Caramelo Top

When you need a sweet little reminder that you are divinely amazing, wear this Caramelo top. Inspiration & Design En español Instead of “ it has pockets”, I feel like singing, it has bobbles! Am I ever getting over the Caramelo top texture, I don’t know. But it’s been 4 years or more. I’m not … Continue reading Caramelo Top

Tips for inserting a crochet sleeve.

I love the structure of a sleeve right at the shoulder, here are my tips for inserting a crochet sleeve. I want to improve my sewing just to perfect sleeve making. In the meantime let me share with you my tips for inserting a crochet sleeve. Perhaps you wouldn’t know it from my designs, but … Continue reading Tips for inserting a crochet sleeve.

Crochet Must Haves

As we tune in to our preferences our crochet must haves can change, but these are our top crochet items. Join Mindnadmusecrafts and I on this tier list. Inspiration At the beginning of the year I did a poll asking for video content ideas. Several of you asked for my favorite crochet tools. While I've … Continue reading Crochet Must Haves

Crochet Knot Headband

The Legere headband is a crochet knot headband wide enough to protect your ears from the cold. Inspiration & Design The Legere headband was originally part of a 3 set commission from a February issue of Crochet Society. The theme was books and spells. Which to me can be classified as witch-core. What springs to … Continue reading Crochet Knot Headband

Pumpkin Crochet Pillow

Need a pumpkin crochet pillow in your life? I’ve got your back! Grab some Bernat Blanket Extra and let’s go Inspiration & Design Um, it’s september. Does one need any more inspiration than that to want to crochet some cozy decor? Many moons ago, I attempted a crochet moss rug but didn’t like the look … Continue reading Pumpkin Crochet Pillow

Orchard Slipper / Crochet Pattern

Having cold feet isn't a problem when you can crochet the Orchard Slipper. Warm toes Revolution! Español Inspiration & Design These Orchard slippers were designed for the KnitCrate November 2022 Box. The box theme was Trees. For all the crochet socks I've designed, I had never done a crochet slipper so when the box curators … Continue reading Orchard Slipper / Crochet Pattern

Crochet Yoga Tank Top

The crochet Yoga Tank Top is my go to lounge wear. I can wear it to exercise in, pair it with overalls or a high waist skirt. However I decide to wear it I always feel confident in it. Inspiration & Design In order to feel productive in 2020, I made sure to dress the … Continue reading Crochet Yoga Tank Top

Crochet Picnic Top / SRCAL2023

A crochet picnic top inspired by my favorite Senator Amidala dress. Well, it's hard to choose a favorite but the picnic scene is one of my favorites. Inspiration The theme for this years #srcal2023 was Sci-Fi Romance. Although, at this point I hadn't read any Sci-fi romance, I had seen a fair few. The first … Continue reading Crochet Picnic Top / SRCAL2023

Flower Duster 2023

The much loved original Flower Duster pattern has been reworked! The Flower Duster 2023 features new instructions, new sizes and new yarn! Inspiration and Design Español When I first released the Flower Duster, I went very in depth behind the Design inspiration, Kimono prints. While the main inspiration hasn’t changed, I wanted to make the … Continue reading Flower Duster 2023

SC and DC Thermal Stitch

The Sc and the DC Thermal stitch are perfect for crocheting extra warm garments, home accessories or even accessories in general! There are several stitches that can be used to create a thermal stitch. Today we will be discussing single crochet and double crochet thermal stitch. As the name suggests using the Thermal stitch creates … Continue reading SC and DC Thermal Stitch