Vintage echo is a crochet cardigan inspired by a late 80’s early 90’s blouse. It features a high-low hem, long sleeves and contrasting stitch panels.

Inspiration & Design

Can you name a good thing from ye ol’ Plague? I can, attending Virtual World Wide events. While virtual events lack tacticle allure, they are accessible to more people.

What does a Virtual event have to do with a crochet design?

It was in such an event that I picked up my favorite vintage blouse.

I just love this beauty, the prints, the sleeves, the length. While initially I was put off my the width of it, I’ve grown quite attached to this blouse. In fact, I’m so attached to it that I decided to crochet a version of it, the Vintage Echo Cardigan

As you can see, I chose to interpret the contrasting fabric panels with crochet stitches instead of contrasting yarns. Having said that, I do want to make a white black version of this.

Similar to the blouse the Vintage Echo Cardigan has contrasting prints on each front panel. The right side panel uses an offset V-stitch that I have named the Lazy Daisy stitch. Different to the left side panel which is crocheted using a faux bobble stitch.

Another very important detail of the vintage blouse is the see through sleeves. I always call them organza but they are much softer and less iridescent. I knew knitting the sleeves would create a more window like effect than what I achieved. However when I tested this theory, I wasn’t too convinced. I think mohair is the key to getting that lovely see through look but… itchy.

Speaking of mohair, let’s talk yarn choices.

The Yarn

Because of the Vintage inspiration, I wanted the Vintage Echo Cardigan to carry some of the blouse’s properties. Drape, See through sleeves, and contrasting fabrics. While there were many ways I could have chosen to work with these, I felt the yarn was crucial.

Is there anything drap-ier than bamboo? Well, for warm weather I mean. Ok, linen also has drape. But we are going with a cotton bamboo blend from LB Collection in the color Snapdragon. This yarn is on the lighter weight of worsted which I typically find too heavy for crochet garments.

However, in this case I thought the difference would showcase the lace-weight yarn used for the sleeves.

Even though the sleeves didn’t turn out as “see through” as I had envisioned. They still feel lovely and soft. I used a laceweight Merino with a 4.5mm hook to achieve some drape as well. Warning though, this garment has just been steamed not wet blocked, in which case the sleeved would increase to astronomical proportions….. Just saying.

Body shot of the Vintage echo cardigan. A crochet cardigan made with green yarn and watercolor sleeves.

Can I make the Vintage Echo Cardigan?

Are you an adventurous crafter? The garment itself is crocheted in three different panels with no body shaping. The only shaping is on the neckline of the two front panels and on the sleeves.

The other challenging portion might be the button band, but that is optional. You can, if you so choose omit the buttons and use the Cardigan exclusively as one. Me, I prefer the sweater look for it. Piece of advice, metal buttons were not the wisest choice, but they do look good. :D.

Since the Cardigan has so many parts I have divided the pattern in two parts. If you are very excited to make it and would like to support my work; consider buying the paid for pdf which also comes with some video help.

Vintage echo is an oversized cardigan inspired by a vintage blouse. Snuggle, wear it, flaunt it.

Vintage Echo Cardigan


  • Hooks
    • 3.75 mm
    • 4.5 mm
  • 3(4, 5, 6) 7(8, 9)skeins of LB Collection Cotton Bamboo.52/48 Cotton/Bamboo. 245 yards in 100g.
  • 1 hank of laceweight wool yarn. 875 yds.
  • Measuring tape, yarn needle, and scissors
  • Ribbon, 7-8 ¾” buttons, sewing needle and thread.

Daisy stitch (3.75mm hook) 15 stitches x 7 rows
Faux Bobble (3.75mm hook) = 16 stitches x 10 rows.
Dc sleeves : 16 dc x 6 rows with a 4.5 mm

To Fit28-3032-3436-3840-4244-4648-5052-54
Finished Chest Size34394548525760
Length back25252527272727
Sleeve Cuff7.

The pattern is work in three panels.
Ch3 at the beg counts as a double crochet.
You can adjust for length before collar decreases begin. Of course this will affect the amount of yarn needed.

