In this tutorial I share how to crochet this crossed double crochet stitch pattern. A simple and lovely stitch repeat that combines sc and cdc.

crossed double crochet stitch pattern

The Stitch

The crossed double crochet stitch pattern continues to inspire my crochet. I fell in love with this stitch when I was looking for inspiration to start the Lapis Lazuli Crochet Top. The composition of the stitch really evoked the beaded construction of the aforementioned top. Contributing to my love for this stitch is how the look of the stitch changes based on the yarn and hook used.

Another lovable factor with this stitch, the construction is really simple. Two rows of sc combined with a row of cdc (crossed double crochet). Repeat these three rows and you can make anything! Blankets, tops, rugs, cushions… The list really is endless with this


Crossed Double Crochet Stitch Pattern


Fort this tutorial I am using Bernat Maker Home Dec and a Clover Amour 8mm crochet hook.

Stitch Abbreviations

ch – chain (ca – cadeneta)

sc- single crohet (pb – punto bajo)

cdc – crossed double crochet (pac – punto alto cruzado)

To make a cdc – skip 1 stitch, dc in the next. Make 1 dc in the stitch that you skipped.

Let’s Crochet.

To crochet the crossed double crochet stitch pattern flat, ch in multiples of two and add a 1ch for turning. For this sample I have chained 12 + 1 = 13. Once you have chained accordingly:

R1 – sc in the second ch from the hook, sc in each stitch. ch1 and turn //

R2 – sc in each stitch. ch1 and turn. //

R3 – dc, cdc leaving last one unworked, dc in last stitch. Ch and turn. //

These 3 rows form our pattern repeat. //

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