The crochet flower stitch is a simple pattern repeat that resembles fillet crochet. All you need to know to crochet this flower stitch are basic crochet stitches.


crochet flower stitch

The stitch :

I found this crochet flower stitch in my Vogue Dictionary of Crochet Stitches, a vintage stitch dictionary. If you have never heard of this stitch dictionary, hunt down a copy it’s worth it. The stitch is worked in multiples of 15 + 8. I think this stitch is perfect for your summer projects. Even though, the stitch is open lace, it does have nice structure.

Crochet Flower Stitch

Materials –

Yarn of Choice, I’m using Bernat Maker Home Dec because of it’s wonderful stitch definition.

Corresponding hook – 8mm hook


ch – chain

sc – single crochet

dc – double crochet

trb – treble crochet

sk – skip

Notes / Notas

ch 5 counts as the first dc, ch2

If you would like to work a pattern with this stitch, you would simply ch in multiples of 15 and then add 8.

Patterns that use crochet flower stitch

Flower Child Top

Crochet Flower Duster

Shieldmaiden Summer Top

Video en Español –

Instructions // Instrucciones

Ch 15+8, work 1 dc in the 8th ch from the hook *ch2, sk2, 1dc* Repeat from * to * until the end of the row. You will end with a dc. Ch5 and turn.

1- sk the first dc and ch space, make 13 dc, ch2 sk ch space, dc in the 3rd ch. Ch5 and turn

2- sk the first dc and ch space, 4 dc, ch2, sk2, trb, ch2, sk 2 , 4dc, ch2 sk ch space, 1 dc in the 3rd chain. Ch5 and turn.

3- sk the first dc and space, 2dc, ch5 sk 2dc and ch space, sc in trb, ch5, sk ch space and 2dc, 2dc, ch2, 1dc in 3rd ch. Ch5 and turn.

4- sk first dc and ch space, 4dc, ch 2, dc in sc, ch2, 4dc, ch2, dc in 3rd ch. ch5 and turn.

crochet flower stitch
crochet flower stitch

5- repeat row 1.

crochet flower stitch

6- sk first dc and ch space, *1dc, ch2, sk 2* repeat from * to* to the end of the row.

To incorporate the crochet flower stitch in a pattern simply repeat rows 1 – 6 for your stitch count.

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