

Row 59 – repeat row 3

Row 60 – repeat row 58

Row 61 – repeat row 3

Row 62 – repeat row 58

Row 63 – repeat row 3

Row 64 – repeat row 58

Row 65 – repeat row 3

Row 66 – repeat row 58

Row 67 – repeat row 3

Row 68 – 13 (18,22,26) sc. Ch1 and turn

Row 69 – 13 (18,22,26) sc. Fasten off.

Wrong side facing you, re-attach the yarn and repeat rows 68 and 69 on the right side. Fasten off,

We have completed to front and back panels for the blouse. You can choose to block now or seam and block later. I typically block after seaming because the seam does tend to tighten everything and then I have to re-block.

To seam, hold right sides of the garment facing, attach your yarn at the base and using slip stitches join the sides and the bottom part of the sleeve. Fasten off.

For sleeve and neck opening. Join your yarn 15 (18, 21,25) stitches from the sleeve. Join using sc. Repeat for other side.

crochet summer fan top sleeve join


Turn your garment right side out. Attach yarn at the back in the stitch right after the join.

Round 1 – Ch1, ext-sc dec twice, ext-sc in each stitch stopping 2 stitches before the seam. ext-sc dec three times (this includes decreasing over the join and the two stitches following the join. ext-sc in each stitch, slip stitch to the first stitch to join. Ch1.

Rounds 2 – 4 (three rounds total) ext-sc in each stitch. Fasten off.

Now to weave in all ends. You have completed the Crochet Summer Fan Top. Block it and rock it this summer!

crochet summer fan top

32 thoughts on “Crochet Summer Fan Top

  1. I can’t wait to try this pattern, but I’m wondering if the bust measurement for XL should be 46 instead of 56? Thanks for sharing this awesome pattern 🙂

      1. Thank you for your quick response. No apology necessary, I just wanted to double-check before I start the project 🙂

  2. Hi, please can I check the gauge, I keep getting 10 rows of pattern to equal 2 inches, my number of stitches 16 equals 4 inches as you state in the pattern. I really love this top and am keen to make it.

    1. Sue, you are very much correct. the gauge is 16 stitches per 17 rows. Your gauge is spot on, I do apologize for the confusion, I had intended to put both the 2″ gauge and the 4″ gauge and somehow the two ended jumbled when I copy pasted from my document. pattern. I have now included bot gauges in the pattern.

      1. No problem, thanks for your quick reply and assurance. I can start making it tonight. Thanks .

    2. Pardon for bother you. Don’t understan well in row 49, it says chain 14, in row 50 it says 14 foundation chain. Should i nake in irow 49 14 foundation chain as in row 50? It is these extra chains for the sleeves? This is the first time attemp to make a top. Thank for your prompt answer. Am stuck in there.

      1. Yes, we end row 49 with 14 ch, when we start row 50 we will work into these chains.Then we will end row 50 with 14 foundation sc. we start the first foundation stitch at the base of the last sc made. We now have our sleeve stitches on either side. This forms the T-shaped top.

      1. Hello!
        I am a begginer in crochet and I really like to begin crocheting nice top like yours, thank you very much for sharing!
        I am a little confused on the front row 50 : is a “fondation stitch” a specific stitch or is it just sc?
        Also in row 54, you say “2sc in the next sc”… Is it the same as an increase?
        Thank you very much ?

      2. Foundation sc is a different stitch, it’s used to avoid doing a chain and then working your sc. I don’t have a tutorial for this but there are many helpful ones in YouTube.
        Yes, 2sc in the nexts stitch is rhe same as an increase. Thank you for choosing my design to crochet! I can’t wait to see it!

  3. I’m stuck on the ” For sleeve and neck opening. Join your yarn 15 (18, 21,25) stitches from the sleeve. Join using sc. Repeat for other side.” Where are you joining, on the front or back and are you joining the sleeve to the front or back?

    1. What we are doing at this stage is joining our panels to create a sleeve and a neckline. The right sides of the panel should be facing you are joining your yarn through the stitches from both panels.Ch1 and make sc along the neckline and the sleeves to join your work. Please refer to the picture right above the Neckline section for a better visual. If you would like more visual help, please feel free to message me on Instagram. I’m actually getting ready to seam another one of these tops and would be happy to send you pictures of the process.

  4. Hi, am using a different yarn. With this yarn, the gauge 4×4 inch. Made 24 stitches and 24 rows. The measure of the thigs is 46” . So, when calculating the stitches needed, make 110 stitches of whole circumferene; for XL, that is 99 stiches, I added 11 stitches more.
    In each part of the top i should add 11 extra stitches (the sleeves, neck, according each one ). Am I right?

    1. Hello! For the yoke stitches I would add in multiples of 10 plus 6 as that is what is needed for the open fan stitch to work. So I would add 6 more to your 110 for the yoke.
      The sleeves are added in row 48 and 50 if I’m not mistaken. Adding stitches here would make your sleeves longer, not add to the armhole depth.

      1. Thank very much, i thought it was necessary adding extra stitches for the yarn it looks thinner than yours. This is my first garment project. Hope to do it beautiful as yours. I don’t have any ecperience in crocheting sleeves, neckline, etc. I want to learn to do garments . Will see ?. Love the fast you answer. Gby

  5. Am embarrased, but is my first blouse am crocheting, so pls, excuse me for bother you. Another doubt :

    For size x-large – 26 sc, sc2tog in the next stitch, sc to 2 stitches before the sleeve, sc2tog, 26 sc. 96 stiches for the body.

    Don’t understand “sc to 2 stitches before the sleeve, sc 2tog , 26 sc. 96 stcs. , in my case 116 stitches for i have to add 6 stitches for the yoke. I made rows 51 till 53 as per instructions,
    Can you tell what it mean?? Thank you ?

      1. Then, i have to stitch 2 stitches less before the beginning of one sleeve and 2 stch less at the end of the other sleeve ? Will be 11 stitches ?

  6. Hi there, I’m really confused on the 2nd row of the yoke. Where do I do the stitches that are in parenthesis?

    1. do you mean these 13 (18,22,26) or []? If you refer to the 13(18,22,26) stitch count. these represent your sleeve stitches. They were made in rows 49 and 50. If you refer to the bracket, this repeat is worked right before your sleeve stitches start.

      1. I am having trouble with Row 2 of the Yoke also. [ch 3, sk ch2 space and tr, 1 dc] Am I supposed to skip the ch2 space and the treble and then do a dc in the next ch2 space? Then ch2, sk tr, sc, tr (am I supposed to skip all of those stitches – the tr, sc, and tr?) I’m sorry to bother you with this but I have crocheted and ripped out 3 times not being able to make this look right. I do love the sweater though!

      2. Perhaps a visual might help? There is a yoke video for this top on my YouTube channel. It’s in Spanish but it better illustrates the instructions. Also Emma from potter and bloom has a tutorial for this stitch. Essentially we are squaring off the fan stitch by making a dc in the first ch2 space of the fan, a sc in the mid space of the fan followed by a dc in the last ch2 space of the fan.

  7. Hi
    Sorry, but are the back panel rows 68-69 supposed to be joined to the top of front panel sleeves? Are they supposed to go outwards from the body of the back panel? Or are there no sleeves on the back panel?? Are the few rows of sleeves on the front panel supposed to fit around the whole arms?

    1. Both the front and back panels have the sleeves worked as part of the body. At the indicated row on both panels you work chains on one side and on the other foundation stitches. You keep working over these added stitches as you continue your panel. Both your front and back are supposed to be T shaped.

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