Unfolding April? I’m still trying to process where April went. It really feels like just yesterday that I was sat in front of the computer writing Unfolding March, and sharing my thoughts on the beginning of my quarantine. Yet, at the same time, it feels like an age has passed since I wrote about March. So much has changed and yet so much remains the same.

April has been a big month. We no longer leave the house, the groceries take longer to put away, there is a lingering fear of receiving packages and ordering food, but the house and the backyard look the same, and yet I don’t feel the same. The Clarisa of March is not the Clarisa of April, there have not been any outstanding changes but rather lots of little ones that have added up and made April a soft month.

April has given flight to my fancy, it has provided a taste of the life I have been dreaming about for 3 years or perhaps, in my subconscious mind, even longer. A life where I work hard at something I love, eat in my backyard surrounded by wind and sunshine, where I cook delicious meals with love and not stress and anger at having to get home after rush hour to make them, where I have wine with my lunch and a cocktail after dinner and I truly enjoy the simple things. Gosh amidst all the outside noise has this been a wonderful gift.

I admit that all these things baring the wine drinking, can be done with a full time job but when all your energies are focused on getting through the drudge of a job that just brings anger into your life, it can take over and overshadow all the simple pleasures.

April has brought rain to my plants and sunshine to my days however it has also continued with fear, anxiety and uncertainty but even in these unprecedented times, there is learning to be done. I have realized that I do not mind being a hermit at all. I enjoy hiding from the “real” world and working a crafty job from the comfort of my home. Crochet, design, blog, repeat.

I am fully aware that April hasn’t been a soft month for everyone, but we are in this together, yeah. We are celebrating our ups and downs collectively and connecting with each other. Whatever April has brought you, I truly hope you are safe.



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