A comfortable summer vest to layer or wear on it’s own.

crochet summer vest

Inspiration & Design

Some time ago, in a living room pretty close by, my friend Claudia (@crochetluna) asked me to design a pattern for her yarn line. Needless to say, I agreed and designed a wonderfully warm vest.

Now, Claudias yarn is really special. It’s buttery soft, luxurious and a manifestation of all things yarn and cuddly. In short, a perfect winter yarn. However, we are not in winter and Claudia has not stocked more yarn.

Because the Autumn Flame pattern is so yarn specific, publishing it on its own does not sit well with me. So, of course I chose a different yarn and re-wrote the pattern.

Autumn Flame

The Yarn

Because I was rewriting the pattern, I decided to make it a summer vest instead of a winter one. Although I did buy some extra wool to experiment later on.

The stars aligned with my decision because crochet.com was having a summer sale. Why are yarn sales so tempting? We always comment on the amount of yarn in our stashes but just the word sale is enough to make me forget that.

Does this happen to you to?

summer vest. A flat lay featuring the summer breeze top paired with a flintstone type turquoise necklace.

Anyway, I adopted 4 hanks of Comfy Color Mist in a lovely speckle green shade. This pima cotton/acrylic blend yarn is so very soft. The yarn also adds to the visual interest of the textured stitch. But you guys already know how much I love green so let’s focus on yarn facts.

The yarn is classified as a worsted weight but as it has 220 yds in 100g, I would classify it was a light worsted.

I certainly cannot crochet it with the 5.5mm hook it recommends.

Can I make this Summer Vest?

The body of the summer vest is quite simple to work up. However the optional border included requires an adventurous spirit and perhaps more advanced skills.

We crochet two panels for the front and back. Once we have shaped and seamed these, things get a little more fun. We combine our crochet top with knitting! Yes, you read that right, the pattern is designed with an optional knit border.

Don’t be afraid. The paid for version of the Summer Breeze top comes with a helpful tutorial.


Summer is the season of fresh fruit and short sleeves. This pattern is a reinterpretation of one I designed for Claudia of crochetluna. While the focus of the Autumn Flame pattern was coziness and warmth. The focus of Summer Breeze is a soft and light fabric that will accompany us on our Summer/tropical weather journey.

Want to watch how the design came about?

Summer Vest Pattern (Summer Breeze)


4.5 mm hook

165(200,230,260) 285(315,340)grams of Comfy Color Mist a worsted weight 75/25 pima cotton/acrylic with 219yds per 100g.
2(2,3,3) 3(4,4) hanks of said yarn

measuring tape, yarn needle, and scissors
Optional: 4mm circular knitting needle with a 24” cable and a 4mm hook.


13 stitches by 7 rows in 4×4” or (10x10cm)Blocked. To make your swatch fdc 17, and work rows 2&3 of the pattern until you have a square. Then block and measure the established gauge.

Sizing: given in inches

  • Rows represent width.
  • Each panel stretches approximately 2-2.5” width wise with blocking, but can be expected to shrink back about 0.5”
  • Panel length in the following table does not include rib or neck shaping.
Block to (inch)14.516.518.520.522.524.526.5
Panel length (inch)141515.5161616.516.5

Stitches used:US Terms
  • ch – chain
  • sc – single crochet
  • dc – double crochet
  • fdc – foundation double crochet
  • fptrb – front post treble
  • dc2tog – dc decrease
  • rsc – reverse single crochet.

This vest/top has a classic fit. Model wears size 2 and the vest still has give for a 35-36” bust and still be comfortable.

Back Panel:

**R1- 44(47,50,53) 53(56,56)fdc . Ch1 and turn. These starting stitches determine length not width.

R2 – dc, *sk1, 1dc in next 2 stitches, fptrb around the skipped stitch* repeat from *to* dc in last stitch of the row. This is the right side of our work. Ch1 and turn

R3 – dc in each stitch. Ch1 and turn.

Repeat rows 2&3 until work measures 12.5(14.5, 16.5, 18.5) 20(22.5,24.5) inches wide. Make sure you end on row 2. 22(26,30,32) 36(40,42)rows

Leave yarn attached and Block piece to measurement.

Once your piece finishes blocking, ch1 and turn your work 90 degrees. We will now work on what was the side of our piece and begin our neck shaping. If you didn’t leave your yarn

attached, attach your yarn at the right most corner with right side facing you.**


R1- Make 2sc per row. 44(52,60,64) 72(80,84)(For the size 2 I had 26 rows and made 52 sc). ch1 and turn.

R2 – dc in each stitch. ch1 and turn.

R3 – dc 12(14,16,16) 18(18,20). Cut yarn and attach 12(14,16,16) 18(18, 20)dc away from edge. dc in these stitches.

Fasten off.

Front Panel

Repeat instructions for Back Panel from ** to **

Turn your work 90 degrees, to work in rows of work. Making 2sc per row start row 1.

Front Neck Shaping:

R1 – 14(16,18,18) 20(20,22) sc. Ch1 and turn.
R2 – dc2tog, dc in each stitch. Ch1 and turn. 13(15,17,17) 19(19,21)

R3 – dc until 2 stitches remain, dc2tog.ch1 and turn. 12(14,16,16) 18(18, 20)

R4 – sc in each stitch.

Fasten off and attach yarn to the other side 7(8,9,9)10(10,12)rows from the end.

R1 – 14(16,18,18) 20(20,22)sc. Ch1 and turn.

R2 – dc until 2 stitches remain, dc2tog. Ch1 and turn. 13(15,17,17) 19(19,21)

R3 – dc2tog, dc in each stitch. ch1 and turn. 12(14,16,16) 18(18, 20).

R4 – sc in each stitch

Fasten off.


Place your front and back panels right sides together. Measure 6(7,7.5,8) 8(8.5,9)” from the shoulder and place a marker.

Attach yarn at the bottom of the side and whip stitch until you reach your marker.

Join yarn at the shoulders and seam with mattress stitch.

Weave in all ends.

Once you have completed your joining you can call your vest completed, or you can move on to the optional border.

Optional Border:

Attach yarn at the bottom of the vest top. And using your 4.5mm hook, work 2 sc for each row.

Switch to your 4mm circular knitting needles and *pick up a loop in the next 3 stitches, pick up 2 loops in the next*. Repeat from *to* around.

Knit 1×1 rib for 2” Bind off using a stretchy bind-off, I used a Simple Stretchy Bind-off from very pink knits.

Don’t cut yarn. Switch to your 4mm hook and sl st to the first bound off stitch. Work rsc (crab stitch) as follows. *1rsc in the next 3 knit stitches, sk1, 1rsc in next 2 knit stitches, sk1* repeat from *to* around. sl st to the first stitch. Cut yarn and weave in ends.

There you have it!

crochet summer vest



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