The squared root socks are a toe-up sock design featuring simple colorwork on the leg.

simple colorwork socks. Square root socks

Inspiration & Design

When it comes to crochet socks people are divided. Not me, I love both crochet and knit socks. If you want to read more about my sock-pinion I have several blog posts that might be worth your while.

Speaking of blog posts, for the past 2 years I’ve released a sock for Socktober and though this one is a little later in the month, it’s been living rent free in my head for a while.

A while back I had submitted a design for a winter 2021 publication. While it was denied I was still very excited to work the sock up. Almost a year, Yikes. Anyway, the submission call centered on plaid and I wanted to create something simple, fun and with colors.

There are many different takes on a “plaid” design. By definition plaid is a rectangular garment or piece of cloth, usually made of the checkered material called tartan. Scottish friends please correct me.

While my inspiration came from this, these simple colorwork socks are more of a grid design. It’s because of the grid design that I have named these the Squared Root socks.

Simple and stylish.

PS. Am I know listening to Celtic music… I will neither confirm or deny

The Yarn

I believe I already established that this design lived in my head rent free. Well, when Kathryn of Crafternoon treats announced that she had some hanks of her Christmas colorway left, I snagged one. Maryushka The Firebird is a gorgeous yarn with a butter yellow base and an amazing range of autumnal speckling. From golds, forest greens to maroon the yarn just sparks Autumnal joy.

Because of said Autumnal vibes, I thought Sphene from Socks Yeah! was the perfect compliment. Perhaps a little too perfect. Sphene does make the colorwork more subtle but I like it all the same.

Although both of these yarns are classified as fingering weight, their thicknesses vary. WPi for Maryushka is between 22 & 23 , while Socks Yeah is 26 wpi (wraps per inch).

simple colorwork socks

What does this mean for the sock? Well, I found the socks yeah yarn to have less stretch so it helps the sock tuck in nicely. While the socks are different thicknesses I enjoyed crocheting with both of them.

If you are interested in yarn reviews, message me and I shall start writing more blog posts reviewing yarns.

Simple Colorwork Socks

The socks are crocheted toe-up using a contrasting color for the toe and heel flap. The simple colorwork is featured on the leg of the sock and forms a grid design. The sample shown is crocheted following the instructions for size 2. Size 2 uses 61g of the main color and 20g of the contrasting color. Of course, this is subjected to gauge matching.

The pdf pattern includes a video tutorial to help you on your simple colorwork sock making journey.

Simple Colorwork Socks


  • 100g of Crafternoon treats Corriepol Sock- 80/20 corriedale-polwarth wool/nylon, 400m/100g
  • 50g of Socks Yeah! Coop Knits – 75/25 Superwash merino/nylon 231yds/50g
  • Hook Sizes: 3mm & 3.25mm or size needed for gauge
  • Measuring tape, stitch markers, scissors, yarn needle.

Gauge: 23 st x 21 rows = 4” of ext-sc with a 3mm hook

Sizes: 1(2,3,4) / 42(48, 54, 60) to fit foot circumference of 7(8,9,10)”

  • Sock is worked toe up.
  • In this pattern “carry your yarn” refers to encapsulating the yarn. You carry it behind and work over it.
  • On the instep make sure you carry your yarn
  • loosely.
  • Combine stitches and length to achieve a sock that fits your foot.
  • Desired sock length refers to 1” less than your foot length.
  • To change colors complete the stitch you are working on with the cc or the mc as the case may be.
Stitches & Abbreviations
  • ch: chain
  • sc: single crochet
  • sc2inc: work 2 sc in the same stitch.
  • ext-sc: extended single crochet. Insert your hook into the stitch. yarn over pull up a loop, yarn over pull through 1 loop, yarn over pull through remaining loops.
  • MC: main color
  • CC: contrasting color
  • Pm: place marker
  • Rpm: replace marker
  • Rnd: round
  • beg: beginning

