In this blog post, I shall be sharing with you, how I style my crochet wardrobe. Don’t want to read, then scroll through the (hopefully) pretty pictures and be inspired.

Crochet Style How To.

Are you new here? If so, hi, my name is Clarisabeth and I love to make and wear crochet garments. Well, sew and knit too, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish all three…

In the past 4 years of garment making, I have heard people say, “I don’t like to make crochet garments because I don’t know how to wear them”. Or, “Crochet is too open to be worn”. I disagree, you can totally rock crochet! Embrace the different textures and stitches and party on.

Well, you might ask, How do I incorporate crochet to my style? You can begin my answering the following questions.

  1. What are your colors? Or, what colors do you look good in and most importantly feel confident in?
  2. Are you a jeans, skirts, dresses, jumpsuit type of human?
  3. Do you have a style icon? More than one? Then what do they have in common.
  4. What items in your wardrobe do you feel most confident in?

Answering these questions will help you identify what crochet pieces best suit the current items in your wardrobe. Lastly, don’t feel that you have to box yourself into any one fashion category. We change everyday, why can’t our style?

For example, some days I wear oversize crochet tops with yoga pants. Other days, I’ll pair my crochet dress with a long sleeve shirt for a classic ‘librarian look. Crochet can be whatever you need it to be.

Don’t be intimidated; mix, match, and explore. The beauty of knitting or crochet is that you can frog back and rescue your yarn from the clutches of unsuitable makes.

I rock my crochet by embracing key pieces in my wardrobe.

How I style my crochet wardrobe

Luckily for me, crochet came into my life at a time when I knew my style, well sort of. I knew the pieces that brought me joy. Such as: high-waist jeans, retro style skirts, high collared shirts. Essentially, my preference is a vintage vibe.

Based on this very in depth wardrobe description of c.2014 Clarisabeth, What are some of your wardrobe essentials?

Since I had a basic combo to work with, the next step was figuring out how crochet fit into this.

High-waist Everything

As mentioned, I like wearing high-waist jeans and skirts. Pairing these with crochet is fairly easy. With high-waist skinny jeans you can wear crop tops, oversized sweaters, tunics, the list can go on.


Similarly, with high-waist skirts you can also wear crop tops or tuck your tops into the skirt for a more classic polished look. If you like tucking in your shirts keep in mind that it may prove awkward with heavier weight yarns, as you will have more fabric to tuck.

summer fan top

Also, if the your crochet piece has raised stitches or colorwork, you may not wish to tuck it in and hide all your hard work.

bobble crochet crop top
how i style my crochet

Of course your options with jeans are never ending, this is just how I style my crochet. Speaking of jean wearing options, a lot of people like to pair them with cardigans… Me? I go bold.

Cardigan Style

Contrary to a lot of people, I rarely wear my cardigans with jeans. Watch me type this and then change my outfit considerations….

My favorite way of styling crochet cardigans is with…. jumpsuits! Don’t roll your eyes! Instead, feast your eyes on these pictures.

how i style crochet
Crochet Flower Duster

Ok, Ok, you are right. Finding a good fitting jumpsuit is very hard.. But Cardigans really look good with many outfits. Like dresses…

how i style crochet

Yes, these two cardigans are in constant rotation. No, they are not my only ones. Remember the scrap yarn cardigan? This one is my go to, ultimate comfort, lazy day cardigan. I wear it how I feel it. Sometimes over Pj’s…. Also, I need another jumpsuit.


Yes, cardigans are classic layering pieces, but don’t forget about those amazing handmade dresses, waistcoats and essentially all your wardrobe! Also as I type this, I realize that I don’t have any actual pictures of me layering my dresses… So here are the links to the reels for

And of course, just because it’s made in cotton yarn for the summer, doesn’t mean it can’t carry you through the winter as well….

I think I did a pretty good job with this layering. This is the mozaica gunes top by Sandra of NomadStitches

There are just so many ways of styling your crochet wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun.

But, crochet?

Don’t feel that you have to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe to wear your crochet. Instead refer to the worksheet and identify the colors in your wardrobe that you gravitate towards.

Based on this quick study, I know my go to pieces are: black, cream, white, jeans and grey. However, these aren’t my favorite colors. Instead these basic pieces allow my colorful crochet to shine. This is because I really like wearing neutrals with pops of color. Or at least that is what I’m attempting.

Because my store bought pieces are in more neutral colors, they match any color of yarn. Which, to be quite honest can only be a good thing. I’m still in the middle of fine tuning my yarn choices and focusing more on color schemes.

Eventually I would like to reach a cohesive color scheme/aesthetic like @sandracherryhrt or @tifneilan_handknits . And don’t even get me started on color schemes for my house, these decisions terrify me.

Honestly, what it all comes down to is you. How do you feel comfortable wearing your crochet? What items truly bring you joy.

Have fun and stay creative!

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      1. I just reorganized my cedar chest yesterday and tried on crocheted garments that I haven’t worn in years, and tried to brainstorm about how I might use them now. Your blog post was especially timely for me!

      2. That is so exciting! I’m thrilled to have been a tiny part of the process. I also noticed that I need to frog some items, they are no longer my style, or simply don’t fit.

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