A crochet picnic top inspired by my favorite Senator Amidala dress. Well, it’s hard to choose a favorite but the picnic scene is one of my favorites.

crochet picnic top


The theme for this years #srcal2023 was Sci-Fi Romance. Although, at this point I hadn’t read any Sci-fi romance, I had seen a fair few. The first couple that popped into my head was Anakin and Padme.

Specifically the mem-able picnic scene. I freely admit that this make feels more like an ode to my love of the picnic dress, but nonetheless, I understood the assignment.

the meme
The dress

The Pattern for the Crochet Picnic Top

Because I imagine Naboo to be humid, I wanted a pattern that would evoke the weightless and gauzy look of the Picnic Dress. I found just the thing in my Ravelry Pattern Stash.

Not only does the summertime Vintage Top from Anna Meier have a corset like look, but the stitch and the bottom lace border add to the gauzy effect.

The yarn

Although the Summertime Vintage pattern is written for a cotton yarn, I didn’t really listen. Well, I didn’t listen at all really. Instead, to ensure that the top was as weightless as possible, I chose to work with fingering weight wool.

Specifically, 75/25 Superwash Merino/Nylon that I had in my stash from way back in 2018. I think the two colors I chose went really well together, and they do scream Crochet picnic top.

crochet picnic top

Both of these yarns are from a retired dyer (Emmy Couture). The green I had leftover from my Endor Moon Sock design. The other is blush pink yarn with splashes of green, yellow-green, and browns.


As mentioned, I changed the yarn base. By choosing a wool yarn I knew I had to adjust the stitch count. Luckily, the pattern does provide the multiples you need to adjust for your body.

Other than adjusting the stitch count, I also changed my hook size to 2.75mm. If I would have elected to stay with the 2.5mm hook recommended in the pattern, I could have followed size 1 instructions easily.

Not only did I change the yarn base, the hook size and the stitch count but I also elected to omit the bottom lace border. I wanted the top to have more of a corset feel to better match the picnic dress.

As the crochet picnic top was wide enough to wrap around my body, I also omitted the button band.


Overall, I’m very happy with the top that I’ve created. I know it’s one I will use again and again in the Scorching Summer. I honestly don’t feel any hotter wearing this than a cotton t-shirt.

The pattern was very easy to follow and adjust to my needs. The only thing is that I wish they would have included a model wearing the top.

crochet picnic top

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