The worsted crochet sock is an easy sock pattern designed to teach you the basics of crochet socks.

Inspiration & Design

At the begginingof the year you helped me choose the projects we would work on together. One of them was a crochet sock series. While the Orchard slippers are a good introduction to sock making, I wanted to develop a worsted crochet sock pattern.

The Yarn

I wanted the sock pattern to use readily available yarn that crafters felt comfortable working with. Lionbrand Wool-Ease was my top choice, it’s readily available at big craft stores and comes in a variety of colors. In addition to it’s variety of colors it contains wool, a fiber component in most socks yarns. In this case I’m using Wool Ease Fair Isle which I saw for the first time in December.

Can I make this?

Before making a crochet sock I encourage you to read Understanding crochet socks and to view my introduction to crochet sock making video.

Full Description of Pattern

The Worsted crochet sock is an easy sock pattern to help you dip your toes into the world of sock making. To make this journey easier, we are working with a worsted weight yarn and a 5.5 mm crochet hook. The goal is to get you familiar enough with sock making so you can branch out on your own.

Worsted Crochet Sock

Skill Level

Intermediate, even though I say this is a beginner friendly pattern, crochet socks tend to be classified as intermediate, we will be increasing, decreasing, short rows, and working in the round.


unblocked – crocheted in the round using the ext-sc stitch

12 round and 13 sts in 4″

Finished Size
Sock Circumference1010.511
Toe length2.52.52.5
Foot length3.7544.5
heel turn1.7522.25
sock length88.59
leg width8.759.2510.5
To fit foot length of 9.259.7510.25

I crocheted size 2 and my measurements are as follows:

  • Length of foot – 9.75mm
  • Length of toe to pinky base – 2”
  • Foot circumference 8.75”
  • Ankle circumference – 9.5”
  • Leg circumference – 9”
  • ch – chain
  • sc – single crochet
  • sc2inc – single crochet increase: 2 sc’s in one st
  • ext-sc – extended single crochet
  • scBLO – single crochet in the back loop only
  • rem – remaining
Special Sts

Extended-single crochet


Before starting these socks I recommend that you watch my intro video on crochet socks. It will explain sock construction as well as give an overview on this tutorial. As per my usual method, we will crochet these socks toe up.

Let’s start the worsted crochet sock

Make 2 worsted weight socks following the instructions below.

Toe: worked in the round

To start: magic ring and ch1 to close

Rnd1: 8sc into the ring, tighten the ring to close.

Rnd2: sc2inc in each st around. 16

Rnd3: Ch 1 , *sc2inc, sc* repeat from * to *. 24 sc

Rnds 4 and 5 – 1 sc in every sc around. 24 sc

Round 6 – *sc2inc, 2sc* repeat from * to * around. 32 sc

Round 7 to 9 : 1 sc in every sc around. Slip stitch to join. 32sc

Size 1

Rnd10: sc in each st.

For size 2

Rnd 10: sc2inc, 16 sc, sc2inc to the end of the rnd. 34

For size 3

Rnd 10: *Sc2inc, 7 sc; rep from * to end of rnd. 36 


Work rnd of ext-sc until you reach the length stated below.

Foot length3.7544.5

There are of course different types of heels that can be worked. The simplest one I find is the short row heel. The heel is worked in rows over ½ the sock stitches. We will be using st markers to help us along.

Row 1: 15(16,17) sc, PM on the 16(17,18)th st, ch1 and turn.

Row 2: sc in each st until 1 st rem, leave last st unworked, ch1 and turn. 14(15,16)

Repeat row 2 until you have 10 (9,10) sts, ch1 and turn. We will be right side facing for size 1 and are wrong side facing for size 2.

Now we will begin the second part of the heel. We are going to be working into the skipped sts in order to connect the heel flap to the rest of the sock. The sl st’s don’t count as sts, they are a way to connect our work.

  1. 10(9,10) sc, sc in the sk st from 2 rows below, sl st in the next sk st, turn.
  2. 11(10,11) sc, sc in the sk st from 2 rows below, sl st in the next sk st, turn.
  3. Sc in each st, sc in the sl st, sl st in the next sk stitch, turn.

Repeat step 3 until all your sk sts have been sl st into. If you finish on the right side of your sock, turn and sc in each st until you reach your beg of rnd marker.


Ext-sc in each st for 5 rnds. Your stitch count should be 32(34,36).

Rnd 6: ext-sc2dec, sc to next 1 st before the marker, ext-sc2dec, ext-sc to end of rnd. 30(32,34)

Sizes 1 and 2:

Rnd 7: ext-sc in each st.

Rnd 8: Rep rnd 6. 28(30)

Rnd 9: repeat rnd 7.

Size 3

Rnds 7 – 9: ext-sc in each st.


The cuff is worked vertically in rows and sl sts are used to connect the rows to the sock.

Sc in the next st, ch6, sc 5, sl st to 2 of the leg sts, turn.

Row 1: 5 scBLO, ch1 and turn.

Row 2: 5 sc BLO, sl st to 3 leg sts, turn.

Repeat rows 1 and 2 until you have sl st to all leg sts. Next, fold the cuff so that the side edges are touching, seam to join the cuff in the rnd. 

To camouflage the seam I like to use sl st blo.

Fasten off and cut yarn, weave in all your ends. Wash and dry, block if desired.

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