In this Las Nubes Top part 3 we tackle the sleeves and the Reverse Raglan portion of the top.

Let’s recap our Las Nubes Top Part 3 adventure. In part 1 of the las nubes top we read all about our gaue, sizes and yarn requirements. We also started the first 12 rounds of the bottom border. In part two we continued with rounds 13 to 40 of said top. And now in part 3 we are going to work our sleeve and the reverse raglan.

Perhaps we should go back and review the construction for this Las Nubes Top part 3? Las Nubes is a bottom up construction. We work in the round and after we work our sleeves separate from the body we attach them to the body working the reverse raglan technique. 

In this technique we decrease at 4 points instead of increasing at 4 points. I think it’s one of those techniques that after you work it once you will have the confidence to work it again and again. 

Let’s get into our pattern proper.

Las Nubes Part 3


Important! – Mark the sides of your garment, use the first stitch (the stitch you joined into) as yourstarting point and count 7 (9, 10, 12), 12(13,13,14,14) stitches to the left, place a
stitch marker on this 7th (9, 10, 12), 12(13,13,14,14) stitch , count 7 (9, 10, 12), 12(13,13,14,14) stitches to the right and place stitch marker on this 7(9, 10, 12), 12(13,13,14,14)stitch.

LEAVE THESE 7 (9, 10, 12), 12(13,13,14,14) STITCHES FROM ROUND 40 UNWORKED (this is the join side). We should have a total of 15 ( 19,21,25) 25(27,27,29,29) stitches that we will use to attach our sleeve. Fold the garment in half and mark
corresponding stitches on the other side.

I know that this might seem confusing, but try it out, if you need a guiding hand, the paid for pdf of the pattern includes the second half of the video tutorial.

Or, this video also includes a visual explanation.

Sleeves Part 1

Using a new ball of yarn Chain 65 (68,70,72) 75(77,79,83,83) Slip Stitch to the first st to
join. Complete 3 rounds of ext-sc. Cut yarn and fasten off.

NOTE: To join the sleeve we will use the same number of marked stitches from the body.

  1. we will use 15 of the 65 stitches to join the sleeve to our body.
  2. 19 of the 68 sts
  3. 21 of the 70
  4. 25 of the 72
  5. 25 of the 75
  6. 27 of the 77
  7. 27 of the 79
  8. 29 of the 83
  9. 29 of the 83

Round 41 – For added texture, [ Place wrong side of sleeve to right side of garment, align 15
(19,21,25) 25(27,27,29,29) stitches of the sleeve to the 15 (19,21,25) 25(27,27,29,29) stitches
marked on the body. Use the stitch marker to hold the sleeve to the body. For the moment we will ignore these 15 (19,21,25) 25(27,27,29,29) stitches.]

We will now continue crocheting in spiral. * 1 sc on the first sleeve stitch (the st right after the marker), pm, 1 ext-sc in each rem sleeve st, 1 sc on the first stitch of the body, pm.* 1 ext-sc in
each stitch until you come upon the next marker. Attach the remaining sleeve following the
instructions in [ above] and repeat from * to * for this sleeve. 1 ext-sc in each stitch stopping 2 stitches before the marker.

Yoke st count194246262274292309324346363


Once we complete we will now start our reverse raglan shaping, instead of increasing at 4 points to create our yoke and armhole opening, we will be decreasing in 4 points. These 4 points are where the sleeve meets the body, we will sc2tog from the body and sc2tog from the sleeve.

So, for each decrease round we will have decreased a total of 8 stitches. Yes, you read that right. Instead of decreasing in ext-sc we will decrease using the normal sc decrease method.

Round 42 –

All sizes except size 9 (size 9 skip to your size section). Ext-sc, in each st, remember to
replace your stitch markers, stop 1 st before the marker.

Round 43 – decrease round – *sc2tog (using the st before the marker, and the marked st) pm, sc2tog using the next two sts from the sleeve, 1ext-sc in each stitch across stopping 1 stitch before the marker, sc2tog pm (from sleeve), sc2tog (from body). 1 ext-sc in each stitch across stopping 1 st before the marker. Repeat from * to *. 1 ext-sc in each stitch across stopping 1 st before the marker.

Once again, if you have never worked the reverse raglan pattern before, you can purchase the pdf for the tutorial pertaining to the Las nubes top of you can watch this video .

After completing round 43, the instructions for yoke rounds vary for each size.

Size 1

Round’s 44 to 56 – repeat round 43. 82

Rnd’s 57 and 58 – Ext-sc in each st.

Skip to finishing the body.

Size 2

Rnd’s 44 to 58 – repeat rnd 43. 118

Size 3

Rounds 44 to 59 – repeat rnds 43
Round 60 – Ext-sc in each st.126

Size 4

Rounds 44 to 60 – repeat rnd 43. 144

Size 5

Rounds 44 to 62 – repeat rnd 43. 140

Size 6

Rnds 44 to 63 – repeat rnd 43. 149

Size 7

Rnds 44 to 65 – repeat rnd 43. 148

Size 8

Rnds 44 to 67 – repeat rnd 43.154

Size 9

Rnds 42 to 67 – repeat rnd 43. 163

Finishing the body – sl st to the first st of the rnd, and fasten off.


Sew sleeve join shut using sc, sl st, or whip st.

Round 1 – With inside of the sleeve facing you(if you went for the extra textured look when you started), attach yarn at the bottom of the sleeve and Ch1 work 1 ext-sc in each stitch around. Slip stitch to join. 65 (68,70,72) 75(77,79,83,83)

Round 2 – Ch1, ext-sc in each stitch around.

Note: Decrease rounds, to alternate the invisible decreases and make them less obvious, I divided my sleeve into 4 parts for a total of 4 decreases per round.

Round 3 (dec rnd) – We will work 1 ext-sc in the first stitch, invisible ext- sc2tog, ext-sc until you reach the side of your sleeve and invisible ext sc2tog, ext-sc until you reach the top of the sleeve and ext sc2tog, ext-sc until you are 2 stitches away from the start of the round and ex sc2tog. Join with a slip stitch to close the round. 61(64,66,68) 71(73,75,79,79)

Rnd 4 – Ch1, ext-sc in each st.

Rnd 5 to 10 – repeat rnds 3 and 4. 49(52,54,56) 59(61,63,67,67)

Rnd 11 – Ext-sc in each st, sl st to join, cut yarn and fasten off.


We have completed all the crochet for the Las Nubes Top and it is now time to wet block our blouse.

  1. Soak the garment in cool water with wool wash or hair conditioner for about 3 minutes.
  2. Gently remove it from the water and place it on a towel.
  3. Roll the towel to get as much of the excess water out of the garment as you can.
  4. Lay on blocking mats and block gently.

Not only does washing relax the stitches and stretch out the lace, but it also ensures that our garment is clean :D.

las nubes top

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