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A sample of LatinX crafters, designers, dyers, and podcasters to help you dive down a deeper rabbit hole. This list is the tip of the iceberg! It’s not the be all and end all of Latinxcrafters!

Hello, I’m Clarisabeth, the human behind the crochetcakes brand. I was born and raised in the Island of Puerto Rico, among a crafty family. Many of my aunts, on either side of my family, know how to embroider, sew, cross-stich, crochet, etc. Additionally, my grandmother, on my fathers side was a seamstress. There is a lot of crafty talent in my family that I didn’t really pay attention too, until I was an adult. But, not through lack of trying from my mom. Every summer she made sure I had a dose of crafty content to keep me entertained.

Though, as a child, and teenager, I was much too shy to be “different” from my peers and thus stayed away from unfashionable things, such as handmade. And I didn’t really invest in trying to find my “art.” Looking back, I want to slap some sense into younger me… Because honestly, WHO CARES!!!!

Even though I didn’t dabble in the handmade arts until I was in college, I grew up going to handmade fairs, and seeing my aunts crochet creations. As I have previously shared with you, my aunt attempted to teach me the crochet arts at the ungrateful age of 15. She taught me how to crochet ‘una cadeneta, y un punto bajo, hasta que la cadeneta no te quede uniforme no pasamos de aquí.’

Translation – She taught me the chain and single crochet stitch, “until you have mastered the chain, we are not moving forward. Teenage me basically said, “NOPE. This holds no appeal to me, Harry Potter is more interesting”

Even though I knew some Spanish crochet terminology, when I actually decided to give crochet a try, I learned in English. Basically I binged watched bobwilson123 crochet patterns and tutorials on YouTube. Since then, I have felt more comfortable with US crochet terms and crocheting in the English language.

Crochet es Tejer

For the longest time, I didn’t give much thought to this. I knew the crochet terms in Spanish but felt no desire to actually immerse myself in Spanish, crochet wise, I mean. Until 2 years ago, when the fact that I didn’t really feel comfortable crocheting in my native language hit home. Because of this, I felt a strong drive to purposely seek out Spanish speaking makers. This then led me to look for latinx makers and learn about another side of the crafting world.

I knew there were many, many latinx designers because you can find their tutorials on youtube. Examples Ahuyama Crochet , mamaQuilla , and so many many many more, I simply searched Hola crocheteras in YouTube and a plethora of videos popped up. And let me tell you, the projects are glorious and awe inspiring.

As I have shared my crochet journey with you, I also wanted to share the expansion of my crafting world. In order to celebrate my fellow latinx crafters I will be co-hosting a #latinxmakermal2020 on Instagram as well as Ravelry. This MAL will run from the 15 of September to the 15 of October (the dates for the hispanic heritage month in the US.) Rules? Simple, crochet with a yarn or pattern made by a latinx designer or crafter. Please don’t limit yourself to those listed here. This is just the tip of the iceberg! I will keep adding more.

I will also be participating in #latinmakermonth hosted by

LatinX – Pattern Designers

A small list to get you started on your latinx maker journey, some you may know but I home some are new to you as they were to me.

Sandra – Nomad Stitches – her crochet designs are off the charts. I’m currently working on the Mozaika Gunes top. A gorgeous example of mosaic crochet. English and Spanish Patterns

Carolina – Jolis Designs – A bobble and loop stitch cushion?! Yes please.

Cecilia Losada – mammadiy – umm, just yes.

Ana Jímenez – Gava Crochet – I know I’m getting ready for fall with her pumpkin pattern!

Claudia – CrochetLuna – Does she really need an intro? Well, she has two crochet patterns as well as awesome crochet buttons!

Caroline – mindandmusecrafts – I talk about her often, and in honor of our mal she has designed 2 patterns.

Avelen – Papik – A doll that reminds me of Daria, now I’m tempted.

Joji – Jojilocat – knitwear superstar! Maybe one day I will feel brave enough to tackle her garment patterns.

Donna – 3amgracedesigns – Kawaii cuddlers, just the itself makes me want to hug it!

Luciana – lucianaloop.knits (ravelry link) – Ah, knitting. My old foe.

Carmen- handknitbykam – gorgeous knit shawls and socks.

Ivonne – montanocrochet – ready to ship items and the cutest baby pinafore!

Isabel – isabelmargaritaperez – Tienda online y blog con patrones.

Louis – brooklynboyknits (ravelry link) – shawls, hats, ties!

Julieta – delamadeja – crochet patterns and finished products.

Lucia – lu.chet – tapestry crochet! patterns in English and Spanish!

Yarn Dyers

Monica – yarnexperiments

Melissa – thedyeiscastyarns

Sheena – casualfashionqueen

Jessie – frommetoyarn

Felipe – Mr.Wool – yarns and patterns (knit)

This is just the tip of the iceberg! I hope this small sample inspires you to expand your crafting community.

Helpful links and resources

If you are interested in Podcasts in Spanish, @susanagparedes has compiled a list. You can find it in her instagram stories.

Belén – Tejer en Inglés

Diccionario Tejer – we are knitters

Searching on YouTube is also very helpful.

Of course there are many Spanish speaking designers in the world you can find those as well by searching Spanish crochet terms. Lanas y Ovillos is a bilingual channel (English and Spanish).

Please feel free to help me add to this list!

Happy Crafting!

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