Elevate your cafe corner with the cozy cafe collection, three items that aren’t only practical but that add visual interest as well.

Cozy cafe collection

What do you enjoy crocheting?

I think you can already tell that my first crochet love is garment making. However, I appreciate and attempt crochet in all its forms.

 No, amigurumi isn’t my strong suit, I struggle with the stuffing and the faces.

Amigurumi aside, my second favorite is home decor. In my opinion it’s the best way to level up your cozy. No, seriously, if you don’t know where to start your crochet journey, start with home decor. You’ll get a feel for stitches, shapes, and color theory. 

I chose to focus my cozy efforts on my kitchen for several reasons

  1. My office is next to it, so it’s constantly in my focus
  2. I had started the kitchen crochet process with an oven mitt and a mat. They needed company.
  3. I also spend a lot of time in my kitchen, cooking, cleaning, and brewing tea so why not amp up the crochet.

And Finally, I went to instagram with a poll and the majority voted for the Cozy Cafe Collection

What’s in it

The Cozy Cafe Collection includes 3 crochet patterns that I would label as easy makes.

  1. Extra Warm Tea pot cozy – I think teapot cozy’s are an under explored shelf staple. Crochet them for every mood and season and you will never get tired of your kitchen shelves.
  2. Reversible Ruffle Coaster – Can you believe that I actually frogged this coasted back looking for the perfect stitch. What makes it reversible? Carefully weaving in your ends and well I just like the back of the split extended single crochet stitch more than the front.
  3. Tea Tray Towel – Full on alliterations with this one. I took Agnes’s Jekyll’s advice and upped my tea tray game to make it a feast for the eyes as well as the palette. 

In the future this collection will also include an apron, it’s still in the works. 

Yarn for the cozy cafe collection

Because I was going to be using several different shapes and stitches to build the Cozy Café Collection, I wanted to keep the colors neutral and cohesive. Which leads us to the yarn sponsorship for this collection. WEcrochet. We crochet has such a variety of yarn blends and colors that you are guaranteed to find a blend and color combo that works for you. As you can probably tell from my designs, I genuinely enjoy working with their yarns. 

Because this collection was intended for the kitchen I chose washable and durable yarns.

  1. Dishie
  2. Comfy Fingering
  3. Wool of the Andes

Can you guess to which projects the yarns belong too?

Extra warm teapot
Extra warm teapot cozy part of the cozy cafe collection

To keep the tea extra piping hot, first heat up enough water to pour some in your teapot, place the cozy on and wait 5 min, then you are ready to brew your tea. Yes, I used wool to crochet this cozy. The stitch definition was great but more than that my tea is now at an acceptable drinking temperature and I hope that yours will be too.

As an aside, this teapot really reminds me of Mrs. Potts from Beauty and the beast, do you see the resemblance?

You will need 100g of Wool Of the Andes worsted to crochet this one.

Measurements: To fit a standard teapot 4 cup teapot 7″ tall and 7″ wide,

Reversible Ruffle Coaster
Ruffle coaster part of the cozy cafe colleciton

I think coasters are a very used item. My one complaint, they never seem to stay clean. So I need to crochet several different sets to always have some on hand. A true hardship I know.

Is it the same at your house?

To crochet this lovely coaster you will need 1 skein of Dishie in Linen and one skein of comfy fingering in Ivory.

Measurements: 5.75″ in diameter with ruffle border


  1. Yarn held double
  2. Working in the round
  3. Increasing
Tea Tray Towel
crochet towel for the cozy cafe collection

As I’ve learned from photography, layers add visual interest to backgrounds. So why not start by building the perfect tea tray to elevate your hot beverage game?

You will need 150g of Comfy fingering in Ivory to work this squishy and absorbent towel.

Measurements: 13.25″ wide / 16″ tall after border rnds are complete.


  1. Working flat
  2. Working in the round
  3. Spike stitch

The cozy cafe collection is sure to add charm to any home. Crochet it for yours or get a head start on any gift makes with these 3 items.  

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