The Legere headband is a crochet knot headband wide enough to protect your ears from the cold.

crochet knot headband. legere headband crocheted in cotton yarn.

Inspiration & Design

The Legere headband was originally part of a 3 set commission from a February issue of Crochet Society. The theme was books and spells. Which to me can be classified as witch-core.

What springs to mind when you think witch-core? I think, potions, latin spell books, herbs, basically slow living with magic vibes. When asked to design a crochet knot headband my mind rode on the speed train to Beauty and the Beast library.

To achieve a book-like effect I went with a simple bar-like stitch. I don’t actually know the name of this stitch but I did find it in the Vogue Dictionary of crochet stitches which I’ve mentioned before on this blog.

The Yarn

I think crochet knot headbands are very versatile and can be crocheted with any yarn, but for this pattern, I recommend an Aran/Worsted weight yarn. In the crochet society box we used an Acrylic yarn, my first sample was with a Premier Acrylic Yarn that I purchased from Dollar Tree.

And finally, for the video tutorial, I used a 100% cotton yarn. I prefer the stitch definition that we get from the cotton yarn, but I also think that as long as you have negative ease the pattern will work with most yarns.

Can I make this crochet knot headband?

If you can work flat, make single crochets and front post double crochet stitches you most certainly can make this Legere headband. It’s a quick-ish make that would make a perfect gift for yourself or a friend. Crochet it in cotton and use it as part of a bath gift set. Use wool yarn and crochet a cowl to match.

Full Description of Pattern

The legere head is crocheted in rows and we later join and seam form a knot. This headband is a palette cleanser project perfect for gift sets, you can include it

Crochet Knot Headband / Legere

crochet knot headband . Side view of the legere headband
Skill Level



11 sts x 12 rows = 3.15″/8cm
measured over sc and
rib stitch

Finished Size
  • Medium – To fit head circumference of 21.75″ (55cm)
  • Large – To fit head circumference of 22.5″ (57cm)

sl st – slip stitch
ch – chain
Fpdc – front post double crochet
sc – single crochet
working in rows
working between sts
whip stitching
working flat

  • Pattern written in US terms
  • Measure from the back to make row counting easier
  • Beg 1 ch does not count as a stitch
  • To make the headband longer or shorter simply work more or fewer rows. Remember to account for stretch and extra rows for seaming knot
crochet knot headband, sewing the knot.
Crochet Legere Headband

Chain 12.

  1. (RS): Starting in 2nd ch from hook, sc across, ch1 and turn. 11 sts
  2. 11 sc, ch1 and turn.
  3. 2 sc, *1 Fpdc around sc directly below next st in Row 1, 2 sc; rep from * across, ch1 and Turn. 11 sts
  4. 11 sc, ch1 and Turn.
  5. 2 sc, *1 Fpdc around next Fpdc, 2 sc; rep from * across. Turn.

Rep rows 4–5 until there are a total of 75 (79) rows.

Once the crochet is finished we are going to join the headband and create the knot.

Crochet Knot headband

Fold last 4 rows lengthwise to have WS tog. Whip stitch these 4 rows tog. Seam will be along long edge, short edge will be folded.

Bring short ends tog to form a circle with the headband, being careful not to twist.

Place one corner of un-joined short end through the space/fold
formed by your whip stitches from the RS to the WS of the headband.

Bring the other un-joined corner under the space/fold and whip stitch the short edges together. Knot formed

Now, we can secure the knot with a couple of stitches and weave in the ends.

crochet knot headband. legere headband

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