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Crochet essentials for Travel

    We have all been there, we hear the word travel and we commence with the frantic packing of crochet and yarn because we will most definitely work on all the things. Let's be real guys, how much crochet do you pack on vacation, and how often do you work on it. Through various… Continue reading Crochet essentials for Travel

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5 Ways to Get your Muse Back!

*disclaimer - this is not meant to be a health article, the ideas I share with you are what have worked for me. For the past two weeks, I've been feeling so bogged down and stressed by all the life events, house hunting, last minute wedding details, designing, that my crafting muse has all but… Continue reading 5 Ways to Get your Muse Back!

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How to crochet on a budget // Tejiendo bajo un presupuesto

Now, I know some of you are probably thinking, she is going to talk about acrylic yarns, or this sounds hard, I mean there are so many beautiful, colorful yarns that just speak to our crafty souls, how can we not give them a loving home? Well, number one, while I like using acrylic yarns… Continue reading How to crochet on a budget // Tejiendo bajo un presupuesto

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Crocheters and Knitting Socks

Hello fellow crafters! This week I want to chat a bit with you about knitting socks and some tips for how I knit my socks. Saludos a tod@s, esta semana les quiero hablar de tejer media y como yo las tejo. If you have read my blog before or if you watch my podcast you… Continue reading Crocheters and Knitting Socks

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Book Review : Crocheted Succulents

Hello Fellow crafters! I don't know about you guys, but this week has just been a rollercoaster ride of emotions, I promised myself that with this new start I would actually embrace the simple abundance journey. Boy has this been hard, but then again changing perspectives is never as easy as 1,2,3. One of the… Continue reading Book Review : Crocheted Succulents

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Tips For a Stress Free Crafty Wedding

Hello fellow Crafters! If you have been following my podcast for a while, you may remember that I am getting married in T - 50 days. Breathe, Deep Inhale, Long exhale. As a lover of many crafts and an avid crocheter, I wanted to DIY my wedding, I bet you've also had this idea. Such… Continue reading Tips For a Stress Free Crafty Wedding

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Idea for Upcycling glass jars // English and Spanish

*This post contains some affiliate links Hello fellow crafters! It's been a bit of a weird week, if you ask me what I've done, I can't possibly point out anything and yet I know I have worked and completed items on the work to do list... It's just been really weird and I wanted to… Continue reading Idea for Upcycling glass jars // English and Spanish

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Knowing Yourself is the Beginning of a Lifelong Crochet Journey

Hello fellow crafters! Saludos a tod@s! Last week I was chatting to you about crochet garments and some top tips for crocheting your first garment. Today I shall be sharing with you a tale of great woe, that shall highlight why exactcly knowing yourself is of the utmost importance when it comes to crocheting or… Continue reading Knowing Yourself is the Beginning of a Lifelong Crochet Journey


Crochet // Secret Garden Dress

Hello everybody! It is so nice to be sitting down and writing to you guys again this week about crochet garments! Why? WEll Why not? But mostly for two reasons. Saludos! Ya estrañaba sentarme a charlar con ustedes y esta semana les traigo otro blog de ropa tejida. ¿Porqué? Bueno 2 razones. Number 1: Through… Continue reading Crochet // Secret Garden Dress

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Consejos: Crochet Garments // Español

*esto post tiene enlaces afiliados Saludos a tod@s! He decidido escribir este blog post separado del de inglés para que no sea tan pesado el post. He estado comunicandome con ustedes a través de est eblog por casi un año y me percaté que solamente les he hablado de mi pasión por la ropa tejida… Continue reading Consejos: Crochet Garments // Español