Are you ushering in a warmer season but still want to keep layers? Then the Yavanna crochet vest is perfect for your wardrobe needs.

Yavanna crochet vest worn over a asian print silk blouse.

Inspiration and Design

Which Lord of the Rings (LOFTR) Character are you? Me? I’m a hobbit. I firmly believe is Breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies, and afternoon tea. Sadly, I’m not much of a dinner, supper person but can certainly see it’s appeal for our hobbit friends.

Truth be told, I have no green thumb whatsoever, but it’s something I continually strive towards. Other hobbit things I admire are, their appreciation of tea’s and snacks, and of course their lovely cottage core fashions. Corset style vest, poofy skirt, ruffle top, what’s not to love?!

So when wecrochet put out a call for vests as part of their IDP (independent designer program) I had a plan. Luckily, they were in accord with my vision.

Construction of the Yavanna Crochet Vest

The Yavanna crochet vest is of simple construction. Crocheted in two panels with minimal shaping, it offers plenty of customizing opportunities. Of course, no pattern would be complete without some cheeky details.

  • A crab stitch border all around the vest is a nod to the braided cord sometimes found on corsets.
  • V-shape in the top back panel for some extra classy-ness.

And of course, the yarn choice…

The yarn

In keeping with the hobbit cottage theme, the vest is crocheted using a tweed yarn. Specifically, City tweed dk from Wecrochet. It’s a lovely blend of Merino wool, superfine Alpaca and Donegal tweed.

The tweed accounts for the neps and loftier part of the yarn. The alpaca provides a nice sheen and halo, as well as extra warmth. All in all it’s a luxurious yet hardy yarn blend which in my opinion is all things hobbit and cottage core. Of course, we can’t leave out how absolutely cozy and huggable the yarn is.

At 123 yds in 50 grams the yarn in on the heavier dk range. However, if you are all about stash busting, a sport weight yarn held together with a lace-weight wool is perfectly serviceable and will produce a lovely marbled effect.


As told by the lovely people at wecrochet:
A corset inspired vest, Yavanna is the perfect layering piece for blouses, dresses, or just on it’s own. Worked in 2 pannels and seamed together, it is easy to add length for your preferred fit. The simple stitches makes this the perfect project for crocheters wanting to learn to make garments! The pdf pattern comes in 10 sizes and includes a video help link.

the making of the yavanna crochet vest.

How to: Yavanna Crochet Vest

  • 130(145,165,185,210) 245(257,280,295,307)g of City Tweed DK 55/25/20 Merino/ Superfine Alpaca/Donegal Tweed / 123yds in 50g
  • 3(3,4,4,5) 5(6,6,6,7) balls of City Tweed DK / 50g balls
  • Hook Size: 3.75mm or size needed for gauge. I used a Furls Odyssey.
  • Measuring tape, stitch markers, scissors, yarn needle.

Gauge: 13 sts x 6 rows = 4×4” of Ldc with a 3.75mm hook after blocking.


given in inches, after blocking. There are 10 sizes, please use the slide bar to see remaining sizes.

Total Length181818.2518.2519.2520.520.520.52121.25
Side Seam9.59.59.759.759.7510.510.510.510.510.75

  • Yavanna vest is worked in two separate panels. Then, stitches are picked up for the upper back panel and the straps.
  • For the body panel (both front and back) the rows will denote width.
  • Turning ch1 does not count as a stitch.
  • Keep in mind that any changes to the pattern will affect yarn amounts.
  • For a longer vest, make a longer foundation row.
  • x # sc means make x # of sc.
Stitches and Abbreviations
  • Fdc: Foundation double crochet
  • sc: single crochet
  • sl st: Slip stitch
  • Ldc: Linked double crochet – Insert hook from top to bottom into the horizontal bar of the previous stitch, yo, draw up a loop, insert your hook into the next stitch and work your dc as normal.
  • rsc: reverse single crochet also known as crab stitch.
  • dec – decrease (invisible decrease used)/ dec(dc) refers to double crochet decrease. dec(Ldc) refers to linked double crochet decrease.
  • Sk: skip
  • Rnd: round
  • beg: beginning
Main Body Panel (make 2)
  • Fdc 31(31,32,32,32) 34(34,34,34,35), ch1 and turn.
  • Row1 (WS): dc, Ldc to end of row, ch1 and turn. 31(31,32,32,32) 34(34,34,34,35)
  • Rows2 to 23(26,27,30,33) 36(38,40,42,43): repeat row 1.
  • Turn your work 90 degrees and work 45(51,53,59,65) 71(75,79,83,85) sc, ch1 turn. NOTE work 1sc in the first and last row and 2sc in the rows in between.
Yavanna Crochet Vest Strap 1.
Front Strap 1
  • RS facing.
  • Set up: sl st 6(7,7,9,9)10(10,11,11,12).
  • Row 1: sc in next stitch, 7(6,6,7,8) 8(10,11,11,11)sc, ch1 and turn. 7(7,7,8,9) 9(11,12,12.12)sc
  • Row 2: dc, 6(6,6,7,8) 8(10,11,11,11) Ldc, ch1 and turn.
  • Rows 3 to 10(10,11,12,13) 14(14,15,15,15): repeat row 2.
  • Cut yarn and fasten off leaving a long tail.
Front Strap 2
  • Attach yarn 14(14,14,17,18) 19(21,23,23,24) stitches away from left edge.
  • Row 1: sc in next 8(7,7,8,9) 9(11,12,12,12), leave remaining stitches blank.
  • After you complete row 1, work as front strap 1.

