Need a pumpkin crochet pillow in your life? I’ve got your back! Grab some Bernat Blanket Extra and let’s go

pumpkin crochet pillow

Inspiration & Design

Um, it’s september. Does one need any more inspiration than that to want to crochet some cozy decor?

Many moons ago, I attempted a crochet moss rug but didn’t like the look of it. I kept it stashed in my shame pile until 5 things happened.

  1. A friend came over and I was sorting through the crochet pumpkins I’ve made. Her partner grabbed one of the pumpkins for a squish test and determined it would make a great pillow.
  2. I received a fall themed care package from my friends @furlscrochet with the most gorgeous green yarn. 
  3. After a conversation with mom recalled that green squashes deserved attention too!
  4. Started crocheting what I hoped to turn into a cushion with a 5mm hook and 2 strands of worsted held together. 
  5. My husband saw and said, “wouldn’t that be better with a bigger yarn and hook?”


The Yarn

My crafty friends, I recalled that abandoned moss rug and that really is it, end of story.

The Bernat Blanket Extra is the perfect pillow yarn because

  1. It’s cozy
  2. comfort factor
  3. Works up quick

That’s all I got, oh and squish, did I mention squish? Though, I will say, the yarn doesn’t make it easy to distinguish stitches which is why in the tutorial I used a worsted weight yarn and a 4.5mm crochet hook.


Because the yarn tends to hide the stitches, I kept the pumpkin simple. Just like my white pumpkin pattern, this pumpkin crochet cushion works up like a ball, but flatter, so more like a donut shape. The filled ones not the holey ones.

Donuts tangents aside. I promise you’ll be able to complete your own pumpkin crochet cushion.

Full Description of Pattern

It’s time crafty friends, time to embrace the magic of autumn and crochet all the cozy into our lives. The pumpkin crochet pillow is cozy house must! Crocheted with jumbo yarn it’ll have your house saying “It’s fall Y’all” in no time at all.

Pumpkin Crochet Pillow

Skill Level

Easy, basic stitches , increases and decreases.

  • 1 ball of bernat blanket extra – Jumbo 97 yds in 300g. Color smoky green
  • small amount of contrasting yarn for the stem
  • Worsted weight yarn similar to the main color, we will use this to tie our pumpkin shape.
  • Hooks
  • pillow case
  • pillow stuffing
  • scissors, stitch markers
materials fro the pumpkin crochet pillow

not super important for this pattern.

Finished Size

8.5″ tall including the stem

40″ circumference

  • Magic ring
  • chain: ch
  • Single crochet (sc):
  • Increase (sc2inc): make 2sc in the same stitch.
  • Decrease (dec): work sc over 2 stitches.
  • Repeat (rep)
  • Alternating between sc and inc in the first stitch creates a flatter circle.
  • Use a stitch marker to mark the beginning of the round and move it up with each round.
  • You can also use a stitch market to mark your increases, make sure they are different from your beg of rnd marker.
  • We are working in a spiral. We don’t join after completing each rnd.
Let’s start our pumpkin crochet pillow
begining rounds of the pumpkin crochet pillow

Make a magic ring, ch1 to secure.

  1. 6sc in the ring.
  2. Sc2inc in each stitch (12)
  3. *Sc2inc, sc; rep from * around.
  4. *Sc2inc, 2 sc; rep from * around.
  5. *Sc2inc, 3 sc; rep from * around.
  6. *Sc2inc, 4sc; rep from * around.
  7. *Sc2inc, 5 sc; rep from * around.
  8. *Sc2inc, 6sc; rep from * around.
Body of the pumpkin

Complete 1 round of sc, no inc.

Pumpkin Decreases
  1. *Sc dec, 6 sc; rep from * around.
  2. *Sc dec, 5 sc; rep from * around.
  3. *Sc dec, 4 sc; rep from * around.
  4. *Sc dec, 3 sc; rep from * around.
  5. *Sc dec, 2 sc; rep from * around.
  6. *Sc dec, sc; rep from * around.

Now, place the pillowcase inside the pumpkin and stuff.

After you’ve stuffed the cushion as firmly as you like…

Sc dec until the beginning of rnd marker. Cut yarn and fasten off

Weave in your tail and pull tightly to close the gap.

Pumpkin Shape

Now that our crochet is complete, let’s give this donut a pumpkin shape.

Using the worsted weight yarn in a similar color to the pumpkin we will tie it following this chart.


After we finish tying our pumpkin crochet pillow, we have one more step.

To crochet the stem, Complete a slip knot, and ch 2.

Then, work 4 sc into the 2nd ch from the hook. Pm in the first sc. For the second round, work a sc in each st. Cut yarn and fasten off.

Next, grab your worsted weight yarn and sew the stem to the pumpkin.

pumpkin crochet pillow displayed on a couch in front of another white crochet pillow.

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