As we tune in to our preferences our crochet must haves can change, but these are our top crochet items. Join Mindnadmusecrafts and I on this tier list.

our crochet must haves ft mindandmusecrafts and crochetcakes


At the beginning of the year I did a poll asking for video content ideas. Several of you asked for my favorite crochet tools. While I’ve been compiling a list every so often, it never felt like the right time to film it.

Enter mom’s surgery. If you follow me on instagram or Youtube, you may remember my mention that mom was scheduled for a major surgery in October. Of course, I went down to Puerto Rico and spent quite a bit of time with mom.

During this time we decided to brainstorm ideas of videos we might record together.

Our Crochet Must Haves

Tools are a matter of taste and crochet is no different. These are the things that make our crochet life easier, do you have must haves that we didn’t mention?

This post will contain affiliate links from amazon/furls/wecrochet.

Beginner Must Haves
  • ergonomic hooks – Although hook sets can get a bit pricey, they will still save you some money. Wait for a clover amour hook sale or get the crochet dot hooks a very affordable option for ergonomic crochet hooks.
    • mindandmusecrafts favorite – Tulip
    • crochetcakes favorite – Clover Amour or Furls Metal hooks (Odyssey, Streamline)
  • Wool or cotton blend yarns
    • if possible have them be chain plied (like 24/7cotton) or a knit tube (woobles or bernat maker home dec)
    • worsted/aran weight is the best to practice tension wtih.

As the list may get long, you can listen to us chat about our favorites

Current crochet must haves
notebooks are part of our crochet must haves
  1. Notebooks
    • WE like to keep written journals of our makes as well as smaller notebooks that we can put in with our project to keep track of rows, any changes we made etc.
  2. Crochet Tools
    • Notions pouch – to include
      • I like to keep assign projects to my notions pouches. Example: a notions pouch for sock making, garment making etc.
      • in it you will find, measuring tape, yarn needle, stitch marker, small scissors, pencil and small notebook.
    • Blocking mats – yes blocking is important
    • Ball Winder – can be used without the swift but if you are working with a lot of yarn that comes in hanks then we highly recommend a
    • Swift – I really like this amish swift from chiagoo. Just place it on a flat surface and you are good to go. Easy to put together and take apart.
  3. Apps/websites
    • mindandmusecrafts recommends
      • stitchfiddle
      • Davinci
      • Ravelry
    • crochetcakes recommends
      • Trello
      • Notion –

If you are brand new to crochet, perhaps you may not consider organization to be a must have. Trust us, it really is.

While an ikea like cart seems to be a staple in most crafty households, we also recommend either a shelf or curio cabinet to keep your stash and crafts organized.

Another overlooked tool – clear box with compartments. I got mine at Dollar Tree but you can also find them on amazon, walmart, etc.

Crochet Comfort
comfortable space is also a crochet must have.

Lastly, please don’t overlook your crafting comfort. It can be easy to get lost for hours in your stitches but do so from a position that does not compromise your posture.

  • Gaming pillow – if you like crocheting on the couch but find yourself with tired arms, this can help.
  • Lumbar support pillow – I mean these are great even if you are not crocheting.
  • Tiger Balm for those aches and pains from too much crochet
  • Good lighting – if your space lacks it, consider getting a neck light, I like this one from Lumos Lumos use code clarisa25 for 25% off!

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