In CC with 3mm hook Ch13.
Rnd 1 : 11 SC, 3 SC in next ch, work on the back of ch; 10 SC, 2 in next ch space. 26 Pm in the 13th and 26th stitch. Move marker with each rnd.
Rnd 2: Sc2inc, 10sc, sc2inc, sc, sc2inc, 10 sc, sc2inc,sc. 30
Rnd 3: Sc2inc, 12, sc2inc, sc, sc2inc, 12sc, sc2inc, sc. 34
Rnd 4: sc. 34
Rnd 5: Sc2inc, 14sc, sc2inc, sc, sc2inc, 14sc, sc2inc, sc. 38
Rnd 6: Sc. 38
Rnd 7:  Sc2inc, 16sc, sc2inc, sc, sc2inc, 16sc, sc2inc, sc. 42 Stop here for size 1.

Rnd 8: Sc2inc, sc to marked stitch (including marked stitch) Rpm, sc2inc, sc to marked stitch. 44
Rnd 9: Sc. 44
Rnd 10: Sc2inc, 19sc, sc2inc, sc, sc2inc, 19sc, sc2inc, sc. 48

Size 3&4 continue increasing every other rnd until you reach 54, 60 stitches respectively. 

Size 1&2: Sc in each rnd until 2” of toe are reached.

Cut CC, and join MC


With a 3mm hook and MC.

Rnd 1: ext-sc in each stitch, do not join.

Repeat Rnd 1 until your foot measures 5.25(6.25, 7.25, 8.25) or 2.5” less than your desired sock length.

From your beg marker, count  21 ( 24, 27, 30) and pm. We are working our heel flap over ½ the sock stitches. Cut MC.

Heel Turn

Using your CC and your 3mm hook

Row 1 : Sc to 1 stitch before the marker, sc2dec, ch1 and turn. 20 ( 23, 26, 29)

Row 2: Sc to 2 stitches before the end of the row, sc2dec, ch1 and turn. 19(22, 25, 28)

Repeat row 2 fourteen (14)  more times. 5 ( 8, 11, 14). Ch1, and turn.

(RS) Work 5 ( 8, 11, 14) sc.

3.25 mm hook

Turn your work 90 degrees and work 16 sc, attach and switch to MC for the top of the foot (carry your CC) and work 21 (24, 27, 30) ext-sc, with CC (carry your MC) work 16sc on the heel side. Switch to MC.

We finish at the top right corner of the heel flap. We should have markers on the first and last stitch of the heel flap.

Heel Flap

Continue with your 3.25mm hook and your MC.

1: Sc up to 1 stitch before the marker, sc2dec, rpm, ext-sc to next marker, sc2dec, rpm.

2:   *sc to marker, sc in marked stitch, sl st to front of foot, ch1 and turn; sk ch 1 and sl st; rep from * once more.

Continue repeating steps 1&2 until you have 22(25, 28, 31) heel stitches and are on the right side marker. ** For sizes 3 and 4 switch to your 3mm hook 1/2 way through the gusset.

1: Sc to 1 stitch before the marker, sc2dec


3mm hook

Note: your CC stitches should line up.

Rnd 1: with MC, ext-sc around. 
Rnd 2: Attach CC. With CC, ext-sc around.
Rnd 3: *5 ext-sc in MC, 1 ext-sc in CC; rep from * around.
Repeat rnd 3, 3 more times. 
Rnd 7: with CC, ext-sc around.
Rnd’s 8 to 11: repeat rnd 3.
Rnd 12: rep rnd 7.


MC 3mm hook, alternatively you could knit the cuff.

Ch 7.
Row1: sc in 2nd ch from hk, 5sc, sl st over 2 leg stitches, ch1 turn.
Row2: 6 ext-sc BLO, ch1 and turn.
Row3: 6 sc BLO, sl st over 3 leg stitches, ch1 and turn.
Row4: 6 ext-sc BLO, ch1 and turn.
Row 5: 6 sc BLO, sl st over 2 leg stitches, ch1 and turn.

Repeat rows 2 to 5 until all leg stitches have been worked.

Once you have completed your cuff, seam it closed and weave in your ends.

After your ends are woven in, complete your second sock. Your feet will thank you.

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