The Summer Sorbet Blanket is the perfect summer crochet blanket. No, really. The blanket is crocheted with cotton blend yarns making this a warm but lightweight blanket, perfect for those cooler summer nights.

summer sorbet crochet blanket

The Design

If you have ever watched my podcast you know that while I admire crochet blankets, I have never really tackled them before. In my 7+ years of crocheting I have only ever completed 2 blankets. I simply lack the commitment for long term projects. Blankets, in my opinion are more about process crocheting than product crocheting.

While I am more of a product crocheter, when I first saw the Vintage Flower Motif, I knew I would end up making a blanket with it. I know, I even shocked myself with this decision!

summer crochet blanket

The square just seemed so delicate, perfect for a light and breezy blanket. In addition to the crochet summer blanket feel of the motif, the square, when crocheted, measures approximately 13×13. The perfect size for someone who wants a short term blanket project. Seriously, 9 squares and you almost have a blanket. Epic, right?

I chose to divide the 9 squares into groups of 3 and join them to create a granny square stripe. Not only did I want the granny effect, but I wanted different textures. Am I the only one that loves textures? The squished single crochet stitch was the perfect textural solution to my summer crochet blanket dilemma.

The Yarn

Having lived most of my life in a tropical environment I knew that to create a crochet summer blanket I needed cotton yarn. Don’t frown, if you don’t like working with cotton yarn, perhaps you just haven’t found the right blend? Knit Picks snuggle puff is the perfect summer crochet blanket yarn. As the name suggests, you will just want to snuggle this puffy ball of cotton and sleep the day away.

Knit picks snuggle puff is single ply cotton/nylon blend. Not only does the yarn, come in a variety of lovely, bright colors, but it’s single ply makeup creates wonderfully defined stitches. As if having good stitch definition wasn’t enough, the yarn is buttery soft and provides just enough warmth to feel comforted.

As I previously mentioned, I wanted this blanket to have a mix of textures. So, instead of using snuggle puff to join the squares, I chose Lion Brand’s Comfy Cotton Blend. Still a cotton yarn but with a different makeup and ply. This does mean that the yarns have very different drape. The comfy cotton blend is a hardier yarn with less drape than the snuggle puff.

Summer Sorbet Crochet Blanket

Materials –

2 Balls of Knit Picks Snuggle Puff ( 70% Pima Cotton / 30% Nylon – 142 yards in 50 grams) in the colors Robin’s Egg, Polliwog, Joey, Platapup

1 Ball of Knit Picks Snuggle puff in Chick

2 cakes of Lion Brand’s Comfy Cotton (50/50 cotton/polyester // 200 g, 392 yards in

5mm hook for the squares

5.5 mm hook for the cream stripes and borders


tapestry needle


Lap Blanket


Vintage Flower Motif

ch- chain

sl st – slip stitch

sc – single crochet

squished sc – Squished Single Crochet


55.5 (L) x 43 (W) inches


The Vintage Flower Motif measures 13×13 when crocheted using a 5mm hook and the Snuggle Puff Yarn or yarn of similar weight. However, if you would like a bigger blanket, crochet more squares or use a thicker yarn.

If you are making the blanket as indicated in the pattern, and you manage your yarn well, you could get away with using 1 cake of Lionbrand Comfy Cotton. Of course, this does mean that you will have a smaller border.

We will be using sc to join the squares together.


Using a 5mm crochet hook and knit picks snuggle puff, make 9 vintage flower motifs.

Once you have crocheted your motifs and decided on their placement, join 3 squares to make a row. Make sure to have right sides facing when you join your motifs. Join the squares by attaching the cream yarn in the corner and ch1, sc in each stitch until you come to the next corner, slip stitch . Fasten off.

summer crochet blanket

After you have your granny motif rows, with right side facing and usign the 5.5 mm hook, attach cream yarn to the top corner of your square.

summer crochet blanket

1-Ch1 and make 1sc in each stitch and ch2 space. Ch1 and turn.

2 – *squished sc over 2 sc* repeat across, sc in the last stitch, ch1 and turn.

3 – squished sc accross, stopping when you reach last stitch. sc in last stitch. Ch1 and turn.

4 – 16 repeat row 3. Do not fasten off once you complete row 16, we will use this yarn to attach the next granny motif stripe.

Grab your next granny motif row and lay it right side facing. Attach both pieces using sc, remember that the ch1 of the squished sc counts as a stitch.

Repeat rows 1 to 16

After you have completed this stripe attach your last granny motif row. We will now begin crocheting the border for the blanket.

BLANKET BORDER: Use 5.5mm hook

With right side facing you, Attach the cream yarn to the right side corner.

  1. Make 4 sc in the corner, continue making sc following the sketch below for the stitch counts.

Once you have completed your sc,Join with a sl st to the first sc. Ch1 and turn.

2. *squished sc over 2sc, until you reach a corner, make squished sc over 2sc, ch2 (you should have a total of 3 ch, 1 from the stitch and 2 to create the corner.) squished sc over remaining corner stitches.* repeat around. Join with a sl st to first st. Ch1 and turn.

3. *Work squished sc over ch1 and stitch until you reach the ch2 space, 4sc in the ch2 space.* Repeat around. Slip stitch to the first stitch. Ch1 and turn.

The last squished sc will be worked over these two stitches.

4. *Squished sc over ch 1 and stitch until you reach a corner, sc over 2sc, ch2 (you should have a total of 3 ch, 1 from the stitch and 2 to create the corner.) squished sc over remaining corner stitches.*

Repeat rows 3 and 4 until you have completed 12 rows. Fasten off and weave in ends.

summer sorbet crochet blanket

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  1. I am so blessed to have come across you and your gorgeous patterns. Thank you ? I’m stumbling uuughh with the squishy sc when comes to the border and corners… I want to make for my grandma I love her Soo much and since I’m disabled crocheting has brought me through really hard times.. again thank you

    1. Hello, thank you for the compliment! I’m a little bit confused by your wording, do you need help with the squished single crochet border? I’ll be happy to help!

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