The Ginkgo leaf coaster involves a bit of sewing, crochet, and some fun.



Motivation is fluctuating, some days I’m an unstoppable force of creative messes and others, I don’t even want to get out of bed. At the risk of sounding like a Harry Styles song, It’s a sign of the times, all the emotions that are present. Imma say it, all the politics locally and world wide have me feeling defeated. I know I’m not alone.

To start slowly building myself back up again, I decided to work on a small crochet project. Completing small projects, like this ginkgo leaf coaster, helps to bring the feeling of control and accomplishment back to my life. To do this, I of course turned to my daily ritual of iced-tea (for the summer) and crochet.

Instead of working on a design, of which I have 5 on the go, I decided to make a crochet ginkgo leaf from Moara crochet. One, turned to two, which turned to three, which I wanted to turn into six. Unfortunately, I ran out of my scrappy yarn. Nonetheless, It was so gratifying to finish these lovely crochet pieces.

Which of course meant I had to turn the ginkgo leaf into something special.

The pattern:

You can find the crochet ginkgo leaf pattern on Moara Crochet’s YouTube channel. I used some leftover Lionbrand Cotton Bamboo yarn and a 3.5mm hook to crochet my lovely leafs. Originally, I was going to use them as coasters, but I didn’t crochet them big enough. My ginkgo leaf was 4” wide and 2” tall.

But what if I used them as a motif to add to a sewn coaster. Can we agree that coasters are always a lovely idea? They keep our furniture clean, they elevate beverage pictures and they make excellent gifts. Right? If you prefer crochet coasters, I adapted this placemat pattern to work as one.

The process for the ginkgo leaf coaster:

Anyway, for the ginkgo leaf coaster I pulled out my bag of scraps and put together fabrics to sew a into a 7” x 6” rectangle.

To make life simple, I made an envelope back for the coasters by cutting a piece of fabric that was at least 3” bigger on either side.

If using scraps, sew the pieces at 1/4” seam allowance to create a fabric that is 7” and 6” tall, then attached the ginkgo leaf to it.

Lay your back and front pieces right sides facing and sew around with a 1/4” seam allowance.

Turn inside out and your coaster is complete.

Two ginkgo leaf coasters

An excellent way to use scraps both from your fabric stash and your yarn stash.

If you have never sewn an envelope back before. Check out this video from Thecraftygemini


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