I love the structure of a sleeve right at the shoulder, here are my tips for inserting a crochet sleeve.

tips for inserting a crochet sleeve

I want to improve my sewing just to perfect sleeve making. In the meantime let me share with you my tips for inserting a crochet sleeve. Perhaps you wouldn’t know it from my designs, but I absolutely love set in sleeves. They are simply so structured. 

With the bobble in time top pattern I had several people ask “how do I sew the sleeve” So this time when I reworked the pattern into a crop version with 0 ease, I knew I wanted to include video help for the set in sleeve.

Setting up:

After seaming the sides leave a long tail so that you can use it to sew the sleeve to the garment.

Make sure your garment is inside out, the inside of the garment should be towards you.

Have stitch markers ready.

If your sleeve cap was worked in rows, don’t join in the round, leave it flat.

I suggest blocking all your garment pieces before seaming. However, you can block your garment after it’s complete.

Tips for inserting a crochet sleeve:

  1. Insert the sleeve into the garment – we insert through the neckline making sure that the right side of our sleeve is touching the right side of the garment.
  2. On the left side Pin the first stitch from row 1 to the first underarm stitch to the left of the seam. For the right side pin the very last stitch to the right of the seam. I like to use locking stitch markers for this because they are easy to put on and off.
  1. Once the sleeve has been pinned to the bottom, find the middle stitch at the top of the sleeve cap and pin it to the shoulder seam.
  2. After placing these 3 stitch markers we are ready to start stretching out the sleeve and pin to the garment.
tips for inserting a crochet sleeve, add markers

To stretch out the left of the sleeve I like to hold the sleeve and garment together on my left hand and use my right to gently stretch out the sleeve and pin in place with more stitch markers.

For the right side of the sleeve, we hold the sleeve and garment together on our right hand and then use our left hand to gently stretch the sleeve.

Use as many stitch markers as you feel comfortable with.

Once our stitch markers are all in place, we can get started with seaming the sleeve to the garment. To complete this step you can use whichever method you prefer.

  • Single crochet join
  • Slip stitch join
  • Whip stitch join
  • Mattress stitch.

This caramelo top pattern is a redesign of the Bobble in time top.

Other crochet technique videos:

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