Let’s take a walk down stress free lane and crochet a Galentines Vest using Red Heart Granny Square yarn. I bought the color hot stuff.

A complete galentines vest using Red Heart Granny square yarn.

Inspiration & Design

This vest started because mom and I wanted to try the Red heart Granny Square Yarn. If you want to hear our thoughts on this Yarn you can check out our last video of 2023 . We had a lot of fun recording it and of course trying the yarn.

While the yarn ball includes a granny vest pattern, I didn’t want mine to have such a square neck, or to be all granny squares. I was thinking more like this.

Mom was gifted this Lucky Brand vest because it featured crochet granny squares.

The Yarn for the Galentines Vest

Other than the Red Heart Granny Square Yarn I also used 1.25 skeins of Big Twist in the Color Denim. I feel that these two brands played well together. They were both soft for an acrylic yarn. However, Big twist Denim, at least the skeins I got were more even toned than the Red Heart Granny square yarn.

Can I make this?

I feel certain that you can! You don’t have to include knit details like I did, just crochet some squares and make yourself a Galentine Vest

Full Description of Project

A fun flirty vest that is made by combining granny squares and granny stitches.

Galentines Vest

Skill Level – Advanced Beginner

Other than the above mentioned yarns I also used, a 5 and a 5.5mm crochet hook, (aff link) stitch markers, scissors and yarn needles for weaving in ends.

Finished Size
  • 20″ from front rib to bottom rib (front panel)
  • 18″ wide
  • 10″ for the armhole opening
  • sc- single crochet
  • ch – chain
  • sts – stitches
  • dec – decrease
  • Vest is constructed in panels and then seamed.
  • To crochet my granny squares I do not ch1 between each granny cluster.
Galentines Vest front seamed with sc stitches.
Galentines Vest

For the front panel I crocheted 9 granny squares and 2 granny triangles. As for my granny square construction. I start by doing a ½ corner, don’t ch1 between my clusters, to complete my rounds I join with a sc to the first dc st. By doing this we can start our rounds in a corner of the granny square.

To join all the squares I used the 5.5mm crochet hook and Denim. I opted for a visible sc join to include some of the contrasting color around the actual squares.

After weaving in ends, yes I wove them in. I was ready for the Back Panel.

Back Panel
Back of the galentines crochet vest done in granny stitch  and denim color

I used Denim and started out with a 5.5mm crochet hook. I did 57 fsc then I followed Claire’s, of crochet with Claire, Granny stripe blanket tutorial. The width of the back panel was 19”.

I worked 28 rows with the 5.5mm crochet hook then switched to a 5mm crochet hook. For row 32 I completed 2 dec in granny stitch.

Row 33: no decreases

Row 34: 1 dec at the midback.

I crocheted a total of 40 rows for the back panel. I finished on the left shoulder when worn side.


Because I did the granny triangles, I only really had the last cluster to use as a join.

I joined using sc to 4 dc, then I used the post of the last st to make the last sc to join the front and back panel. Then, I worked down the front neckline by doing a * granny stitch in the pinkish red row, dec over red-orange and the lanvander row, granny stitch in both wine rows, then a dec over lavender and red, slipped the pinky orange row and worked a granny cluster in the white block. *

neckline of the galentines crochet vest

I repeated the instructions between the * for the remaining neckline. These decreases made the neckline come in and round out.

After joining the remaining shoulder, cut yarn and fasten off. I joined at the mid back two complete 2 more rounds of granny stitches.

Once the crochet neckline was complete, I picked up stitches around the neckline using my 5mm needles and completed 4 rounds of 1×1 twisted rib. You can of course simply do crochet rib but I wanted the contrast of knit and crochet.

Seaming the sides and the armhole.

Again I repeated the sc join leaving 10” of the vest without seaming for our armhole.  This time the panels were right side facing so that my seam was on the inside of the garment. Then I sc around the armhole working 1 sc for each dc stitch and 2sc for each dc post on the back. After completing the sc, I picked up 6 more loops than stitches and again completed a 1×1 twisted rib. I of course repeated this for the remaining armhole.

To finish off the bottom, I worked a round of granny stitches in the denim color. 

The crochet portion of the Galentines vest was complete!

Final Thoughts on the Galentines vest. 

I spoke about this in greater detail in the Youtube Video, but I’m proudest of the neckline. Going into the project I was unsure how I would achieve a rounded neckline with the 6×6 granny squares, but fellow crafty humans am thrilled that it worked out in the end. 

Things I would change. Picking up less stitches in the neckline. Because I completed short row shaping rows for the back it added the extra fabric that I needed. I would also say that working with such a big granny square makes it challenging when arranging the vest, but you could always choose to omit colors from the repeat and work a 4×4 granny to add width so the sides and help shape the neckline.

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