The much loved original Flower Duster pattern has been reworked! The Flower Duster 2023 features new instructions, new sizes and new yarn!

Flower Duster 2023 in a watercolor lily pad background

Inspiration and Design

When I first released the Flower Duster, I went very in depth behind the Design inspiration, Kimono prints. While the main inspiration hasn’t changed, I wanted to make the pattern accessible to more bodies. 

The Flower Duster 2023 is now available in 9 sizes ranging from a 33.5” bust all the way up to a 67.5” bust. Not only has the design been graded for more sizes, but it’s also been tech edited and tested.

A shout out to the ladies who donated their time and crochet skills to this endeavor. I’m very very grateful that you volunteered. I’m even more grateful that you found the pattern enjoyable and were very happy with our finished make.


Attaching the sleeve of the crochet Flower Duster 2023

While the basic construction of the pattern hasn’t changed, the flower duster 2023 has received a yarn lift. I mean that quite literally. As this duster is mainly meant to be worn in warmer months, it’s now crocheted with Cotlin DK from Wecrochet.

Cotlin dk is a cotton/linen blend yarn. No, don’t run away! This yarn is so soft and lightweight that you may want to add it as a summer staple. As a gal living in Florida I’m always thankful for “cooler” yarns. The linen in this blend adds wonderful drape and it truly makes the Flower Duster 2023 light as a feather. 

Well, not really a feather because depending on the size, we are using up to 690g of yarn. But still it’s a significantly lighter make than when I used the worsted weight cotton acrylic blend.

Changes with the Flower Duster 2023

As mentioned previously, the duster has actually been graded, we no longer just have one size in the paid for pdf, but 9 sizes. In addition to these 9 sizes, the pattern includes short row shaping to make sure that the Cardigan stays put.

Even though we are using basic stitches I would classify this pattern as an intermediate one because of the short rows. Don’t let that label put you off though because the pattern does include video help to ease your Cardigan making journey

I’m very proud to be re-releasing the Flower Duster 2023 edition and I can’t wait for you to share your makes!

Crochet Flower Duster 2023 Details


of We Crochet Cotlin DK 50g (70/30 Tanguis cotton/linen) 123 yds in 50g  
  • US (4.5mm and 4mm) Crochet hook or size needed to obtain gauge. I used a 4.5mm Clover amour hook to make the sample.
  • Yarn Needle, tape measure, scissors
  • Removable Stitch Markers
Finished Measurements after blocking
Armhole Depth7.
Sleeve length888888888

With Cotlin DK and your 4.5mm hook work FDC 19 and the flower stitch. In 4″ You should have 7 rows and 16 sts.

Flower stitch updated tutorial:


The cardigan is crocheted bottom up, then we will divide our starting panel in 3 sections. We will then have, back panel, and 2 front panels on either side of the back panel.
Sleeves are crocheted separately and then joined to the opening on the main body panel.

The pattern is written in US terms. While the stitch count given in the original flower duster pattern would still work for size 2, see table above for measurements, I would suggest purchasing the new pattern for the complete experience.

Original crochet flower duster done in a worsted weight

The instructions are written in a clearer format and as mentioned above, the pattern has now been graded and also includes a different video tutorial.

Flower duster 2023 paired with a sleeveless linen shirt and jean shorts

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