This is me



Hello Everybody! My name is Clarisabeth, I’m the human behind the crochetcakes podcast and the Daintybycrochetcakes brand on etsy. I started my crochet crafting journey over over 10 years ago (YIKES). Before crochet I dabbled in different crafts: scrap booking, jewelry making, drawing, acrylic nails, macrame, I tried them all, and gave them up. The only one that stuck, was crochet. My love of crochet was not instantaneous, it was a slow buildup, and I do mean slow.  It took 9 years for crochet to become my full time craft but once you craft there is no going back!

I recently moved from Puerto Rico to Florida and while the airplane ride is only 2.5 hours long the transition hit hard. The move has greatly impacted my crafty life, mostly because with the move I lost my 24/7 crafting partner, my mom. Even though we talk to each other on the phone and often face time, crafting is not the same if someone is not beside you nagging you to finish a Liula stole or a pair of knit socks.