Sharing the modifications I made to the Lust Sweater by Mermaidcatdesigns

Traveling and Crochet

If you are going to be stuck in a flying tube for 12 hours, what’s the first thing you pack? Your yarn project? Good, we are on the same page. But what yarn project do you take? A sock is portable so is a one skein shawl. But given that I was traveling in the summer I knew I wanted a summer adaptable project. Something just a little bit Lacey with short sleeves. While several of my designs fit the bill, i wanted to expand my horizons. Ie, I wanted to use patterns from my ravelry queue. 

Let this be my gentle reminder, check your purchased patterns you will unearth treasures from years past. 

My top two contenders for a summer friendly project were Daisy from Marie Wallin and Lust Sweater from mermaidcatdesigns. Lets just say that Marie and I have gauge issues and the box stitch pattern in the Lust sweater was too tempting

The yarn

Yonkey monkey is the perfect summer yarn. No, I’m not just saying that so you use my affiliate link. I genuinely like this yarn. Not only did I  love crocheting with it, I love how it feels against my skin, so buttery soft and silky.

Also, the drape with bamboo blend yarns is unreal. As I haven’t put my garments through the washing machine I can’t comment as to its washability, but I can say it steams wonderfully. I also love the generous yardage 231 has in 50 g, comparable with fingering weight wool.

Another bonus is that it can be purchased from amazon in 500g packs. With one pack I crocheted two garments.

Lust Sweater Modifications

While the yarn that I used is a cotton blend the bamboo in Yonkey monkey gives it a lot move drape than a cotton acrylic blend the sweater was originally designed with.

Since I wanted my lust sweater to be more summer friendly I decided to omit the rib panel and replace it with the lace repeat. I used a 3.5mm crochet hook for all of the back panel. However, for the front panel I switched to a 4mm crochet hook after the first long shell repeat worked 1 lace repeat and one shell repeat with this hook. Then, I switched back to a 3.5 mm crochet hook for the remaining rows

The other design modification were the sleeves. Long sleeves just don’t scream tropical girl summer. Whilst indoors I can be a cuddly cozy queen, however, open the doors to the outside world and hell slams in. All this to say I went with short sleeves. I picked up 65 sts around the armhole and completed one lace repeat ( 5 rows).

Pattern Review

I greatly enjoyed crocheting this tee. The stitch combinations were so beautiful

While the written pattern is easy to follow and has great step by step pictures and some modification guidelines, measurements other than bust would have been greatly appreciated. Such as, length and sleeve length, overall I’m very happy with this make. In fact I’m crocheting another one for my mom with lb collection Merino Silk cotton

My Final measurements in inches

  • 35.5 – bust (widest part)
  • 34″ waist
  • 7.75″ armhole depth
  • 7.75″ neck opening (measured flat)
  • 16.5” Measured from Neckline down
  • 19” measured from Shoulder down

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