Stitches Used / Abbreviations
  • Ch – chain
  • Fdc – foundation double crochet
  • Dc – double crochet
  • Sc – single crochet
  • Sl st – slip stitch
  • Trb – treble crochet
  • Sk – skip
  • Dec – decrease
  • Beg – beginning
  • Rep – repeat
  • BLO – back loop only

V-stitch – dc,ch1,dc in the same stitch.

Special stitches: multiples of 4+1

Lazy Daisy stitch: 

R1: dc to end of row, ch3 turn.

R2: *sk1 stitch, v-stitch, sk1 stitch, dc in next;rep from * to end of row, a dc should be your last stitch, ch3 and turn.

R3: dc in same space as ch3, *dc in chain of v-stitch, v-stitch in dc; rep from * to end of row ending with 2dc in the last stitch, ch3 and turn.

R4: dc in each stitch, ch3 and turn.

Right panel

With a 3.75mm hook make
33(41,45,49)53(57,61) fdc, ch3 and turn.(rs)

R1: work row 2 of the lazy daisy stitch.
R2: work row 3 of the lazy daisy stitch. 
R3: work row 4 of the lazy daisy stitch.

All sizes:

Repeat lazy daisy stitch pattern rows 8 more times stopping on row 3 of the eighth pattern repeat.

Sizes: 4(5,6,7)

Complete the 8th pattern repeat and repeat Rows 2 and 3 of the lazy daisy stitch.

Neckline Shaping

R1 (ws): dc to 4 stitches from the end of the row, 2dec. ch1 and turn. 31(39,43,47) 51(55,59)stitches

R2: sk2 stitches, dc to end, ch3 and turn. 29(37,41,45) 49(53,57)

R3: *sk1, v-stitch, sk1, dc ; rep from * until 5(5,5,5) 5(5,5) stitches are left, 2dec, dc in last stitch ch1 and turn. 27(35,39,43) 47(51,55)

R4: sk3 *dc in ch space, v-stitch in dc; rep from * ending with 2dc in last stitch, ch3 and turn. 24(32,36,40) 44(48,52)

R5: dc to last 4, 2dec, ch1 and turn. 22(30,34,38) 42(46,50)

R6: sk1, sl st, sk1, sl st to end. 20(28,32,36)40(44,48)

Cut yarn and fasten off.

Left side panel

33(41,45,49)53(57,61) fdc, ch1 and turn.(rs)

R1: sc, *trb, 3sc; rep from * to end of row. ch3 and turn.

R2: dc to end of the row, ch1 and turn.

R3: *3sc, trb; rep from * ending the row with 1sc. ch3 and turn.

R4: dc to end of row, ch1 and turn.

All sizes: repeat rows 1-4 10 more times. (11 repeats total)

Sizes: 4(5,6,7)
Repeat rows 1-4 once more. (12 repeats total)

Neckline Shaping:

R1: sc *trb,3sc; rep from * to the end of the row, ch1 and turn.

R2: dc to 4 stitches from the end of the row, 2dec. ch1 and turn. 31(39,43,47) 51(55,59)stitches

R3: sk2, *sc, trb, 3sc; rep from * to end of row, ch1 and turn. 29(37,41,45) 49(53,57)

R4: dc to 4 stitches before the end. 2dec. ch1 and turn. 27(35,39,43) 47(51,55)

R5: sk2, *3sc, trb; rep from * until 1 stitch is left, sc in last stitch, ch3 and turn. 25(33,37,41) 45(49,53)

Back Panel:

65(81,89,97) 105(113,121)fdc, this is the right side.

R1: *sc, trb, 3sc; rep from * to end of row, ch3 and turn.

R2: dc to end of row, ch1 and turn.

R3: *3sc, trb; repeat from * ending with 1sc in the last stitch

R4: repeat row 2.
Repeat rows 1 to 4 for 14(14,14,15) 15(15,15)” ending on row 1 or 3. ch3 and turn for this last row.

Top of Back: 

Work 4 full pattern repeats of the Daisy stitch. Back will measure 22(22,22,24)24(24,24)”. 

After we complete our panels, we need to seam, crochet the collar, sleeves, cuff and border. Tune in to the next post to complete the Vintage Echo Cardigan or sweater.

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