Say hello to my little stash of stash busting patterns… Horrible humor aside, let’s round up some patterns.

stash busting endeavors with fingering weight yarn. All green of course.

Stash Busting / Stashtober21

What’s in a stash…I tried to come up with a romantic phrase reminiscent of Shakespeare, alas I have failed. If you can come up with one, please let me know. Either way this October is not only Socktober, month to make all the socks, but also Stashtober.

Stashtober21 is a a CAl organized by Claudia of Crochetluna. The rules are simple. Work from your Stash and make a design from one of the 8 participating designers.

While Fay, Rosina, and Michelle have all written blog posts discussing various Cal objectives and linking various patterns, I thought I would share with you some stash-busting designs as well.

Although I have various garment designs that I think work great as stash busters, let’s start with a pair of socks.


I will always consider socks to be a great stash-busting project. With just 10g of yarn in at least 5 colors you can work up a really fun pair of crochet socks with great memories.

My favorite are the Vintage Waves. These socks were designed for self striping yarn. Of course you can create your own stripes by changing yarn in each round. In fact, this is something I’ve been meaning to try for ages.

As I said, socks use such a small quantity of yarn that they are perfect for your leftovers.


You knew I would get here eventually, after all, I do love a crochet garment.

While i do have several garments to consider, I thought I would share with you my favorite for stash-busting.

  1. Eat Cake Sweater – A fingering weight sweater.

Honestly, still one of my favorite designs. There is just something so effortless about the way this design came about. And the original yarn was so scrumptious!

Why do I think this is a great stash-busting project? Well, I’ve already done one stash version of it and plan on making at least one more.

There are just so many ways one can personalize this pattern. You could go my summer version route, and only have one section of the sweater with a different color.

Color blocking is an option as well. Oh, and a two toned version would look fabulous as well. You could even play around with different yarn textures.

Yes, I love this pattern and thinking of alterations makes me happy…

  1. Vintage Echo Cardigan

The cardigan is already a stash bust project, however a thousand possibilities come to mind. Well, perhaps not a thousand but definitely 2 possibilities.

Different colors for the front panels
Solid color for the body and a pop of color for the collar. Say that 3 times fast…

How would you stash bust with this Dk and lace-weight cardigan?

  1. Color fading

A cheeky stash busting project that has not seen the light of day since last fall/winter but that I’m planning on completing… For actual details on this project head over to this YouTube Video.

Essentially, I am working a reverse raglan sweater. We work the body, bottom up, make the sleeves and attach them while we work the raglan decreases. It’s the same method that I used to work up the Las Nubes Top, Incidentally I think this one is also a good one to use to dwindle the fingering weight stash.


Of course, the generally accepted stash busting project is a blanket. I have nothing against blankets but can generally not bring myself to finish them.

There are a few exceptions such as the Extra Cosy Crochet Blanket. A true stash busting blanket of bulky proportions. No, really, It’s a very bulky blanket. I held two strands of bulky together to make it.

Interested in learning about combining yarn weights? Fay has an article on it.

What patterns are you considering working up for the CAL?

Ravelry Thread with all information –


stash busting CAL Stashtober promo featuring all the participating designers.

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