Keep your neck warm with this snug two color cowl. Crochet in bulky yarn or with those mini skeins you’ve been saving for 2 years.

complete two color cowl

Inspiration & Design

This cowl pattern is part of my let’s get to know the v-stitch series. While I have used the v-stitch two design two patterns, the Vintage Waves Sweater and the vintage waves socks, I had never actually done a tutorial for this stitch. Then when I was filming a tutorial I thought we needed practice projects for it. Of course, this led down the rabbit hole of stash busting, fun, cozy project that was quick and simple. For this I give you a cowl.

The Yarn

two color cowl in progress

I’ve designed this stash busting cowl to be worked up with 2 different weights of yarn. In the tutorial, we work the cowl up with Chroma twist bulky, it’s my preferred yarn in the Chroma series, not only is it a chunkier yarn so we can distinguish the stitches easier but twisting the colors creates some beautiful designs. 

For the chunky weight version of this cowl we are combining Bare as our main and gogo boots as our contrasting. Chroma twist bulky is a 70/30 wool nylon blend with some beautiful fade colors to choose from. 

For the fingering weight version of this cowl I used Hawthorne Fingering in Panettone speckle (Psst the aff link takes you to knitpicks, the yarn is currently 20% off until January 31st.) I had 95g left over from making the eat cake sweater and I was waiting for the right moment. I paired this with some minis that were a gift from Anna of Stitchcraft and wizardry.

Can I make this two color cowl?

Whether you choose to work with bulky weight yarn or fingering weight yarn this cowl construction is simple. We crochet our project in continuous rounds to make it easy to change color at the end of every round. 

We start with foundation single crochet stitches and work our way up doing as many rounds of the v-stitch as we choose.

Full Description of Pattern

This one wrap two color cowl is a great way to use up the leftover scraps. You can even use those mini skeins that are still patiently waiting for their forever home. Make it in bulky weight for ultimate coziness or in fingering weight for a touch of warmth without the weight.

Two color Cowl

Below you will find all the information on the bulky weight version the fingering weight one will be written below.

Materials for Bulky Weight Version
Chroma twist bulky all caked up to start the two color cowl.

V-stitch in the round completed with a 7mm crochet hook and measured over 4″ = 5 full v-stitches (10 sc) x 10 rows

Finished Size

6.75″ tall and 10.75″ wide measured flat

  • Fsc: foundation single crochet
  • ch: chain
  • sk: skip
  • sl st: slip stitch
  • sc v-stitch: single crochet v-stitch
  • MC: main color
  • CC: contrasting color
Special Sts

single crochet v-stitch : work [sc, ch2, sc] all in the same space.

  • Beg ch does not count as a st
  • we will be working in continuous rounds
  • we will be changing colors at the end of every round by completing the last sc of the round with the new color.
Instructions for the two color cowl

With your 7mm crochet hook and MC Fsc 54, sl st to the first foundation st to join in the round. ch1 with the CC.

Round 1: *Sc v-stitch, sk1, rep from * around. Yes, we will end on a sk 1. Don’t forget to change to your MC.

Round 2: Sc v-stitch in each ch 2 space. Remember we are not joining at the end of the round just changing colors.

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Continue repeating round 2 (remember to change color at the end of every round ) until you have completed 15 rounds.

Now, switch to your MC, we are going to “bind off” by working 54 sc around. We can distribute these by working a sc in the ch 2 space and a sc between the v-stitches.

Once your sc’s are complete, cut yarn and fasten off. Don’t forget to give your cowl a bath and lay flat to dry.

For the Fingering weight version

Materials for Fingering Weight Version

V-stitch in the round completed with a 3.5mm crochet hook and measured over 4″ = 10 full v-stitches x 18 rows

Finished Size

8″ tall and 11.5″ wide measured flat

The only difference between this cowl and the bulky is the number of sts we start with as well as the number of rounds we will complete.

Working with our MC and our 3.5mm hook, Fsc 110. Repeat round 1 from the bulky weight version. After we repeat round 2 until we have completed a total of 42 rounds.

There we have it!

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