Add cottage charm to your kitchen with the Thermal Oven mitts. Crochet these sturdy mitts with cotton yarn and a 6mm crochet hook.

Inspiration & Design

Last year, with your input, I created the cozy café collection. A crochet collection for your own cozy in house café. I absolutely loved creating the collection but I just never stopped thinking “what else I could include?”. The answer is plenty more, a microwave bowl, an oven mitt, an apron, Tea pot coaster. Honestly, the list could keep going but I didn’t want to postpone it’s creation a day more. I started with the oven mitts.

While I say I didn’t want to delay creation, these oven mitts have been in the works since November 2023. I started them in Puerto RIco, right after mom’s surgery but found them too small and awkward. Yes, even for my small hands they were too small, so I set out to tweak the pattern some more.

Perhaps you’ve been an avid reader for a while and are telling me, “don’t you already have an oven mitt pattern. The answer to that is yes, while the other pattern is for tunisian crochet, I lacked  a crochet thermal oven mitt.

The Yarn

As with almost all of my kitchen makes, the thermal oven mitt is crocheted with cotton yarn. This time I chose “Peaches&Creme” because I find it to be a hardy cotton yarn which we need for extra protection.

This yarn is a 100% cotton yarn, while you can find it in variegated colors, I prefer their solid tones or their neutral speckled yarn, Oasis. Peaches&Creme comes in 70g skeins and can be purchased from many different stores including Walmart and  Joann. To crochet the thermal oven mitts I used 2 balls of Ecru for the white mitts, and 2 balls of Oasis, the neutral speckled mitts.

Can I make this Thermal Oven mitt?

If you’ve never crocheted the thermal stitch before, I got your back with a Tutorial. The thermal oven mitts are crocheted in separate panels and then seamed leaving a bottom opening to insert our hands through. Even though this is mostly a crochet project I would highly encourage you to sew a lining for these mitts to better protect your hands. Yes, even though the thermal stitch is quite thick, the seam isn’t and your thumb/hand may come into contact with hot items.

Full Description of Pattern

Add cottage/whimsical charm to your kitchen with the thermal oven mitts. They are fairly quickly to work up and use 2 simple stitches, single crochet and a variation of single crochet, sc thermal stitch. Not only are they a cinch to work up, they will use some of your 100% cotton yarn stash. I know you have some deep in there. No, just me?

Thermal Oven Mitt

Skill Level

Advanced Beginner: we are working a variation of the single crochet stitch but also increasing and decreasing in said stitch.

  • 2 70g balls of Peaches&Creme or other sturdy cotton yarn.
  • 6mm crochet hook
  • tape measure
  • needle

not crucial for the pattern but 14 sts x 21 rows of thermal st measured over 4″

Finished Size

9” Tall from wrist to tip not counting the border. Wrist 5.5” wide not counting the border. Main body of glove: 4.25” Thumb is 2” wide.


US terminology

  • ch : chain
  • Sl st: slip stitch
  • BLO: back loop only
  • Sc: single crochet
  • Fsc: foundation single crochet
  • Dec: decrease
  • PM: place marker
Special Sts

Thermal Stitch

  • Turning ch does not count as a st
  • The oven mitt is worked in panels and later seamed at the top and sides to form the oven mitt.
  • Have a paper and pen handy or a row counter app to mark the number of rows. If you wish to make the wrist section longer, add more rows before the wrist decreases.
  • BOLD numbers at the end of the row denote st counts.
Thermal Oven Mitt pattern can be purchased on Ravelry as an independant pattern or as part of the Cozy Café Collection

Thank you for spending some crafty time with me!

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