The final installment in our learn the sc V-stitch series is this Sc V stitch Raglan Top . In part 1 we will work the yoke of this crochet top.

working the yoke for the Sc v stitch Raglan Top

Inspiration & Design

In the v- stitch series we’ve covered how to crochet the v-stitch flat and in the round. Not only did we learn the single crochet v-stitch but we’ve also completed a practice for the v-stitch in the round. Which leaves us with a sc-v stitch increase practice. I toyed with several design ideas but ultimately, I wanted something that was relatively easy to keep track of. Which of course means that my mind went to a garment.

The first garment I ever crocheted was a Raglan Yoke Sweater and I loved the ease of just having to increase in 4 points. Easy to keep track of and let’s you really practice a stitch. Perhaps then it’s no surprise that for our practice I chose to design a Single Crochet V-stitch Raglan Top.

Because there are various ways to crochet a Raglan, one of which we’ve covered, I want to specify that we will be working a top down Raglan Sweater.

I find that this sweater construction really is the most forgiving in terms of necklines and yarn choices

The Yarn

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When I first dreamed up this v-stitch series, I knew that I wanted the end game to be a fingering weight top. As lovely as other yarn weights are, I feel that as a Girl living in Florida I need things to be lightweight. Because of my location I chose to work with what I consider to be the most perfect Yarn – House Elf Liberty Base from Anna of Stitch Craft and Wizardry. 

This base is just absolutely gorgeously plump. Bonus she dyes in extremely attractive and bright colors.  However, just because I chose to work with a hand dyed fingering weight wool, this does not mean that the stitch counts calculated won’t work with other yarn weights or blends.

For example, in the video I work with a heavy worsted yarn and a 6mm crochet hook. This combination is possible by using the smallest neckline provided.

Can I make this?

Yes you can absolutely crochet this top. Because we are increasing I’, classifying this top as advanced beginner but in this series we have learned all the tools necessary to crochet our V-stitch Raglan Top.

Construction of the Sc V stitch Raglan top

As mentioned previously the Single Crochet V-stitch Raglan Top (mouthful I know) is crocheted Top Down. From the neckline we start increasing until we reach our desired armhole depth, then we split for the sleeves and continue working the sleeves and the body separately. We will crochet the body until we’ve completed 7.5 – 8” of crochet after the sleeves, which means we are going for a cropped length.

Sc V stitch Raglan

Skill Level – Advanced Beginner

we will be working a variation of the v-stitch and increasing in the Raglan construction


Yarn needle, tape measure, scissor, at least 5 stitch markers

You will of course need yarn and a corresponding hook size. For the tutorial I’m using a heavy worsted weight yarn and a 6mm crochet hook. However, I’m crocheting my sample in a fingering weight yarn with a 3.75mm crochet hook.

YarnSuggested hook for foundation rowSuggested hook for the rest Suggested Yarn Amount for cropped length for a 34” bust
Worsted5.5 6mm300 g
Dk Weight4 mm4.5 mm 250g
Fingering Weight3.5 mm3.75 mm 175 to 200 g 

If you are making this in fingering of sport weight you can refer to the yarn quantities for the Vintage Waves Sweater.


8 scv’s and 17 rows – unblocked worked flat using fingering weight yarn and a 3.75mm crochet hook

Finished Size

In the table below we have the calculated st counts and the neckline for fingering weight yarn before adding a rib.

NecklineFoundation sc
21” 84
Yarn WeightNecklineFoundation Sc
Dk weight19”72
  • Ch- chain
  • Sc – single crochet
  • Fsc – foundation single crochet
  • Inc – increase
  • PM – place marker
  • Sc V – single crochet v stitch – work sc,ch2,sc all in the ch 2 space.
  • Rnd – round
  • Sp – space
  • ch sp – chain space
Special Sts

single crochet v-stitch, described above, or CLICK HERE for YOUTUBE TUTORIAL


This Raglan top is worked in continuous rounds, we don’t join at the end of each v-stitch round.

As we are working top down please try on your top at regular intervals to ensure best fit.

Let’s start our Raglan Top

With our smaller hook size and chosen yarn, work your desired neckline stitches. Fold your foundation row in half, and join with a sl st to the first foundation st. We have now joined in the round. 

Round 1

we are working Sc V’s around,

For 64 st count – work 6 scv’s PM in the 6th v made, 5 sc V PM in the 5th V, 11 V’s, PM in the 11th V, 5 sc V,  PM in the 5th V, 5 sc V’s. You can place a marker in the first V of the round to mark the beg of the rnd. 32 V’s

The markers denote the corners where our increases will go. So for this stitch count we have 5 sc V’s (first half of the back), corner, 4 Sc V,(right shoulder when worn)  corner , 10 Sc V’s (front neckline), corner, 4 Sc V, (left shoulder when worn) corner, 5 sc V’s remaining half of the back.

For the 72 st count – work 7 scv’s PM in the 7th v made, 5 sc V PM in the 5th V, 13 V’s, PM in the 13th V, 5 sc V,  PM in the 5th V, 6 sc V’s. You can place a marker in the first V of the round to mark the beg of the rnd. 36 V’s

After completing out round we should have 6 sc V’s, corner, 4sc V’s corner, corner, 12 sc V’s, corner, 4 sc V’s, corner, 6 sc V’s.

84 sts – 8 sc V’s, PM in the 8th V, 6 sc V’s, PM in the 6th V, 15 sc V’s, PM in the 15th V, 6 sc V’s, PM in the 6th V, 7 sc V’s. 42 sc V’s

92 sts – 9 sc V’s, PM in the 9th V, 6 sc V’s, PM in the 6th V, 17 sc V’s, PM in the 17th V, 6 sc V’s, PM in the 6th V, 8 sc V’s. 46 sc V’s

We will not be joining at the end of every round. Instead we will work in continuous rounds. If you want you can place a st marker to denote the beg of the round.

Rounds 2 to 4

2: * Sc V until you reach the marker, in the marked stitch work [Sc V, ch2, sc] PM in the middle sc of the cluster we just completed; rep from * until the last marker, then work Sc V until you complete the rnd.

3: Sc V to the end of the rnd, don’t remove your markers.

4: *Sc V in until marked space, Sc V in space (this will be between the Sc V’s from the previous rnd) PM in the V we just completed ; rep from * until the last marker, then work Sc V until you complete the rnd.

Repeat rounds 2 – 4 until you reach desired armhole depth. We should end on a rnd 4 repeat.

Let’s meet back here soon to complete the top!

yoke for the sc v stitch top in fingering weight yarn

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