Pumpkins are a classic autumn decor. Make a white crochet pumpkin to add or to start your collection.

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white crochet pumpkin placed in a fabric covered basket.


Interested parties welcome to the crochet time machine, please mind your step and hold on to your hooks.

Year 2012, month: September, date: unknown, place: Syracuse, New York.

Importance? The year Clarisabeth experienced autumn.

Before this date, the month of September simply meant stifling humidity and a very active Hurricane season in Puerto Rico. The fall magic was completely and utterly lost. We did grow our own squash so there is that….

But after 2012, I completely understood the wonder and magic of autumn, and even living in Florida, I still fall for it (awful pun somewhat intended)

Have you experienced this transition?

Of course, this season is not only represented by changing leaves and cooler winds but by pumpkins. Not to mention PSL’s, I don’t drink them but I have made Pumpkin hot cocoa before and it’s just as delish. Disclaimer, please don’t come after me, I am just not a fan of coffee in general.

Controversial topic aside, I do love pumpkin everything, Pie, cake, cinnamon rolls, soup. The list is quite a long one. And of course, It is a truth universally acknowledged that pumpkin lovers must obsessively decorate with this fruit. Yes, pumpkin is a fruit not a vegetable like I believed my entire life…

Anyway, once simply cannot argue with the popularity of crochet pumpkins. They come in all shapes, stitches, weights, and colors.

white crochet pumpkin displayed with a cream ceramic one, plastic wheat and a autumn sign.

The yarn

Speaking of colors, I love all og pumpkin and squash colors. However for this pumpkin I decided to make a white one.

But I wanted some depth to my pumpkin so I decided to hold two different colors together. We are going to use White and a Champagne colored acrylic. Of, course you could use any combination of colors you prefer. Like the orange pumpkin pictured below.

Keep in mind that amigurumi is hard on the hands and using 2 strands of worsted weight yarn with a 5.5 mm hook can be even harder. But it does yield a very nice looking pumpkin.

Construction of the White Crochet Pumpkin

The white crochet pumpkin is a very simple and versatile design. I have a lot of fun playing with increases to create different sizes. Basically, we are crocheting a ball, which we will stuff and later shape into a pumpkin. I know many of you also favor this method. In which case, I hope my autumn story was of some interest to you.

For this pumpkin we will be using a different single crochet method. And may I suggest saving your real squash/pumpkin stems to decorate your white crochet pumpkin. If not a cinnamon stick is a nice and warming choice.

Making a white Crochet Pumpkin


  • 2 skeins of acrylic yarn in chosen colors. I’ve used Big twist white and Caron Simply soft in Bone.
  • 5.5 mm hook
  • long yarn needle
  • stuffing
  • stem.

Following the instructions provided your pumpkin should measure 5.5”/14cm in diameter and 3”/7.5cm in height

  • Magic ring
  • Single crochet (sc): Insert your hook into the stitch, YARN UNDER, pull up a loop, Yarn Over and pull through both loops.
    • Your stitch will look like an X
    • Your gauge will be tighter.
  • Increase (inc): make 2sc in the same stitch.
  • Decrease (dec): work sc over 2 stitches.
    • I like to work and invisible decrease. Pick up the front loop of 1 stitch and the back loop of the next, yarn over and pull through, yarn over pull through 2 loops
  • Repeat (rep)
  • Alternating between sc and inc in the first stitch creates a flatter circle.
  • Use a stitch marker to mark the beginning of the round and move it up with each round.
  • To make sc please refer to the stitches, we are YARNING UNDER not over.
Beg White Crochet Pumpkin

1.Make a magic ring, ch1 to secure

  1. 6sc in the ring.
  2. Sc2inc in each stitch (12)
  3. *Sc, sc2inc; rep from * around.
  4. *Sc2inc, 2 sc; rep from * around.
  5. *3 sc, sc2inc; rep from * around.
  6. *Sc2inc, 4sc; rep from * around.
  7. *5sc, sc2inc; rep from * around.
  8. *Sc2inc, 6sc; rep from * around.
Pumpkin Body

Once the increases are complete, crochet 9 rounds of sc.

Pumpkin decreases

  1. *Sc2dec, 6sc; rep from * around.
  1. *5sc, sc2dec; rep from * around.
  2. *Sc2dec, 4sc; rep from * around.

Stuff your pumpkin as firmly as you like.

white crochet pumpkin

4. *3sc, sc2dec; rep from * around.

5. *Sc2dec, 2sc; rep from * around.

6. *Sc, sc2dec; rep from * around.

7. Sc2dec around.

Cut both your tails, leaving one of them long enough to form our ridges.

Pumpkin Ridges

For the ridges we are dividing our pumpkin into sections.

  1. Insert your long yarn tail into the yarn needle.

2. Insert yarn needle into the top pumpkin opening all the way through to the bottom. Pull yarn tight. Insert yarn needle into the top pumpkin opening all the way through to the bottom. 1 ridge made.

3. To make next ridge, place yarn tail 1/4 of the way from the first ridge, Insert yarn needle into the top pumpkin opening all the way through to the bottom, pull tight.

white crochet pumpkin; making the ridges.

Repeat step 3 for all your ridges. Once complete weave in your tail.

Lastly add your stem, I’m using a real pumpkin stem that I saved from last year.

holding a white crochet pumpkin

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