Inspired by both the crochet socks and a 1960’s dress, the vintage waves sweater is a top down, stash busting, striped yoke sweater.

Vintage waves sweater

Inspiration and Design


My most popular socks to date are the vintage waves socks. I’m not just saying that, Ravelry boasts 30 of these lovely crochet socks, which is amazing. While it’s been over 2 years since I published this sock pattern, I have not gotten over the beauty and simplicity of the Sc-V stitch. 

Which of course means I had to design a garment with it. This was cemented when I bought this C.1960’s dress from an Etsy seller. I mean, it really screams vintage waves. 

Because of how beautiful the stitch worked up in the round I knew I needed to continue the vintage waves tradition and brave the top down construction. 


While I have designed top down raglan and yoke sweaters for my husband, I’ve never graded one and it was intense. 

No, seriously, I almost cried several times.

For any budding designers out there, remember to add in stitch count for the sleeves when you are calculating the yoke size. Oh and if, like me, you decide to ch for the underarms, remember that those chains add extra stitches and you will then have to recalculate your yoke. Unless of course you want it that boxy. 

Have I covered all my grievances? Not nearly, but you lovely people know that I try to keep things on the not so negative side.

Yarn for the Vintage Waves Sweater

Another goal that I had with the vintage waves sweater was to stash bust, and I don’t just mean our wool stash. No, it’s not that I dislike wool, it’s that I live in Florida and when I’m not in Florida I’m typically in Puerto Rico. Which, in case you were wondering, is NOT a wool friendly environment. 

To put it simply, in puertorican summers you develop and extra layer of skin that is pure humidity driven sweat. 

Weather concerns aside, I have quite a bit of fingering/sport weight cotton in my collection as well. 


Use both wool and cotton in this sweater to make it 70 degree weather friendly. 

For the main color I decided to use Drops Safran, yes you’ve seen me use this before, namely for one Fallalery top. I bought a lot of it ok… Drops Safran is a 100% Egyptian cotton with (insert yardage here) Because it’s a combed cotton, Drops Safran gives a lovely stitch definition. 

To make up for cotton’s lack of drape I paired it with a 100% Sport weight Variegated Merino wool. Admittedly, while I  don’t have an overwhelming amount of it in my stash, I had enough to crochet 1.5 versions of this sweater. 

If you don’t have either of these yarns available, I would suggest combining Lionbrand Oh baby organic cotton with Patons Kroy Sock, or another lofty sock yarn. I used this combination for the third and most fall like rendition of the Vintage Waves Sweater.


Do you also dream of using the fibers you have carefully curated over the years? Then look no further than the Vintage Waves Sweater. Vintage Waves is a top down circular yoke sweater designed for comfort and stash busting in mind. Not only will you walk away with a new top, but also with the immense satisfaction of having used stash yarn to breathe life and memories into a new garment. 

And hey, if you had to purchase some yarn to make the sweater, It was in your stash and you used it. I’m not here to judge your craft, I’m here to hopefully inspire you. Let your color choices shine with this simple stitch.

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Vintage Waves Sweater


  • 115 (135,150,180) 205(235,250,265,285)g of Drops Safran / 175 yds in 50g / 100% Egyptian Cotton (Sport ) * aff link
  • 115 (135,150,180) 205(235,250,265,285)g of Sport Weight Merino Wool / 328 yds in 100g
  • Hook Sizes *aff links
  • Tape measure
  • yarn needle * aff link

Sample: Made in size 1
Model Size: 33” bust / 29” waist / 5’7 height.

  • done in Sc V pattern (changing color every round
  • 16 sts (8 Sc V’s) x 15 rnds = 4 x 4” completed with a 4mm hook.
  • It’s recommended to complete a swatch larger than 4” for more accurate results.
  • If you cannot match gauge please be aware that your the given measurements for size will change.
  • swatch was layed flat to dry.
Sleeve area131515.5171921.52325.525.5
armhole depth77.7588.599.5101010
Stitches and Abbreviations

Ch: chain
sl st: slip stitch
Fsc: foundation single crochet
sc: single crochet
sc2inc: single crochet increase
sc2dec: single crochet decrease
inc: increase
Pm: place marker
Rm: replace marker

st(s): stitches

Special stitches:

Sc V: even multiples
[Sc, ch2, sc] in each ch2 space from the previous rnd.