Back panel

  • Row 1: sl st 5(6,7,9,9) 10(10,11,11,12), dc in next stitch, Ldc to 5(6,7,9,9) 10(10,11,11,12) from end of row. Leave these stitches blank, ch1 and turn. 35(39,39,41,47) 51(55,57,61,61)
  • Row 2 and 3: Sk1, dc, Ldc to 2 stitches before end of row, dec, ch1 and turn. 31(35,35,37,43) 47(51,53,57,57)
  • Rows 4 to 9: dc, Ldc to end of row, ch1 and turn.
Top back side 1
  • Mark middle back stitch
  • Row10 (WS): dc, Ldc to 2 stitches before the marked stitch, dec(Ldc), ch1 and turn.
  • Row11: sk1, dc, sk1, Ldc to end, ch1 and turn.
  • Row12: dc, Ldc to 4 stitches before the end, 2dec(Ldc), ch1 and turn.
  • Row13: repeat row 11

Size 1
Row14: 8sc, cut yarn and fasten off.
Size(2,3,4) ONLY
Row14: 7(7,8)sc, leave remaining sc unworked, cut yarn and fasten off
Sizes 5
Row14: Repeat row 12.
Row15: 9sc, cut yarn and fasten off
Sizes 6(7,8)
Row14: repeat row 12
Row15: repeat row 13
Next row: work 9(11,12)sc, cut yarn
Sizes 9(10)
Row14: repeat row 12
Row15: repeat row 13
Row16: repeat row 12
Next work 12(12)sc, cut yarn and fasten off.

Top back side 2
  • Attach yarn to the left of marked stitch, ch1.
  • Row1: dec(dc), sk1, Ldc to end, ch1 and turn.
  • Row2: dc, Ldc to 4 stitches before end of row, 2dec(Ldc), ch1 and turn.
  • Row3: sk1, dc, sk1, Ldc to end, ch1 and turn.
  • Row4: repeat row 2

Ok! you are almost there. We are now just going to continue on row 5 with the size we chose.

Sizes 1
Row 5: 7sc, cut yarn and fasten off.
(2,3,4) ONLY
Row 5: sk2, 7(7,8)sc, cut yarn and fasten off
Sizes 5
Row 5: Repeat row 2.
Row 6: 9sc, cut yarn and fasten off
Sizes 6(7,8)
Row 5: repeat row 2
Row 6: repeat row 3
Next: work 9(11,12)sc, cut yarn
Sizes 9(10)
Row 5: repeat row 2
Row 6: repeat row 3
Next work 12(12)sc, cut yarn and fasten off.


With right sides facing, seam sides using whip stitch and shoulder using sl st.

After seaming your garment, it’s the perfect time to try one your Yavanna crochet vest.

Now that you are happy with the fit of your vest, it’s time to continue on with the borders. Seriously, make sure you are happy with the item before adding the crab stitch border.

Bottom Border

Turn work right side out.
Attach yarn at the side of the garment,
Rnd1: sc 90(102,106,118,130) 142(150,158,166,170), sl st to join.
Rnd2: rsc to end, cut yarn and fasten off.

Armhole Border (make 2)
Attach yarn to the bottom of the armhole, 1rsc in each stitch of the bottom, 2rsc when working in the rows.
Back and front border
Attach yarn at top back and work your way around making 2rsc in the rows, and 1rsc in the front stitches.

Well, that is it! You are now the proud owner of a crochet vest! I’m so thrilled to have been a part of this journey.

Tag your finished item : #yavannacrochetvest

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