A Romantic Crochet book review. Book by Emma Escott (@lululoves_uk), Review by me crochetcakes

romantic crochet book open to the Lacy Cocoon Shrug page. Displayed with the start of said pattern with an olive colored yarn.

I had intended for this blog post to be a pattern review of the Lacy Cocoon Shrug but when I sat down to write it, I realized I have already completed two patterns from this book. I have even started a 3rd one. Needless to say, a book review was in order. Especially since it’s been 2 years since my previous one.

Are book reviews something you enjoy?

Romantic Crochet Book

For me the Romantic Crochet Book is one of the highlights of 2020. It feels a bit silly saying that but it’s a book that never fails to make me smile. The book has been in the market since October 2020. It’s first appearance was a book tour hosted by some talented makers.

What a lovely idea that was. Not only did the book tour introduce the 20, more like 23, projects it was also a great source of yarn substitution ideas and color schemes.

Because this is a crochet book you might think the patterns were the attraction. While I won’t deny that I do like the patterns, they didn’t provide the initial draw. It was the photography. I still cannot get over how well staged and photographed the projects were. In addition to the staging, the styling of the pieces is so pleasing to the eye.

Not only does the book have good photography but the items are shown in their environment. This, I greatly appreciate because it’s something I actually struggle with.

While I have waxed poetic about the photography it’s not solely to blame for my dive. The Teapot Cosy takes 50% of this blame.

The Patterns

Once I saw the Teapot Cosy pattern, I was well and truly charmed. Not by the book version, but by the one featured in Episode 37 of her podcast. Such a lovely neutral shade. I was hooked.

Incidentally, it was the first pattern I made, and also the first time I crocheted a teapot cosy.

Teapot cosy from the romantic crochet book made in 2 tones. The bottom portion is made with a creamy brown and the top is made with a golden bronze.

My version of the teapot cosy features stash yarn.

  • 1.5 balls of rowan tetra cotton for the body and top petals
  • 1 ball of Song by Classic Elite Yarns in a lovely bronze/gold shade
  • 125g of yarn total

Both of these yarns are discontinued. I’m especially sad that I had to say goodbye to Song when I had only just found it. Because I tend to crochet loosely I changed the hook size to 3.75mm.

After completing the teapot cosy I still wanted to make several more patterns from the book.

I continued with the…

Lacy Cocoon Shrug
Clarisa wearing the finished lacy cocoon shrug over a blue sleeveless dress. Pattern from the romantic crochet book.

A beautifully mindless pattern that features a growing shell stitch. The pattern repeat was easy to memorize and like the rest of the patterns it includes a chart. Very helpful for a quick reminder of the row you are crocheting.

I crocheted this shrug with LionBrands Oh Baby! Organic Cotton. This yarn is thinner than the one called for in the pattern but using the 4.5mm recommended I was able to match gauge. Not that I actually swatched before diving into the project….

Romantic crochet book review

Anyway, I love this shrug and it was a pleasure to crochet. I even had enough yarn, I bought 6 skeins had 2 left over, to make a hat!

Not only have I completed 2 projects from Emma’s #romanticcrochetbook but I have started a third one!

Hot Water Bottle Cosy

I’ve started the hot water bottle cosy! My first ever cosy for my first ever hot water bottle. Of course I’m not using the recommended yarn or hook size. I’m stash busting with this one as well! I’m using a deep stash yarn, Watermelon Cooler from @crafternoontreats 100% Romney Lambswool base.

Eventhough this yarn is a thick fingering I was able to get gauge with a 4mm hook. This yarn is woolen spun and it’s plumper than your average fingering weight. I do miss this base!

Final Thoughts on the Romantic Crochet Book

Did I mention how happy this book makes me? I’m not exaggerating when I say, I sometimes sit down to look at the photography and analyze the lighting and structure. I just love the books charm.

However I know that purchasing a pattern book can be a big decision or even an indulgence for some people. But it is well worth the money.

I purchased the book for 20 usd and considering it brings 20 patterns, they come out to be a steal.

Why did I purchase?

Yes, the photography drew me in, and I was dying to make the teapot cosy. But before purchasing I leafed through the book on amazon and really thought about which patterns I would make. I told myself that if I found at least 4, I would purchase the book.

And I did find 4, well more than 4.

  • Teapot Cosy
  • Hot Water Bottle Cosy
  • Lacy Cocoon Shrug
  • Rambling Rose Cushion
  • Peter Pan Collar
  • Posy Top
  • and the ever popular drawstring bag

Also important to note, each pattern comes with a chart and the garments include schematics.

I highly encourage you to check out Emma’s book and her special video addressing book publishing questions.

What’s your favorite project form this book?

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