  • Yarn choices: you can work the sweater in fingering weight yarn as well. The autumnal version has been worked in Lion Brand Baby Organic Cotton and Patons Kroy sock. The latter is a lofty fingering weight yarn at 332 yds in 100g.
  • Sl st does not count as a stitch.
  • For inc rnd’s we work the sc’s in sc, unless otherwise stated.
  • After the short rows, we change color every round.
  • If you add length to the body or make longer sleeves, your yarn amounts will change.
  • Sweater is constructed top down in continuous rnds. Then we separate the torso and sleeves. Continue working on the body and then we attach yarn to work on the sleeves.
  • The short rows are the only part of the sweater not worked in a continuous round.

Paid PDF includes video help on page 7


With 3.75mm hook and main color

Sizes 1-3: 90 Fsc
Sizes 4-9: 100 Fsc

Join with a sl st to the first st made. PM. Switch to 4mm hook, ch1.

Rnd’s1 and 2: Sc

If you don’t wish to make short rows, skip ahead to the yoke portion of the sweater.

Short Rows
  1. 19 Sc, sl st, ch1, turn, sc to marker. Sc in marked st, sc 19, sl st ch1, turn, sc to marker.
  2. Sc in marked st (rm), sc 23, sl st, ch1, turn, sc to marker. Sc in marked st, sc 24, sl st, ch1, turn, sc to marker.
  3. Sc in marked st (rm), sc 28, sl st, ch1, turn, sc to marker, Sc in marked st, sc 29, sl st, ch1, turn, sc to marker.

Before completing the last st, switch to your CC. you should have the same number of sts as your starting row. 


Rnd1 :  *Sc,ch2,sc in same st, sk 1; rep from * to end of rnd. We end on a sk stitch.  (Sizes 1-3: 45 Sc V’s / Sizes 4-9: 50 Sc V’s)
Rnd2: Sc V.
Rnd3 (inc rnd): *Sc 4, sc2inc; rep from * to end of rnd. (Sizes 1-3: 108 sc  / Sizes 4-9: 120 sc) 

Rnd4: rep rnd 1.
Rnd’s5 – 6: rep rnd 2.
Rnd7 (inc rnd)
    Size 1 – 2: *Sc 2, sc2inc; rep from * to end of rnd (144)
    Sizes 3 – 9: Sc in each sc and ch2 space. Size 3 (162) Sizes 4-9 (180) 
Rnd8: rep rnd 1.
Rnd’s9 – 12: rep rnd 2.
Rnd13 (inc rnd)
Size 1 – 2: *Sc 3, sc2inc; rep from * to end of rnd. 180
Size 3: *Sc 8, sc2inc; rep from * to end or rnd. 180
Size 4: *Sc 5, sc2inc; rep from * to end of rnd. 210
Sizes 5-6: *Sc 4, sc2inc; rep from * to end of rnd. 216
Sizes 7-8: *Sc 2, sc2inc; rep from * to end of rnd 240
Size 9: Sc in each sc and ch2 space. 270

Rnd14: rep rnd 1.

End of inc rnd’s for size 1, continue in Sc V pattern until rnd 25.
vintage waves sweater Version I in the making

Rnd15 – 22: rep rnd 2.

Rnd23 (inc rnd)
    Size 2(4): *Sc 14, sc2inc; rep from * to end of rnd. 192(224)
    Sizes 3: Sc 8, sc2inc; rep from * to end of rnd. 200
Size 5 and 7: *Sc 5, sc2inc; rep from * to end of rnd. 252(280)
Sizes 6 and 8: *Sc 3, sc2inc; rep from * to end of rnd. 270(300)
Size 9: *Sc 4, sc2inc; rep from * rep from * to end of rnd. 324

Rnd24: Rep rnd 1.

End of inc rnd’s for size 2(3,4,5), continue in Sc V pattern until rnd’s 29(30,32,34)

For sizes 6(7,8,9) continue in Sc V pattern until rnd 28.

Rnd29 (inc rnd)
    Size 6 and 9: * Sc 26, sc2inc; rep from * to end of rnd. 280(336)
    Size 7: *Sc 13, sc2inc; rep from * to end of rnd. 300
    Size 8: *Sc 14, sc2inc; rep from * to end of rnd. 320

Rnd30: Rep rnd 1

Sizes 6 (7,8,9) continue in Sc V until rnd 36(38,38,39)

Here we reach the end of The Vintage Waves Sweater part 1. Tune in next week (Saturday) for part 2 where we will separate for the sleeves.

Part 2

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  1. beautiful! will definitely give this one a shot – I purchased a random lot of sock yarn and this will be a PERFECT way to use it! Will the pdf be available soon?

    1. Hi Nancy!
      Thank you so much for your comment! I can’t wait to see your color combinations. The pdf is available via Ravelry. You can click the Blue PDF button and it will take you there.

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